Whittle WAIST – stay YOUNG!
- Your waistline truly IS your lifeline.

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Dear Reader,

It might sound amazing, but most people when they look at me are UNABLE to guess my age – even halfway accurately.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying one has to be an accurate judge of ages. I am – but that ability has got NOTHING at all to do with the entire point of this email which we’ll get to soon – but when folks routinely label you as being 10 – or 15 years younger than you actually ARE – that is always a good thing!

“You’re married? Wow, I can’t believe it!”

“38?? You?? You don’t look a day over 26!”

And so forth – and curiously enough (or perhaps NOT!) most of these comments have been made in mainland China, a country known for folks that have traditionally looked a lot younger than they are – mostly due to the fact that they used to … but we’ll get to that soon!

I’ve mentioned the entire story behind my hill climbs – and what happened many moons ago once a girlfriend of mine (at the time) introduced me to the almighty HILL – and while this hill was NO DOUBT and most definitely one of the reasons for me becoming a lean, mean wrecking MACHINE – there’s more to that story.

What I haven’t spoken about a lot is this – at the time, a highly influential and respected person in the strength training industry – a person whose email list I was signed up for – mentioned my story in his daily emails and it generated QUITE the response.

So motivational was it for many people that I wrote articles about it later – and if you google “My Hill Walking Workout from China” – you should be able to find it on Page 1 or Page 2!

What I ALSO have NOT publicized a lot though is this – I moved from China a few years later (after my intro to the HILL) – and moved to New Delhi, India – to take up yet another job – at yet another company – but this one was a special job indeed.

It was THAT job – for those of you that are regular readers of this list, you know what I BE talking about!

Anyway, that was a job where I ended up eating – and guzzling far more than I should have – which was often the case in China as well, but here is the astounding fact for what it is – I actually, despite the lack of a hill around me – and despite the lack of TIME (or convenient times) to workout because of the constraints of a full time “job” – managed to whittle my waist down even more than it was in China.

‘Twas truly a case of what it is now i.e. getting better as I got OLDER – and I emailed the same strength guru about it – and he responded thus.

Congratulations on the waist whittling – – keep it up!

And those words said it all, my friend.

Paul Bragg, fitness pioneer in the early 1900’s and American health food advocate stated that

“Your waistline is indeed your lifeline. You should never let your waistline expand more than what it was during your prime. “

The above isn’t quoted verbatim in terms of the second sentence, but that is the sum of what he said.

What he didn’t of course say is what happens when your waistline REDUCES – and SHRINKS far further than what it was in your so called prime, which is precisely what happened to yours truly!

And he was spot on, by the way – medical results back up what he says too.

Fat around the gut (and being fat, sloppy and lethargic in general) doesn’t just make you look old. It’s a literal threat to your life, and chops off YEARS off your life – not to mention the stress excess fat puts on your internal organs WHILE you’re living.

And lest you think it’s all about the “skinny look” – think again. I’ve seen marathoners with a host of medical problems – despite their outward skinny appearance, they are NOT the epitome of health and fitness for the most part! !

It’s not being skinny that counts – it’s being LEAN – there is a difference, folks! 

And the right sort of cardio is key to this and there are tons – literally tons of ways – you can get this cardio into your daily routine if you do things right.

My book “Eat More – Weigh Less” details my favorite routines in this regard, and what I currently do – but if that ain’t your thang – or if that’s somewhat advanced, there are plenty of other options that work  just as well.

The Hindu Squats in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, for instance do a fine, fine job of waist whittling and reducing excess lard around the core – and FAST!

So do subway sprints – and that was one of the keys to my waist whittling in the instance mentioned above!

So get your cardio in – but make sure you get INTENSE bursts of the same in – and you’ll burn fat like there’s no tomorrow, my friend.

Not only that – you’ll look – and feel – a heck of a lot younger than you ARE, and that – – along with the general betterment in your health and fitness levels – –  to me is reason enough to start working out this way if you aren’t already!

So that’s it for tonight. If you workout this weekend – make sure to get some FAT burning work in while you’re at it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re indeed serious about waist whittling, well, my latest course on that “Corrugated Core” is just what the 0 Excuses Doctor ordered. Here is where you can grab it – – http://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/



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