Live it, breathe it – BE it!
- The power of repeated THOUGHTS and affirmations

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Dear Reader,

Back in the day, when I had a goal to drop weight and get LEAAAAN no matter what – lean as any one of the big cats I saw on National Geographic last night, I didn’t just “have the goal”.

Though “doing the thing” was ultimately what gave me the power, there is far more to it than that.

I’ve mentioned before how I had to wake up at 5:30 A.M. in order to “get her done” at that point in my life – and I did it – and if there is one thing Rahul Mookerjee abhors doing, it’s WAKING UP early in the morning … for any reason!

Yet, I did it. And immediately after, I rushed off to a full time job I had at the time in China – sometimes without even any breakfast or any other “victuals” of any nature.

I kept this routine up for MONTHS, though it did NOT take that long to see results. 

At my job, folks would routinely comment every week or so about how I was “slimming down noticeably”.

And yes I was – but EVERY time I heard that comment, although I felt happy – I didn’t just “mentally congratulate myself”.

I did this – and then pushed myself mentally to do MORE – not less.

How much MORE can I achieve in this regard, were my thoughts – and never for a minute did it occur to me to “slow down” or “bask in the afterglow of what I had already achieved”.

No sir.

I’ve mentioned before about continuous progress even after achieving a goal. The minute you stagnate and think “it’s all ok” is the minute you start to go downhill, and undo all the good work you’ve done – and fast at that.

My goal, however, was such a BURNING DESIRE that thoughts of “quitting after the goal was accomplished” or “taking it easy now” NEVER ONCE came into my mind.

I literally thought fitness all day – from 5:30 A.M. in the morning until about 11 or so at night when I lopped off to bed.

I literally thought fitness – lived fitness – and in a way, breathed fitness as well. It was pretty much ALL I did for those few months other than work – and so, is it any wonder I’ve achieved the results I have in that regard?

And lest you think this gung ho attitude of mine is something I reserve for fitness alone, think again.

It applies to ANY goal I’ve got in mind – anything that MEANS something to me.

That could be cracking sales targets – and achieving new ones, and then some. That could be doing X number of sprints around the park with minimal rest.

It could be getting that new project done – or making the connections I need to get something done.

It could be getting a full time job – if I so choose!

The point is, it applies to ANYTHING I do in life – and works just as well.

Now, why do I mention this again?

Well, because a lot of folks have trouble actually “living and breathing” their goals – and working themselves up into a fervor over it.

And believe me now and trust me later, exemplary results in any field pretty much require you to work yourself up into a rabid fervor about the end outcome.

Napoleon Hill correctly mentions in Think and Grow Rich that riches will never come to you unless you work yourself up into a WHITE HOT state of desire for the riches to the point that MONEY – and the desire for it has completely saturated your entire consciousness, and that is ALL you think about.

And he’s spot on. Furthermore, this same logic can be applied (again) to any goal you have.

But what if you know all this but find it hard to maintain the state of intensity you need in order to “get into the state of mind I mention above”?

Well, there are many ways – and three main ones I’ll cover here.

One, if it’s hard for you to constantly think and breathe your goal – re-evaluate it and honestly determine how important it is for you “deep down inside”. Chances are if it’s something that really resonates with you internally, you won’t have this issue!

Second, use the MIRROR technique that I outlined in a previous email – – and that was made possible by Claude Bristol in his timeless classic “The Magic of Believing”.

Not only will this enhance your confidence and BELIEF levels to heights hitherto thought unimaginable, but it will ALSO pound it deeper and deeper into your subconsciousness every time you use the method – and you’ll soon get to a point where you literally find yourself thinking about the goal all the time – even without trying! 

The old Claude Bristol quote bears repeating here –

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to BELIEF – and once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to happen!

Used along with a mirror, and the mirror technique, the above truly DOES cause miracle to happen. Try it for yourself and tell me.

Last, but not least, another TIME TESTED method that works is to constantly and continuously saturate your entire being – your entire consciousness as it were with MOTIVATING and UPLIFTING true tales of achievement from those that have been there before you – and done that.

Reading motivational and inspirational material is a method that has never once failed to whip me up into a frenzy my friend, and it’ll do the same for YOU too if you read the right stuff.

And that is why I put together Gumption Galore – if there ever was a book containing motivational and uplifting stories-cum-tips – that book is it.

Imagine a book that literally puts YOU too, in a state of frenzy and heightens your desire to achieve goals you set for yourself – at levels you never thought possible  – that, my friend, is Gumption Galore for you in a nutshell.

Grab it now, and let me know how you do with it!

And thats it for today. I’ll be back again later. In the meantime, if you work out today – live it – BREATHE it – and then BE it – and have the best workout you’ve had for ages!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, the stories are indeed that motivational. Click on over right NOW to get your paws on it –

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