“Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth”

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Dear Reader,

I don’t know if you’ve heard it before – but Mike Tyson uttered these words once when he was asked about his upcoming fight with Evander Holyfield, and whether he was worried about (or concerned about, should I say) the latter’s gameplan.

And Tyson’s answer was short and snappy, much  like those KO punches he threw so often in his heyday – and one of a kind as well!

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about “are plans overrated?” – – and with good reason, my friend.

Often times, the best plan that has worked for me int he past is “no plan” – or the plan that presents itself to me on the “spur of the moment”.

I’ve noticed that when I plan months or perhaps even weeks in advance for something – it generally never ever works out the way I’ve wanted it to.

Other hand, if I just have a proper VISION in my mind and then just go ahead and DO the thing I want to do – as directed by my subconscious mind – then a plan automatically generates itself somehow, and I somehow weave and bob my way to the final target – and generally achieve FAR more than if I would have with a “plan written out ahead of time”.

Lots of folks attach a lot of importance to plans, and that’s fine – but what happens when that plan doesn’t workout?

What happens when plan A – or B – or even C doesn’t work out?

What happens when you’ve got to adjust those plans on the fly?

There’s no room to hide in a boxing ring, and there’s no time to “contemplate” a change of plan.

You do what comes to you in the spur of the moment based upon your training – and you do it WELL because you’ve been trained to do a job well – but thats about the extent of the planning that’s required when you, as Tyson so succinctly puts it, “get punched in the face” in the midst of your well thought out plan!

Does this mean I’m against plans?

Not at all – and I’ve mentioned this before in a post as well. I just feel that way more importance is given to plans than the REAL deal behind the scenes – – which is basically VISUALIZING what it is you want – – and allowing the plans to “flow” from there.

It might sound amazing to you, but a lot of solid planners have trouble creating a VISUAL of what it is they WANT to achieve out of the plan – – and I’m sorry to tell you (and results will back this up) – if you’ve got no visuals of what you want to achieve – no clearly defined goals (and no I don’t mean written down by defined!) then you’re more likely NOT to get to your goal than you are to get to it.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz spoke about this at length in his path breaking book Psycho Cybernetics.

He speaks about the self image, which is governed by your subconscious – and about how you can literally NOT rise higher than your self image permits it to it.

He also talks about the way a missile zigs and zags before it ultimately hits a target.

It doesn’t go in a straight line. There’s plenty of zigging and zagging – at times it appears the darn thing is off course – but it ain’t.

And THAT is the point of me saying all this.

There’s nothing wrong with having detailed plans if you so choose, but remember that you’ll have to be flexible and change them on the fly every so often. Old man life can be rather grumpy at times – both inside and outside the boxing ring!!

In terms of fitness, the same thing applies.

What if you’ve got a clearly defined plan to do X number of dips – and pull-ups – but end up tweaking a wrist – or shoulder?

This happened to me once, by the way, and no – despite what you might think – I did not abandon the workout. I simply modified my plan, and did something else!

In terms of life, I’ve often made plans – and have had to change them at the very last minute – and this has happened so often that though I’m not underestimating the value of plans – I trust my gut more than anything else.

If I don’t have a clearly defined plan for a goal I want to achieve – as yet – no worries. I put the visual in my mind -and I just go ahead and DO something – that I believe will get me closer to my goal!

In terms of fitness, that could be taking a walk daily.

That could be reading the 10 Commandments of Physical Success DAILY until they’re literally ingrained into your subconsciousness and you see ’em in your dreams!

Or,  it could be setting a goal to do a 100 pushups at a go – and then 150 – and then 200 – and then more – and then going out there and DOING it!

Whatever it is – remember this – plans are great, but we often tend to overemphasize their importance.

The best plan is often times this – go with the flow, and deal with life as it presents itself, while keeping a PICTURE of what it is you want to accomplish in your mind.

Do this, and you’ll be nigh astounded with the results!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Some more great stuff on the way from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s. One of my next posts will talk about high rep workouts and a couple of tips you might find interesting in that regard. Stay tuned!

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