The story of Milo and the calf
- More on the amazing power of DAILY repetition!

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Dear Reader,

Often times you’ll hear me talking about the amazing power of REPETITION and repetitive thoughts/incantations – and with damned good reason too.

I’ve stated often the truism made popular by Claude Bristol, that being the following –

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to BELIEF – once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to HAPPEN!

And while you might think the above applies simply to mental processes and harnessing the awe inspiring POWER of the subconscious to accomplish your goals – it applies just as much to physical training, and I’ll give you an example of that NOW.

Many years ago there lived a tremendously powerful wrestler in Southern Italy who went by the name of “Milo”.

Not only was he a champ – a six time champ at the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece – but he was also uber -dominant in the other tournaments of the day – – and a bonafide Periodonikes – which is a title that is the equivalent of what we call a “grand slam” champ today.

They built them STRONG back then – there were most certainly none of the bloated steriod freaks we see running around the gyms today! 

And Milo was stronger than the rest – and just  how did he develop his amazing strength – and muscle – and functional strength/endurance?

Well – he had a very unusual training technique – one which involves carrying heavy objects – with a twist!

He owned a little calf, and got this idea of carrying the calf on his shoulder and carried it around all day with him.

Thats right – he carried a calf with him – and he did this DAILY without fail.

As the calf got older, it got bigger – and heavier – and within the span of 4 years, it grew into a full grown BULL – and Milo was still hoisting that darn bull on his shoulders at that time!

Though folks laughed at him initially, he was certainly the one having the last laugh. Don’t know about you, but any man that can hoist a full grown bull to his shoulders and keep it there isn’t no-one to mess with in my book!

Of course, this sort of training isn’t new to strength enthusiasts and not to yours truly either.

I wrote about the immense value of carrying and lifting oddly shaped objects (NOT weights you find in the gym) in Fast and Furious Fitness, and the tremendous strength it builds.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness videos I talk about how you can do pushups with your kid on your back – and believe me, it ain’t just the weight – it’s the UNWIELDY nature of the weight that really gets you!

I also speak about carrying large containers of water up and down stairs – and how it literally gives you a Gorilla Grip within a very short time span if you keep at it!

And so forth.

And while these are all good reasons to mention what I am, the real reason I’m mentioning it is this – it bears testament to the amazing power of DAILY repetition.

Daily repetition – the small things done over and over again – can indeed move mountains, my friend – and Milo’s story is but one example.

At the start, it might seem inconsequential. It might even seem “tedious” to keep at it day after day after day without seeing any tangible results straight up – but much like a bank account, your actions add up – and one fine day, you’ll see the mountain you’ve been aiming to build right before your eyes – higher, taller and stronger than you ever imagined it to be!

And if you want more examples?

Well, I do a variant of what Milo did every time I go out with my daughter.

My daughter’s over 5 years now – and certainly not a “light weight” for her age (and fit as a fiddle as well).

And of course the first thing she wants to do when going anywhere is jump straight onto Papa’s shoulders – and stay there.

And despite the chorus of calls from Mommy to “get down and let Papa walk”, hehe, she stays perched right there, and I’m happy to carry her around as well when I can.


First, because I won’t get the chance to do this too often. I might return to China soon – that is another story all unto itself, and I’d like to grab chances like this by the scruff of the neck when they do arise.

A great bond builder – and two?

Well, it’s a great workout – and if you don’t believe me, try carrying heavy groceries in one hand – balance a frisky kid on the other shoulders – and do so while navigating traffic on foot – on slopes at that!

You’ll quickly find it gives you the upper body and leg workout of your life – a workout unlike any you’ll get in the weight room – but a workout akin to what Milo did for years – and a workout that delivers solid RESULTS.

Admittedly, I don’t do this daily – but I do it a few times a week without fail, and I enjoy every minute of it!

Pull-ups are another area I’ve applied this technique successfully. I still remember those days when I’d faithfully go out to complete my reps … it mattered NOT if I did just 3 reps per set – or 5 – or 10 – or varied the numbers around.

What matters is I stuck at it until I got to 150 daily – – and I stuck at it no matter what!

And today, doing pull-ups is as easy for me as plonking one’s arse down on a chair is for most people.

And while there are plenty of other factors to it – it’s YET another example of the power of daily repetition – and the things it can accomplish!

So that’s today’s message. Chew on that a while, and see what you can get from it !


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The power of daily repetition – and doing something daily without fail is mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. Truth be told, these Commandments apply not just to fitness – but your LIFE as well, and nigh ANY goal you set, and are an absolute must read for anyone looking to improve his or her own LIFE at any level. If you fall into that category, click on over now and get your paws on the System straightaway – –

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