The lady caught me a napping …
- and more on exercise - and so the called middle aged spread.

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Dear Reader,

So, I had a great workout yet again today – a fantastic one if I might say so.

Started off with banging out pull-ups and dips with the guys at the local park, and after a few handstands to “tie” things up, and “connect” it all together, it was time for my hill workout.

That’s one of the great things about handstand pushups – and handstands in general.

Not only do they “tie” the upper and lower body into ONE solid chain of MUSCLE if you do ’em right – you don’t need to do very many to get the sheer energizing effect that comes from being upside down.

Even a few minutes hold (hint – most people are unable to even get into the position, let alone HOLD the RIGHT way) is enough to give you the workout of your life if you do it right.

More on that later, of course, but as I was in the middle of my hill sprints, I was breathing like a runaway locomotive working overtime – and uphill.

Man oh man oh man!

You could hear me breathe about several blocks away most likely – so intense were the sprints out there in the hot morning sun – and I must have sweated enough to fill a large bucket and then some.

As I finished my second round of sprints and paused at the top of the hill, desperately trying to catch my breath, I figured I’d get some stretching in.

Now, normally I stretch AFTER my workouts – not before, but for some odd reason I did things the other way today.

And as I stretched out I focused on my hamstrings – and I caught two ladies giggling away at me.

Two ladies who were climbing the hill at a leisurely pace when I was sprinting it. I made it to the top twice before they made it there, but they were engaged in an ultra vigorous stretching routine as well that made me stop and pause.

“Lao wai hen zhuang”, one of them giggled. (foreigner very strong!)

This lady was no slouch herself either in the stretching department, mind you – and had NOT A LICK of fat on her midsection – and neither did her partner, although she wasn’t quite as good at it.

I smiled at them, and refocused on my routine, trying to block the intense heat out.


I felt a hand smack on the knee.

Who was it, you ask?

Well, my “training partner” – she was telling me to straighten my leg in the stretch I was doing – and I admit it. I was caught a napping – that particular stretch needs to be done with the leg entirely straight, but I was bending at the knee, and she caught it.

Anyway, I struck up a conversation with these two ladies, and as I pounded off 50 pushups, the two ladies looked on.

“How do you have so much energy after two climbs”, the other one asked.

“Well, I normally climb this hill THREE times”, I responded, smiling back.

And as lady #1 fell into an exercise that is EXCELLENT for cutting fat around the lower back, hips and midsection – an exercise that I detail in Corrugated Core – I watched – and joined it.

All great fun, and lest you think this lady was a “young ‘un”, think AGAIN.

Shes over 40 – certainly no spring chicken – but that midsection would put many a “young gal” to shame, my friend – especially in the bigger cities.

ROCK hard abs – and obliques that feel like they’re made of rebar. Taut, hard shoulders and traps that though they’re small, feel like they’re made of pliable steel.

In fact, I wouldn’t be lying to say she could probably punch a boobybuilder in the midsection and have him “down for the count”, if just temporarily …

She’s a masseuse, which explains things to an extent, but she doesn’t miss a workout – and watches her diet.

No sugar. No Mc Donalds. No pigging out on alcohol every weekend. And so forth. And the results show my friend. They sure do SHOW!

So thats an example of what regular exercise and hard work can do to a body – and how to stay IN shape even as you get older.

It’s something that applies to all of us – so read it – grasp the point being made – and if you workout today – make it a great one – and write back and tell me how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’ll have a photo of the stretch I was doing on Instagram shortly …

P.S #2 – This here email contains a very valuable tip on how to increase your flexibility by LEAPS and BOUNDS. See if you can spot it!


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