“Man you like a vampire”
- And more on energy LEAKS ...

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Dear Reader,

A couple of days ago I wrote about folks wanting something for nothing – and how about ignoring this fundamental law of the Universe is NOT a good idea.

It seemed to be fairly popular as well with my Twitter following – was retweeted quite a number of times, and received a few comments as well – and for good reason.

And yesterday, this “client” contacted me again – with an even more ludicrous “something for nothing” demand – or request, in his terminology.

In short, it was this -apparently I was to use my credit card to book him a flight “home” (somewhere deep in Africa) – because “his card didn’t work”.

Now, I may be many things, to be certain.

Fitness guy. Writer. Coach. Writer on many other topics as well that I have NOT divulged here on this list. And more – – but travel agent I am NOT – and I stated this politely.

No dice. The guy kept on and on, so I told him I’d do it – but he’d have to pay my credit card fees, cross currency conversion charges, cross border fees et al.

You know how credit cards are – I hate using them – all the fees and what not – but being this guy was a “client”, I figured I’d make an exception if just to get him off my back.

“Ok, I’ll tell you what the total amount is”.

I calculated it, and told him.

“Around 10,400 RMB, my friend”.

His response was nothing short of “amazed”.

What?? It’s too high! The currency conversion was only 8800! And so on and so forth he went …

I ignored him, and later on during the day he sent me this.

“Man you like a vampire! Someone did it for less than 9000!”

Now, I write this NOT to bring up the fact that charging what you feel you’re worth – or a fair bit for your “personal services” is NOT something that classifies you as a “vampire” or anything like it.

Neither do I write it to tell you that this client was way, way “off base” in his interactions with me. If anything, I should have just blocked him right there and then – but I didn’t.

And since I’ve already written about getting something for nothing, I’m not going to go into that again here.

For a brief minute I was tempted to reply to him, but then I remembered the eternal, evergreen saying.

“Never get into a piss fight with a skunk”. 

And so I refrained. Probably the best thing to do and now, why am I bringing this up again?

Well, to address the topic of energy leaks, my friend

When you set out to accomplish a goal – any goal – be it life related – or fitness related – you have to be VERY careful that you’re not allowing your inner “vital” energy to “leak out”.

By energy I mean your DESIRE. Your DRIVE. Your sexual energy too if I might say so (Napoleon Hill had a whole chapter on this in Think and Grow Rich, and it’s a topic that I’ll address in a future email).

Ever notice how sometimes you talk about people to your goals -at length – in detail – and then after the conversation, you feel the urge to just sit back – and do – precisely – NOTHING?

That feeling of “having gotten it off your chest” and suddenly actually doing the thing becomes less important than it was BEFORE you spoke to said people …

Or, when you’re dealing with clients – or people in general (an example would be the person I’m referring to above) – a sense of your “energy” leaking as the other person leeches off you as much as he/she can, and tries to get something for nothing in every transaction?

Both of these cases are example of energy LEAKS ,my friend, and they are far more common than you’d think.

When I have a goal in mind – fitness related – or business related – I generally never ever tell anyone – not even my closest friends or my wife.

Funnily enough the only person I’ll share some of my inner goals with is my 5 (soon to be 6) year old daughter – and why?

Because every time I do so, I feel a sense of unmistakable enthusiasm and desire to ACHIEVE gushing through my veins – as opposed to a “ho hum” lethargic feeling of “ok, there’s no real need to do this anymore”.

In short, and in a nutshell, a lot of times talking to people and “telling them what you’re going to do” subconsciously takes the place of actually doing it – resulting in a big fat ZERO for you in terms of actual RESULTS, my friend.

Sure, there might be some cases where you’d want to talk about the things you want to achieve, but make darn sure that you feel the desire to do MORE after talking to said person – not LESS.

Make damn sure too, that the other person is on board in terms of being positive – and an open mind – and everything else in between – because if NOT, the negative energy will find a way to affect YOU too, my friend – and that ain’t good!

So, takeaway from today’s email?

Well, first off, the famous Napoleon Hill saying –

Tell the wold what you’re going to do, but SHOW ’em first! 

And second being this – plug your energy leaks, my friend.

If it’s people constantly badgering you wanting something for nothing, DROP them from your life.

If it’s folks constantly “wanting to know” what your fitness (or other) goals are – politely refuse to answer.

And so forth.

The key thing is this – take note of how you FEEL after talking to people – and keep ONLY those people in your life that uplift you and make you feel BETTER – and more energized – as opposed to the opposite!

Remove what you don’t want, and make place for what you DO want, my friend.

It’s just that simple!


Rahul Mookerjee

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