“I am think about how to get fat” …
- .. never do that, my friend!

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Dear Reader,

So, over the last few days it’s been HECTIC here again at 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s for a variety of reasons.

I’ve been involved with many a project as of late – the latest being my green tea business which is going great – on that note, if any of y’all reading this are interested in GENUINE green tea sourced straight from the hills of China – stuff that actually DOES (and has been proven) to help you lose weight – especially around the midsection, then shoot me an email, and we’ll see what we can do.

Believe you me, this is not the packaged green tea you see in supermarkets, and it certainly isn’t the tea bags you see nigh everywhere (which are useless, by the way).

And it certainly ain’t “milk tea” which for whatever reason seems to be a fad these days, even in China.

What it IS though is one of the secrets I’ve mentioned in the Simple and Effective Diet – one of the reasons I’m in the sort of shape I’m in.

Many years ago, Brooks Kubik, an influential writer in the Iron game – and a man who I greatly admire wrote a piece about my workout “Rahul’s hill climbing workout from China“.

At the time I was about 24 – and I was thrilled to see a man like Brooks feature me in his newsletters – and today, that is one of the reasons I’m happy to feature reader feedback etc in my own newsletters!

Passing the torch along as it were, and one of the things Brooks wrote was “Rahul drinks pots and pots of green tea” throughout and after the day – but perhaps I should have mentioned to him that it was the REAL deal!

Anyhow, on that note, on to the meat of today’s post.

In response to my last post, a reader on LinkedIn commented that “he was thinking about how to get fat”.

This floored me, I must admit – for a minute –  but then I realized I’m in China.

In China, “fat” doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing – often times, in the old days, being “fat” was a sign of your wealth – and it meant you earned enough to keep the ole belly from rumbling, hehe.

Those days are long gone, of course – and with the obesity (especially childhood) epidemic fast becoming a PANDEMIC here in China, folks are looking to get fitter than ever before, but this dude is actually looking to “gain weight”.

“Get FAT? Why on earth would you want to do that??” I replied.

“Because they call me skinny monkey. I am too skinny, should I get fat – and then strong?”

The whole exchange can be viewed here – https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6489110506912215040/?commentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A(activity%3A6489110506912215040%2C6489388205056593920) – but as you might imagine, my answer was an emphatic NO.

And his question, although it might sound funny to some, is actually a common one – that of wanting to gain WEIGHT.

Many years ago, I was in the exact same situation.

I was the skinny dude at school – fairly strong for my size, but skinny nonetheless, and no matter what I did – or ate – I couldn’t pack an ounce of weight onto my frame.

I’ve written before, of course about the useless advice I’ve gotten in this regard, but something of USE I’ll tell you right now is this – if you’re looking to gain weight – that is great – but you do NOT – I repeat, NOT – gain FAT!

It’s far better to remain a “skinny monkey” than to get fat.

Other hand, gaining MUSCLE – and all along with strength, stamina and conditioning is where it’s at – and for our good friend commenting – my advice would be this –

  • Engage in TOUGH, hard – and intense (not necessarily long) workouts that concentrate on the legs, hips and CORE of your body.
  • Hindu squats and pushups would be a great great example of these. Do these regularly, and drink enough milk – or get enough protein along with your workouts – and you’ll GROW like never before, my friend – and it ain’t gonna be fat either.
  • Don’t forget your cardio. Do VIGOROUS bursts of cardio that leave you in a heap on the floor PANTING like never before – and you’ll find that this tunes your system up from the inside out – and builds lots of muscle – and puts WEIGHT onto your frame as well.
  • The routines found in Eat More – Weigh less would be a perfect example here.

There’s more – tons more advice I could give you – and him – and all of those in similar boats, and I’ll do that in future emails if you so desire!

For now though – stick to the basics as I’ve mentioned above, and you’ll do just fine.

Eric – I look forward to hearing back from you on your progress!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m finally at a point where I can “pause” and make plans for the much vaunted, expected, anticipated and DELAYED videos for Eat More – Weigh Less. Stay tuned!

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