Fight or flee – which is it going to BE?
- Your response to a crisis determines not only who you are at your CORE - but your future SUCCESS as well...

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Dear Reader,

It’s all well and good to be “positive” and “feeling good” when things are going your way – and when everything is “hunky dory” – but what about the down times?

What about the REAL bad times in your life – the REAL lean times if I might? 

When you’re in a “balls to the wall” situation – – when you’re back is quite literally against the wall and you have no place left to turn, how do you react?

Do you FIGHT – or FLEE?

The response to this question could well determine where you’re headed in life NOW – and in the future, my friend – and yes, this holds true for fitness as well.

Many, many years ago (although it does NOT seem that long ago, but it was!) yours truly was on a trip home from China – with only 800 RMB in his pocket.

That was about a 100 USD by the conversion rates at the time – probably a bit less in today’s “Trump” era, hehe.

That is ALL I had left in my pocket going home – this after spending two years “on the ground” there working a biz which never really took off as I expected it to.

That was it. No unemployment to lean back upon. No “government teat” to suck off. No credit cards – or I should none left, as the two I had were maxed out and then some.

It was truly a balls to the wall situation when you consider that I was flying back with NO place to live – and no place to go as it were either.

And that, my friend was one of the crisis points in my life – a point where I could have easily given up and thrown in the towel, and looked for easier options.

Looked for a full time job, for one. Said “the hell” with my own stuff, and ended up doing what others had been pushing me to do anyway. And so forth.

And yet, I did NONE of the above. The only emotions I can recall at the time of the crisis (when it did occur, and I flew back) was an emotion of RELIEF as my subconscious made the decision to fly back “on the spur of the moment”, as I realized that it was the right decision to make.

Not only that, my firm belief in that things would improve stood me in good stead – and a month or so later I was back making more money – and get this – more money than I had in TWO years – and from that very same biz that seemed like was at the point of no -return in terms of losses etc!

And I’ve been through plenty of these turning points in my life, each of them more severe than the previous one in some way or the other.

All tests as they were, and I’m glad to report that I passed ’em all – and if there was ONE thing in common in terms of “passing these tests” – it was this – BELIEF.

A strong unwavering belief that things would get better – even though sometimes, and often times I had no idea HOW.

A strong BELIEF that I’d emerge from the situation a victor – and somehow I always did.

A strong belief that its’ never once until it’s over, and I’ve been proven right numerous times.

And believe me, a crisis – although most of us would like to avoid it – is a NECESSARY and REQUIRED part of the growing process.

No pain, no real gain as it were.

As Napoleon Hill says,

The turning point in the life of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis.

And if you’re currently dealing with a bad situation as many people are out there – well – emblazon that above bit in your brain, and affirm it to yourself repeatedly.

Believe me, I’ve emerged not only unscathed – but a far better person overall in terms of growth from each of those crises I’ve mentioned, and so will YOU – if you accept it’s part of the process, and if you accept that (as Napoleon Hill said) – “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”.

And once you realize this, and blend BELIEF in YOURSELF (no matter what the world might say) into the situation – WATCH out. 

You won’t be at the bottom of a trough anymore – you’ll be preparing to, and will shortly scale a peak you’ve never scaled before.

In short – when all seems lost – it usually IS NOT – and usually is the point where things can really start to MOVE if you get your duff, and BELIEVE – and then DO!

And this holds true for fitness as well, my friend.

If you’re currently at a stage where you’re the sloppiest and most obese you’ve ever been (and plenty are at that stage) – well, you could look at it two ways.

One, your current reality – and that “it’ll never get better”. In other words, resign yourself to the dustbin of the “has beens”.

Two, look your situation in the eye, and FACE it – with firm and uncompromising BELIEF that things will change – and for the better!

Recall times in your life when things were GOOD – and going swimmingly well, and then blend those vibes into your current situation, and watch how quickly the seas start to part.

True, it requires getting your duff and swinging into action, but when combined with FIRM BELIEF and visualization as I recommend, you’ll be nigh amazed at how quickly them results – results which were NOT coming before – swim on down the pike to YOU!

And if you’re having trouble believing that your situation will change – or even implementing belief in your daily “mindset” – or visualizing – or what have you – well, I’m here to help.

Thats why I provide the coaching services I do – and if you’re truly interested in becoming ALL you CAN – then the form is just a click away right here –

Other than that – remember – when all seems lost – it usually isn’t – but that choice is yours to make – and one that could well determine not just your current success/failure – but your FUTURE path as well.

Also, and on a parting note, remember that as Emerson said that in a difficult situation (as many of you might be at this point) – or a sudden emergency, our spontaneous reaction is always the BEST. 

That might not seem like the most “practical” way of going about things, but it’s true, my friend. Your gut – and your subconscious are far better decision makers than YOU the conscious entity ever could be.

I’ll have more on this in future as well – stay tuned!

Ok – thats it for today! I’ll be back again later.


Rahul Mookerjee

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