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- ... from one thats been there, done that and then some!

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Dear Reader

Those of you (and there are a lot!) that have read Gorilla Grip – or the Gorilla Grip Compilation, for that matter, know that I’m close friends with an ex Special Ops operative – a Force Reconnaissance Marine to be precise.

I’ve mentioned this person in many a post before, of course – and it’s with GOOD REASON that he is mentioned in the opening sections of Gorilla Grip.

He’s also the one that made the comments about the “unnatural pull to my grip” and other similar comments – and coming from a mountain of a man that looks more like a wrecking machine than a human being – and whose about 5 times (well, not really, but you get the drift!) or more my size, the compliment actually MEANT something!

This guy has been in some of the most war torn zones in the world, of course – including, most recently the first battle with Iraq in the Middle East, and the ongoing mess in Afghanistan – amongst others.

From Beirut to Afghanistan to …well, pretty much EVERYWHERE, the man has literally been there and done that – and as I spoke to him today, I was reminded of a “caustic” comment a “somewhat critical” Gorilla Grip reader once made.

The reader was complaining about the price of the book, of course, and I’ve detailed that – but one of his pet gripes was that I “seemed to link my own workout with that of the Marines”.

Now I’ve never ever pretended to be a Marine – but working out like one? 

Hmm – well – let’s see!

Some of the baddest men on the planet do – guess what – as their primary exercise – for reps upon reps upon reps?

That’s right – PUSHUPS! Different varieties and different styles of pushups – and for those of you on the System, I’m sure that strikes a bell or two hehe.

Then we come to my own “100 pull-ups a day minimum” workout – and if there is ONE thing Marines, Seals and the Berets pride themselves upon – it is their ability to pound out pull-ups galore all day long – in high reps!

My buddy once told me that 100 pull-ups was hard for anyone, Marines included, and I laughed.

“They aren’t that hard to be honest. Now a 100 HANDSTAND pushups – – now  if you can knock that many out per workout, you’re on to something!” was my response.

So yes, my dear commenter, wherever in the world you might be – the workouts I advocate ARE what lots of special forces around the globe base their physical conditioning training upon!

Not only that but it brought back the familiar refrain of “oh, bodyweight exercises are too easy” – or “Oh, I need a gym to get fit” to my mind.

Excuses, excuses and more excuses – hey – the Marines don’t need a gym to get fit – and neither do YOU!

Sure, lots of Marines train with weights as a HOBBY – but its NOT something they HAVE to do.

The only weight lifting they do HAVE to do is FUNCTIONAL weight lifting. Think sandbags. Buddy carries. Log lifts. Running with heavy backpacks on.

And so forth. I mention the Crucible on the Battletank Shoulders page, and with good reason – the Crucible (and Hell Week, of course!) are by far some of the toughest phases in an elite forces members’ training career, and that ain’t me just saying it.

And guess what they do to get in shape for that sort of thing.

You guessed it – BODYWEIGHT exercises – for high reps!

Last, but not least, I’ve often said that the most salient feature of the 0 Excuses Fitness System isn’t just the physical strength and health from the inside out that it builds.

It’s the mental strength the routines build. The strength – and the WILL to keep going – the gumption to look “Old man Life” in the eye when things get tough – and KEEP GOING – with defeat not even being a possibility in one’s mind!

And in today’ world, if there is ONE quality that is most sorely lacking in most men and women, it is that last quality.

So if you’re looking to join the ranks of the elite – both mentally and physically – do what the elite do – and follow similar training regimens – and you’ll get great results, my friend. It’s just that simple!

Alright, so thats it for today. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Here is the link to Battletank Shoulders – an ADVANCED shoulder building course if there EVER was one – –

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