My new clothes “done dont” fit
- I'll be spending a fortune on clothes at this rate!

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Dear Reader,

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to invest in a pair – or two, specifically – of new jeans.

The old ones had been going forever, so I took the plunge and “did the thing” – and then of course, as I’ve written to you, I was struck by the “leg specialization” program bug.

Now, those of you reading this may be thinking – we know what comes next. Thighs and butt become tight, and he has to buy new jeans …

Well, not exactly – at least not the first part.

What happened over the past week – or rather, what I STARTED To notice over the past week was that my new jeans – which fit me fine before the “leg specialization” were getting LOOSER around the waist … and were sung as usual around the thighs and hips.

I also noticed my T-shirts getting “looser” in the chest area, and tighter around the traps and shoulders.

OK, so it might have been a silly decision to change tacks workout wise right AFTER buying new clothes as opposed to before.

Since the jeans were only two weeks “old”, I figured I’d try returning them but I perished the thought immediately after it entered my mind.

After all, I’m not much of a fan for the “wear and return to Walmart” policy many seem to have …. and neither are most of the sellers on TaoBao, China’s answer to Amazon (at least in terms of shopping).

Something prompted me to get in touch with the seller and ask, though.

“Just ask, Rahul”, the little voice urged me. “You never know!”

And I did – and lo and behold, the guy agreed not only to the return – but also to send me a new pair of jeans – one waist size less than the previous one.

And today, as I sit here in those very jeans, they’re starting to feel loose – again!

I mentioned my Eat More – Weigh Less workout yesterday – and then today as well – and as I promise everyone reading this and clients that are ON the mind bogglingly simple and result inducing program – you’ll start to see results within the first coupla workouts.

For many of you, you’ll see results during and after workout #1 in terms of REDUCED flab, specifically around the midsection.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, of course.

Back when I discovered these exercises in the mayhem of Lunar New Year 2018, I thought about putting together a course right there and then – but balked.

After all, what if they only worked for me? What if it didn’t work for others?

Silly questions I know, but I like to be 100% certain, and so I went ahead and put a couple of my existing clients on the program.

Within TWO workouts, BOTH of them saw results, and how. The lady in question dropped not one – not two – but THREE waist sizes within a few workouts, and that ain’t no exaggeration either.

So I put together the program – and judging by the feedback I’ve been getting, I never made a smarter decision.

Go here NOW to grab this program, my friend – there truly is nothing like that out there – but before you do so …

Here are some FACTS about these workouts that you might not believe …

These workouts …

  • Are probably the only ones where the “tough” portion of the workout takes a few minutes if even that, and you spend the rest of your workout “sauntering” around. Literally.
  • Today’s workout took me 15 seconds x8 sets – around 120 seconds – or TWO minutes. That’s right. A grand total of TWO minutes for the fat burning portion of this workout. The rest of it was sauntering up and down the hill, but note it wasn’t necessary by any stretch – I merely did it because of my love for the outdoors.
  • Are the ONLY workouts where you get to eat, drink and guzzle as MUCH as you like, and still make solid progress from workout to workout.
  • Are routinely pilloried by the mainstream “shemxperts” that claim they’re “harmful” to the body – so called experts that have layers and layers of fat upon them and haven’t done a single squat or hike in years (unless we’re talking the hike from the sofa to “el commode” as it were).

All of this might sound nigh unbelievable, but it’s true, my friend. It’s very true. And if you’re in the LEAST bit interested in burning fat and building muscle at the same time – and doing so at quantum, rock star, breakneck SPEED – then get on the program now.

Last, but not least, while I’m NOT condoning bad diets in any way, shape or form, I figured I’d do an experiment this week.

It’s well known that a lot of folks out there (guys in particular) like to go “bottoms up” at the local pub or watering hole on a regular basis – not to mention slamming down pizza and other fattening foods down their gullets on a regular basis.

No amount of “cajoling” from me would induce them to give this up – so – can YOU still make progress on this program if you’re one of the above crowd?

In a word – YES. Big time.

And to prove it, I’ve been following a similar sort of diet myself for this week, and my jeans are still looser than they were a few days ago. This binging and boozing ain’t gonna last in my case beyond this Sunday – but I’ll probably have proved my point way before then anyway, hehe.

So that’s the tale from 0 Excuses HQ’s. Lots going on – and lots more to come in the future as well. Stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Remember, folks, that the THROWAWAY price at which I’m offering this unique course won’t last forever. I might have to jack the price up soon given the response I’m getting on this. Given the extraordinary RESULTS this course produces mean people are willing to fork over BIG BUCKS for it, my friend. Grab it at the “introductory” price while you can –

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