No pushups, no pull-ups!
- A sneak peek into my NEW exercise routine ...

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Dear Reader,

Over the past week or so, I’ve developed and have been experimenting with a NEW exercise routine.

One that surprisingly enough doesn’t contain pushups and pull-ups as the mainstay!

This might come as sacrilege to those weaned on the 0 Excuses Fitness diet where I state flat out (and rightly so) that pushups are the best darn exercise ever – but hang on just a sec, my friend. Hang on.

I’ve not abandoned pushups – or any of the other stuff I teach just as yet. I stand by them just as much as I do before.

However, I’ve been working on a new program for the past week or so – one that specializes mostly on LEGS – hips, legs and calves.

I’ve stated often that this area of the body is the part to work if you want maximal gains over your entire body, and it’s true my friend. It’s very true.

And why did I want to jump on this “new” program?

Well, mainly because a lot of my clients that are plagued by weight issues are in NO shape to do more than 5 pushups – and sometimes not even 1 in proper form.

Yes, it sounds pathetic, and it is, but there are tons of folks out there for whom doing ONE pushup – or perhaps even 5 quick ones is a CHORE, my friend – let alone pull-ups – or some of the other stuff I espouse.

So, I thought I’d test these folks out on an intense LEG routine that they CAN do – one that will blast away them pesky love handles, muffin tops (ugh!) and reduce body fat in general so that they can THEN get on other stuff.

And being I test everything out first on my own body, it was time to do so this week.

Now, before I tell you what I am doing now, remember I ain’t no spring chicken myself. I’m close to 40 – rapidly approaching the age where one’s metabolism is supposed to come to a grinding halt, and yet, that’s not evident from my workouts, my friend.

Not one bit if I might say so!

Without further ado then,

I’ve been climbing hills – my favorite hill mostly -3-5 times per workout. While I do this though, I don’t just climb.

I mix in sprints – regular runs – and BACKWARD sprints – in with my regular workout.

This is straight out of Eat More – Weigh Less, by the way, and it WORKS, my friend – and I’m not even getting into some of the fat blasting workouts contained therein at this point.

I keep doing this until I’ve climbed that sucka 3-5 times, and then I stretch out in all directions.

After this, I do roadwork – on FLAT terrain.

And that’s it. Not a single pushup or pull-up – either before – or after my routine.

I did this 4 times this week, and I’ll probably go again tomorrow. So that’s 5 times.

On my off days, I might do a few pushups, or take a long walk. Nothing spectacular though in terms of the pushups, and the walk is done at a leisurely pace on flat ground.

And the results? How do I feel?

Fit, strong, hungry and RARING to go – – and if a 38 year old can feel this way after running up and down hills several times – so can YOU, my friend.

If a person whose body naturally gravitates to storing lard around the midsection can stay fat free – on these type of routines -then so can YOU, my friend.

Key thing to note is that the workouts stay INTENSE. It isn’t just a jaunt up that hill – it;s a lot more, my friend. A lot more, and you’ll have to crack open Eat More – Weigh Less to see exactly what I mean!

Now, as for crowning question that most of you will have.

Did I lose “strength” at all on this program thus far?

Well, lets see. At the end of my workout today I jumped on to the monkey bars and cranked out 10 consecutive swings back and forth – something that most adults would be hard pressed to complete ONE set of.

Then I banged out 10 pull-ups in letter perfect form as if they were nothing – and they literally felt like nothing!

No handstand pushups today, but that test was done a few days back – and again – no issues there!

It just proves this my friend – age is not a barrier – and your current weight isn’t either!

If you’re way too overweight to do pushups at a good cadence and high reps, then lose that weight first by doing LEG work.

As you do this, you’ll find yourself losing fat all over your body, and building solid MUSCLE all over as well – IF you do it right!

And the sky, of course, is the limit after that.

Get on it now, my friend. Its your health – and it is THAT darn important!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And while I have hills here where I live, I could just have easily used stairs – or subway stairs (even better). There literally are NO excuses my friend -none at all – so get on the train NOW –

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