More on doing roadwork – BEFORE a workout!
- A different take on an old topic - read on!!

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Dear Reader,

So as of late, I’ve been doing something different in my routine – not because of necessity, but because I WANT to – and also because I wanted to see just how this change in my routine would work for me.

Most of you will recall that I’ve spoken about roadwork in the past, and that I’ve always recommended what I personally do and works for me for YOU too – that being to workout FIRST, and THEN do your roadwork!

In other words, if you’re doing 0 Excuses Fitness – do that first before your “roadwork” (or incorporate roadwork into the routine – thats another topic though).

Ditto for Eat More – Weigh Less – – or pull-ups – – or even the almighty handstand pushup.

I used to finish off my 100 rep plus pull-up workouts with roadwork – and conditioning – although the two are essentially the same thing! – workouts, and it worked great for me.

The proof is indeed in the pudding, and yet, this year – a change I made was this – I flipped things around.

Actually, this change started from Christmas last year to be accurate – but what I’m doing now is getting my conditioning and roadwork in FIRST – and I’m moving on to my workout AFTER that.

Now, back in India which is where I was for more than half of the last year, I did my conditioning, but options were limited to be honest. I was in a big city with very few open areas – and though I made full use of the subway stairs – and moonlit parks – nothing really compares to the routines I’m able to put myself through here in China – both on the hill, and OFF it!

And how’s it working out for me?

Well, before I share my own experience, it’s noteworthy that most boxers, wrestlers etc do their roadwork BEFORE their “day” starts i.e before their actual workouts/practice etc.

All the old time boxers, for instance, would run early in the morning – then nap for a while, and get back at it later on in in the morning.

While we as average people don’t have that luxury (napping and then getting back to working out) – we CAN do what these guys do – but I’ll tell you one thing – doing my roadwork first made my pull-ups and dips all that much harder initially.

Let me tell you, if your conditioning routines consist of sprints and climbing up steep hills at a RAPID pace, then you’re working your entire body already – including your upper body – and if you do pull-ups etc after that – man will you FEEL it!

As I finished a brutal routine on the hill today, I headed over to terra firma to do 40 pull-ups and 40 dips – and man, I could feel it all the way in my lower lats and triceps after the first ten reps or so – and this from a guy who does hundreds of pull-ups per workout!

So if you’re starting out – I’d certainly recommend you doing your roadwork LATER as I have said on previous occasions – but does that mean roadwork first is “bad” per se?

Not at all – if anything, you might just end up getting a better overall “hammering” if you do it that way – and that can only get you in better shape!

And note that while my numbers dropped dramatically during the initial week or so of doing this, there were other factors at play – but those numbers are BACK and RISING again at pretty much the same levels as they were before – except I’m getting an even more brutal workout this way!

So that’s my take on roadwork done BEFORE your workout as opposed to after. Give it a read through or two – and then try both – and let me know which works better for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Conditioning is indeed king – – both “inside the ring” and outside it as well – -and the routines that’ll get you superbly conditioned at lightning speed are there for the taking right HERE – –

P.S. #2 – Along with that, make sure to sip on a green tea – or two – or several – throughout your day! Make sure it’s the REAL deal as opposed to the packaged junk in the supermarkets – –

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