“You’ll never fit into …. “
- When someone says never - sit up - and thank them!

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Dear Reader,

“You’ll never be able to get as fit as you were (X years ago)” (add mournful, “hangdog” look to boot).

“You’ll never amount to anything in life!” (said by a cantankerous woman who herself hasn’t worked a honest day – or day at all in her life ….)

“You’ll never fit into those old jeans again! ”

And so on and so forth.

If what I’m saying above sounds familiar – well it should – because that is precisely what happens when you “want” to do something – or achieve a goal – and announce your intentions to all and sundry.

Chances are excellent and second to none that you’ll hear this negative statement galore when you do so – which is another reason I keep telling folks to “do the thing first” before blabbing about it.

In other words, as Napoleon Hill famously said, “Tell the world what you’re going to do – but SHOW ’em first!”

Energy leaks and all that aside though, what if someone notices you, for instance, doing your best to get in shape – despite you not announcing your intentions to do so – and then making said (above) comments?

“You’ll never lose that belly of yours as long as you continue to …. ” (insert term of choice).

Well, anytime someone says something will “never” happen –  especially in terms of your goals – well – crack on a big smile – and THANK these people.

Chances are nigh excellent that if you FEEL something stirring DEEP within you – an ANGER – a red hot flame of passion determined to prove the naysayer WRONG – then he (or she) has just given you a rocket fueled boost along the way to whichever destination it is you’re aiming at.

And the word “never” doesn’t necessarily need to be uttered either. The negative intentions – or the negative “import” of the statements being made is what I’m getting at, my friend.

I still remember the comment my father made one night bellowing his lungs out in the living room we were in at the time “Look at you! Your obese! Your stomach is hanging over your pants! You’ll never ….”

Or, “You’ll die by the age of 30 if you keep up your eating and drinking habits (which admittedly were not the best at that point in time, but still!)”

Or my mothers scornful and derisive look in the eye at the age of 10 as she commented with a sly, knowing look in his eye “He thinks he’s too strong!” (at an age when practically all boys are trying to “too strong” – was that the best thing to have said? You be the judge!)

Unfortunately I didn’t know at that point that some of these statements, in retrospect were the BEST things that could have been said to me in terms of achieving my goals.

I still remember the red hot anger I felt when my father, corpulent by any normal standard, and perhaps even more “obese” than he claimed I was at that point blathered on an on about my weight.

A few years later, I still remember the shocked look in his eyes (as well as my wife’s) when they saw me in the best shape of my life at 36 …. six long years after the limit that had been “set”, hehe.

At the age of 10, I still remember making a silent vow to myself that my grip WOULD INDEED be the STRONGEST – or close to it – and here we are today, Mommy!

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be parents either saying this. In my case it was, but it can be anyone. Friends, colleagues, by standers – the biggest flaw in most people is that they do great at finding a bazillion and one excuses for not doing the thing – or for lamely announcing “why it won’t work anyway” – rather than getting down to brass tacks and DOING the thing.

‘Tis human nature, my friend. Not much that can be done about that!

As an aside, I just saw a comment on my wechat where a lady proudly proclaims (double chin jiggling as she does so) that her “biggest comfort” is Mc Donalds – and she makes sure that no-one misses the point as she’s got a brown bag of blubber inducing fries, “so called burgers” and an XL Coke sitting right next to her.

This from someone who keeps saying she’s overweight, and yet …

Ugggggghhh. What is the world coming to, hehe.

Maybe I’ll introduce Eat More – Weigh Less to her.

Or, perhaps I’ll just let her do her own thing until she comes to her senses and stops “pigging out” as it were.

Will it be too late by then? It never is, but one never knows either!

Anyway, so that’s today’s missive. If you’re on your way to superfitness – 500 squats – 100 pull-ups – whatever it is – and someone turns out and “you’ll never”‘s you – thank them profusely and continue on on your own merry way .

They’ve just given you the impetus you need – for free!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I was told I’d “never make it online” – and my response to that has been very well documented indeed – as well as put together into an awesome, butt kicking BOOK – and several videos. Find out more right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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