Believe you can do it – and then just do it!

Dear Reader,

Just got done with a relaunch of my paperback book on Amazon. Although 0 Excuses Fitness was on Amazon for a while now, I wasn’t quite happy with the book cover the way it was and while that appeared to what “sparked” the re-launch, things aren’t always what they seem at the outset.

The REAL reason, and I found this out while DOING the thing i.e. while re-launching it – – was that I wanted to add a line – – a simple line to the back cover of the book that wasn’t there before – – and something I’ve been meaning to add for a long, long time now.

What is that line, you ask? What line could  be so important as to make me re-launch an entire book?

Well – here it is –

In this book you’ve got the set of exercises that’ll give you the body you’ve always desired. Believe you can do it – – and then back that belief up with action. You’ll be nigh astounded by the results!

And if you’re thinking the most important part of that above quote is the bolded and italicized part – you’re RIGHT, my friend.

It’s by far the most important part, and something I could write an entire BOOK upon – but unfortunately back covers don’t lend themselves well to long tales, so I crystallized it all into a simple few lines.

We’ll see how long it takes for the book to be up on Amazon now – probably no more than a day until they complete their review process, but here’s the point – BELIEF, my friend is really what makes things happen at the end of the day. 

Belief was what made things happen for ME fitness wise – and ultimately in every area of my LIFE.

When I was unfit and overweight, I couldn’t see the results in the mirror – – no matter how hard I looked, but believe me now and trust me later, I could see the results I WANTED in the “mirror of my eye” – – right there in front of me as I looked at the “obese me” in front of the mirror and literally demanded change.

A few years ago, when I was in one of the most catastrophic situations of my life emotionally and perhaps in a certain regard financially as well (although the former is far more important)  – – it was again – – read this carefully – – BELIEF, my friend that ultimately saved my skin.

It was BELIEF that I’d overcome the situation – that I’d wake up the next day and things would get better.

It was BELIEF, driven by hard ACTION that made me do something I’d never ever do in my wildest dreams now – that being to wake up at 5:30 each and every morning, every day of the week and go for long hikes in the mountains – – followed by a long day of work – – and then bodyweight stuff when I got home.

Many, many  years ago, when I was a callow youth fresh out of college, I was told by “everyone in the know” NOT to go to China for my first job (that was when I worked “full time”, of course!).

I was told it would be a wrong choice. The wrong decision. Career suicide. And many other things.

Although these things in a certain way were “logically” correct, the little voice inside of me has never been one to rely solely upon logic.

While logic is no doubt important when it comes to making decisions, I’m of the firm belief (and this has been backed up by subsequent occurrences on numerous occasions) that the GUT – and quick decisions are what either make or break a man in the long term.

I’ve never once made a decision based upon gut feeling that was wrong. Never ever, my friend.

Anyway – I believed deep down inside that moving to China would be a good thing for me, and boy am I glad I did it. Not only did it provide the fire for not one, but TWO businesses down the line, but it gave me and continues to give me some of the best years of my life overall.

Can’t beat that, my friend – and it all happened because of the quote I mentioned above.

Because of BELIEF – HARD, unwavering BELIEF – backed up by strong ACTION. 

And belief will make things happen for you too, my friend.

Believe me, if you’re currently obese and unable to do a single pushup – – and yet have a STRONG belief – and a PICTURE in your mind of what you want – – then you’ll get there.

If doing a handstand pushup or even getting into a handstand sounds like an almighty joke to you at this point, well, I understand.

But you’ll soon find out that if you use the mirror technique and just BELIEVE – then things will start to happen sooner or later.

In short – FIRM, unwavering belief is the driving force behind making ANYTHING happen – including your fitness – and if there’s one tip I can give you today, it is THIS.

I’ll end this with a favorite Claude Bristol quote of mine – a quote that I make sure to read EVERY morning and during the day as often as I can – –

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to belief – and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

OK, my friend. Thats all for now. If you workout today – have a great one – and when going about your goals or even daily activities make sure to embed BELIEF into everything you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

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