Putting BOOT to ass – and kudos, Jeff Bezos!!
- "They sure picked one hell of a guy to mess around with!"

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Dear Reader,

So I was talking to an old friend of mine – he from the Marines, he who I’ve spoken about a lot before in my daily emails and posts – and he who is mentioned very prominently at the start of Gorilla Grip, if just for the grip related comments he made when he first met me.

All TRUE comments, and while they may not exactly be sugar coated – or “sweetened” – and while there’s plenty of caps and RED LETTERS in the comments both in the book and on the sales page – guess what – all of it is TRUE.

It’s real, and TRUE – and its written in my style – a style I’ve been roundly castigated for over the years – and urged to DROP – supposedly for my “own good” – and a style I never have, and never will drop.

“You need to tone it down, Rahul!”

“You need to be less frank! Less brutally honest!”

“You need to learn how to play the game! Play “office politics!”

And other such nonsense, which I’ve roundly ignored as being a bunch of B.S. advice from lily livered poltroons (thanks, P.G. Wodehouse!) that know no better – and it’s in this vein that 0 Excuses Fitness was written.

Fitness info that works – brought to you in a brutally frank manner. It sure ain’t for everyone – and neither is the Gorilla Grip compilation – but if you can handle FACTS – and if you can handle reality, and want RESULTS – well – these are the best fitness related investments you’ll ever make, my friend.

But wait a minute. This was about putting “boot to ass”, wasn’t it?

Well, a few days ago, my buddy from the Marines joined the “tone it down Rahul” bandwagon.

Actually he’s been on it for a while now, but his latest comments were along the lines of “You’re the most abrasive and BRASH ********* I’ve ever met – and yet – your style is REAL – and HONEST – and I respect that!”

He then went on to say that he had a similar sort of style when “he was my age” and putting “boot to ass” as it were.

Put it another way, kicking ass -and taking NAMES.

Well – I don’t know if – and I seriously doubt if I’ll ever change the way I am – but hey – as I woke up this morning, I was heartened to read the news about Jeff Bezos, and the nigh explosive tweet he sent, and the BLOG POST he wrote.

Y’all probably know the mess w.r.t Bezos, the worlds richest man – a SELF made man – that literally founded Amazon from his garage – and today – that company is consistently ranked between #1 and #4 on any sort of rating system or list that matters.

A lot has been made of the guy’s personal life and his divorce. Folks have been wondering if Amazon will be the same after the divorce. A lot of what if’s and buts’. A lot of money at stake. And so on and so forth.

Lots of pressure you’d say, even for the world’s richest man, and his response?

Certainly not to keel over under the forces that want him to (and they’ve backed by some serious muscle, mind you, if you get my drift).

He said it all – and CALLED their bluff – in a NO NONSENSE, 0 Excuses, come and get me if you can way – and much as I admire Trump’s own “say it like it is and give no you know what’s about what people think” – he’s got it wrong this time.

Blackmail is never, ever right, and the Enquirer for one will probably learn this fact the hard way.

Lets not also get taken away by the eternal question of “is cheating right”.

It never is – and it happens – we’re all humans –  but blackmail is always worse!

Saying it like it IS though – regardless of consequences – is ALWAYS right though – and kudos again to Bezos in this regard!

Long time readers of this list know that the Napoleon Hill classic Think and Grow Rich is one of my all time favorite reads – a book I’ve perused literally a thousand times, and as Hill says in his publications, “made a lot of that book my own” (in that I can literally repeat the book’s philosophy and exact words in my sleep).

And if a modern day version of it were to be written – Jeff Bezos would be right up there with Henry Ford – as would Steve Jobs as well.

Both men I greatly admire – both men that withstood a barrage of naysayers to found empires – global empires that helped billions of folks globally – and empires that last today (in Jobs case, long after the founder himself is gone).

Self made men.

Men that knew the meaning  and value of PRACTICAL DREAMING.

Men that knew, as Napoleon Hill says – the fact that practical dreamers do NOT quit! 

Men that knew that whatever the mind of man can conceive, and believe – it can ACHIEVE!

And most importantly, men that knew the value of PERSISTENCE!

All admirable traits – and all traits you need in your fitness journey as well, my friend.

So thats what todays post it all about. Say it like it – kick ass, take names – or put BOOT to ASS if I might – – and then go out and just do it – and keep doing it until the results pour down the pike, my friend.

That is really all there is to it!

Ok – that is IT for now. I know I’m gonna have a great workout in a few hours – and I hope you do as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Results won’t be long coming down the pike at all in terms of weight loss if you follow the NIGH revolutionary advice given in Eat More – Weigh Less. This truly is information NO-ONE else is willing to put his cojones on the line for. Yours truly has though – – in typically blunt fashion – check it out right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

P.S. #2 – And no, I’m not saying the men mentioned above didnt have their flaws .Then again, dont we all? Ponder upon that as well as you read this, my friend …

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