Hill sprints par EXCELLENCE!
- More on this excellent and most underrated exercise ..

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Dear Reader,

So, I woke up this morning around 9 :30 A.M. or so. Grabbed a Tshirt, threw on my trusty sports shoes, and off I was to the “great outdoors” for my workout!

And great outdoors indeed it felt like in the park. Although this park can be jampacked full of people on holidays and even the weekends on occasion, bring in the slightest hint of rain, and the crowds are all GONE.

They don’t like their rain here in Southern China, I’ll say that much! And I don’t quite blame them, given the sheer regularity with which the rain buckets down here …

Anyway, was a bit of a drizzle outdoors this morning. Nothing serious. Certainly nothing to stop this cat, for sure, and off I went.

Sauntered up the hill once just for the heck of it, and then began my REAL workout … that said, this is the SAME hill that kicked me in the CAN the first time I climbed it (and many times after that!) and the same hill that kicks most people’s ass (regardless of the physical condition they’re in) the first time they climb it.

Easy for me now, and as I began my real workout, I felt a sense of exhilaration creep over me that I haven’t experienced in a long, long time – along with that “heart popping out of chest” sensation you get when you’re really, really winded!

And no prizes for guessing what I was doing, of course.

I was hitting that old favorite of mine – hill sprints – just regular uphill sprints, nothing fancy.

Hill sprints, my friend are one of the MOST useful exercises out there – not just to build muscle and burn tons of fat, but also to keep FEELING and LOOKING way younger than you are.

I’m almost 40, and I routinely have folks tell me I’m 25 – or around 28. Part of the reason for this is my 0 Excuses workouts, of course, but the other reason is hill sprints and other types of sprints that I talk about in Eat More – Weigh Less.

And if you’re part of the growing crows that has leaned out all over the body, but are yet to lose the muffin top and the bingo wings – or man boobs – well – hill sprints might be just the thing to kick your body into OVERDRIVE and burning those nasty fat cells where they’re the most visible.

When you sprint – or do hill sprints – everything SHAKES. Those nasty lumps of lard that don’t normally “shake” when you walk hills slowly, will shake BIG time when you sprint ’em – and this is one reason most people ignore sprints – because they might not be “comfortable” – but boy do they deliver results!

Bear in mind, the more you “jiggle and wiggle” it during your workout – the quicker it will disappear!!

Not to mention hill sprints are one of the quickest ways to REAL RESULTS. You’ll start to see results after the first few workouts – even if you don’t go all out – and for some people all it takes is ONE workout (with no change in diet) to start seeing results.

And just why do hill sprints work so well – and so amazingly FAST?

Well, because hill sprints- and sprints in general force your body into OVERDRIVE. 

You literally SHOCK your body into moving – and moving fast – and faster – and FASTER – and keep going for as long as you can at that pace – and this causes the body to produce some major league HGH, my friend – naturally.

This human growth hormone is what keeps you young, fit and STRONG – and is also responsible for addressing the hormonal imbalances that cause the modern day adult to put on weight in all the wrong areas.

Have you ever seen that dude who works out regularly, and isn’t what you would call far – but yet is unable to lose them man boobs – or saggy butt – – or lower belly fat?

Well, there are plenty of these people out there -and it’s HORMONES, my friend that play a major part in burning fat – regardless of whether or not you’re workout or not.

For men, the modern day diet and slovenly routines that most follow results in less testosterone – and more androgen (female hormone) – the exact opposite of the way it should be, guys!

And hill sprints and other HIIT training methods address this very well.

Your body will have no choice but to up T-levels, and those levels will stay elevated long after the workout is over -meaning you’ll be burning major league fat even AFTER your workout – not just during it.

How cool is that, eh?

Not to mention the increased focus, sense of calm, clarity and PURPOSE you’ll get from these workouts.

If there ever was a “cobweb duster” of a workout, this is it!

Last, but not least, if you think muscle growth occurs only “on the legs” – or the butt – as a result of these workouts, think again, my friend.

In fact, think several times.

You’ll be sprouting muscle ALL OVER YOUR body once you get on these routines. I didn’t do a single pushup or pull-up today, and yet my forearms, chest and traps are sore  – – big time!

Remember too, to exercise caution when you do this great exercise. I’ve said this often, but for whatever reason people seem to think “its just running” – and jump straight into it – which is a big, big mistake.

If you’re the average fitness trainee that pounds the pavement or miles on the treadmill – or the gym bro that pumps, tones, oils, and then admires his body in the mirror – chances are you’re NOT ready for them.

If you did ’em back in high school but never again for years and years and years, you do NOT just jump off a decade long or more hiatus on “el coucho” and start banging ’em out.

Then you have the people that CAN do these – but overdo ’em – or don’t warm up well before doing ’em. Both ways are wrong, and have the same ending – one that begins with a capital “D” and ends with a capital “R” – DISASTER – an ending you don’t want to hit!

Do them right though, and you will quickly start to see just how “easy” it is to melt fat – while eating more, if you so choose, with NO change in diet!

For more on this, grab your copy of Eat More – Weigh Less – and get started today, my friend.

I look forward to hearing back from you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Again, here is that link. I might not be able to offer this course at the price I currently am, my friend – so jump on this NOW. Jump on it while the going is GOOD – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

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