Can women do 0 Excuses Fitness?
- Heck yes they can!

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Dear Reader,

An interesting question – or comment – that I receive on occasion from my female readership is this – Can we ladies do 0 Excuses Fitness?

And while not always, it’s ALMOST always followed by the “I don’t think so. It’s too difficult!” comment.

I mentioned the case of Crystal, her with the recurring back pain in this regad a few emails ago, and she certainly isn’t the only one.

Now, interestingly enough, these same women do ALL of the following –

Pounding the pavement .

Yoga. (or a version of it, at any rate).

Dieting (sometimes extreme)

Calorie watching (to an extreme, almost always)

Continual “mirror gazing” (am I getting too fat?)

And so forth. Yet, when it comes to 0 Excuses Fitness, some of these fine ladies have the thought that it is “too difficult” to do – or even get started.

Well, I’m here to debunk this highly idiotic notion once and for all, my friend.

YES, my fitness System is AS applicable to your ladies out there as it is MEN – and even kids for that matter.

Many moons ago, I had a student named Carol who was trying to lose the excess flabbage around her midsection. She did most of the above mentioned things, but the problem wasn’t going away.

If anything, it was getting WORSE.

Being she had paid me upfront for private coaching, I put together a tailored plan for her – part of which involved hiking up hills regularly.

At the end of it, there were several stretches for the body that I often talk about in my emails – and get this.

At the VERY end of it, Carol would attempt to throw herself up into a handstand. At that point she couldn’t quite get it so I’d hold her feet as she’d kick up – but still – she would hold it for a fair bit of time – despite not being at her ideal weight.

We’d occasionally work out on the monkey bars, and I’d show her a few things about pull-ups.

And NONE of this affected her adversely. If anything it HELPED her – and why do I bring this up?

Well, because these are mostly all things that are thought of to be in the “male preserve”.

Especially handstands – and pull-ups – and I’m here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I’ve seen women do pull-ups BETTER than men do ’em (I’m talking about you “bros” out there) – and thats just a fact, my friend.

More to the point, here are the “problem areas” for the average gal out there –

Saggy chin (or butt). Bingo wings that “wave” when you do. Tummy fat. Thigh fat (huge problem for some women out there). And of course, “el glutenous maximus” – I’ll let you figure that one out yourself, hehe.

#1 – Bridging – along with a healthy dose of walking, jumping rope, and perhaps climbing hills – or swimming.

#2 – ANY of the pushups mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, except perhaps the Hindus (although holding the positions DO help and CAN be done safey). Especially the pushups you do on your BACK.

#3 – #1 and #2.

#4 – Hindu squats. Nothing tones up them thunder thighs better, faster and quicker than Hindu squats do – and they’re perfectly SAFE to do, ladies.

#5 – well, all of the above – and perhaps what I have NOT mentioned as yet.

Lots of women get caught up (as a lot of men do) in the “numbers” game here.

For instance, doing 500 squats in a session.

And while that’s all fine and dandy, it’s not REQUIRED, my friend. In fact both you men and women out there that need to lose weight can and should start INCREMENTALLY – and focus on PROGRESS you’re making DAILY as opposed to the big numbers.

Do that regularly, and you’ll soon find yourself at the bigger numbers before you know it!

Last, but not least, I’ll be posting some pictures of WOMEN doing 0 Excuses Fitness on my social media accounts. The proof is indeed in the pudding – be on the outlook for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is another course that you ladies out there will LOVE. It even has pictures of my wife doing the exercises!

Corrugated Core

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