“Sofa shaking” workouts
- Lifting heavy - and oddly shaped objects - builds IMMENSE strength throughout the entire body

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Dear Reader,

A short while I wrote about  “Building shaking” workouts – and today one of the main ingredients of that “building shaking” workout has been taken down – for reasons I care not to explain here, hehe.

Let’s just that the repeated “boom boom” or, as she put it, “building shaking” was getting to be too much for “her” – and we’ve temporarily gotten the heavy bag taken down – and it’s waiting by the doorstep right now, awaiting it’s next “destination”! .

But that doesn’t mean the end of “workout central” here at all, hehe.

(Hey, thats an idea for  a new product – put together plenty of workouts in ONE easy to access manual for you guys. Speaking of which, I just put together the second edition of FITNESS CENTRAL for you fitness fanatics – something that will be RIGHT up your alley if you love the fitness tips we put out on a regular basis here).

Anyway, first a short trip down memory lane if I might.

Many years ago, we had a massive green bulky sofa at the (then) girlfriend’s apartment.

That darn thing was HUGE – and OLD – and as they say, things made back then LASTED, and so did that darn couch.

It must have lasted at least 40 -50 good years – and that was before I laid eyes on it.

Though moving apartments – and countries (!) – has been a feature of my life thus far, I’ve never really experienced any stress or hassle while doing so – unlike a lot of other folks for whom the word “moving” conjures up images of “head banging” and “Oh God’s”.

For me, it’s always been pack and move if I want to, but here’s the thing.

THAT darn couch was HEAVY – REAL heavy – and what’s more, it wasn’t easy to lift even for strong men!

And it had to be moved every darn time there was moving needing to be done.

Trust me, gripping on to that sucker by the edges gave you a finger and grip workout like NONE other – and claws like grizzly bear paws. I haven’t quite mentioned sofa moving in Gorilla Grip (Advanced) – but done right, it can give you a workout next to none.

I still remember the two dudes who once moved that sofa.

They were NOT built – and not “bodybuilders” – or preeners and posers – but they were STRONG.

And no, one of them wasn’t big – he was about my size (and I was pretty skinny during those days!).

And yet, they gripped that sucka by the edges and took off with it like there was no tomorrow – and that, along with the pull-up imagery I mentioned in yesterday’s email has always remained me with since, and has been the reason for my Gorilla Grip fanaticism – well, that, and the incident I mentioned even before that when a 6’2″ hulk almost crushed my injured right hand.

And today, we had a sofa moving workout of our own – and for those of you that “perk” upon reading this – relax – and get your mind out of the gutter probably too, hehe.

We have an equally huge and bulky old sofa – except it’s a one piece i.e. one person sofa – and we were shifting it from the living room to the bedroom (for whatever reason, the daughter wants it there!) – and trust me, getting it through and MANEUVERING that thing through the narrow doorway that leads into the living room of the house I’m currently in was NO easy task.

We must have rolled it over about a 1000 times (and NO, it’s NOT what you’re thinking about) before finally getting it through the doorway – and my fingers feel like they’ve been putting through the wringer right about now. 

So if you see more typos than usual in this “stream of consciousness” typing – hey – pardon me!

The grip workout had just BEGUN for us though once we moved it out of the living room. It was then a matter of getting it through another narrow hallway through to the bedroom – but it’s finally there now – and the daugher is snug as a bug in a rug in it – playing a guitar of all things!

And so it goes at 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s.

Moral of the story, you ask?

Well, it’s this – lifting odd objects and carrying them around is something I mentioned in Fast and Furious Fitness when I first came out with it.

And it’s something I mention in the initial Gorilla Grip course too.

And with damned good reason.

When you’re lifing odd objects that are NOT easy to lift – let alone even “hold” – you build insane amounts of gripping power – as well as overall upper body power – and tendon/ligament strength like no other activity. 

It’s one thing lifting a heavy dumbbell that you can easily “hold on to”.

It’s quite another to lug around a heavy sofa – up and down multiple flights of stairs – with nowhere convenient to grip it!

Or – containers of water as I mention in 0 Excuses Fitness – and if you’ve read the STORY behind that one, you know what I BE referring to!

Anyway, that’s why bodyweight workouts of the sort mentioned in the System are the way to go for YOU too, my friend.

Not only do these workouts strengthen your body from every angle possible – they also train the body from the inside out.

Muscles, joints, ligaments, everything gets a workout. NO weak links remain in the chain – and while you might not turn into a boobybuilder upon doing ’em – you’ll get to be as strong as a gorilla – and as healthy as a horse – and will have strength and functional endurance that will not only last you in good stead – but send the average boobybuilder SCURRYING for the hills.

And if that sounds appealing in the slightest to you – well – here is where you can get started –

Ok, my friend. I’m out for now. Maybe I’ll learn how to strum the guitar now – given my daughter is working up quite a din in the bedroom!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For those of you that are looking for a good fitness related read – with plenty of REAL LIFE, USESFUL, and workable tips – I’ve got just the read for you right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/fitness-central-volume-2/

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