You either got it – or you DON’T!
- - and how you CAN get it.

Dear Reader,

Well, after the (somewhat interesting in many regards if you get my drift, hehe) chat I had with Sophia about gorillas, and gorilla grip – I got to thinking about the book itself.

And a thought popped into my mind.

A thought that pops into my mind nigh every time I think of the book – and the PREFACE – which I updated in 2017.

I first came out with Gorilla Grip in 2011, and believe it or not, I took a “sabbatical” of sorts from the fitness biz for a variety of (some inexplicable) reasons.

The old website still stands though. is where it all started, and it is still very much alive and kicking, hehe, especially in terms of Google searches etc.

Anyway, so back in 2017 I met a man – a tall, strong, rugged looking “mountain of a man”.

If Sophia’s description of me as a gorilla is accurate (and it is in many regards, hehe) – – then the only words I have for THIS guy is – KING KONG.

King Kong x 10, perhaps. As soon as I saw this guy I knew he had been into physical training all his life – and by that I don’t mean pounding out reps on the lat pulldown machine (an useless machine if there ever was one) – or doing bicep curls with the bros.

No – he had that look about him – REAL strength, if you get my drift, that comes from being in the TRENCHES – and from one that has been there and done that in terms of fitness and continues to, I recognized this instantly.

I shook his hand – and immediately felt an “unnatural pull” to his grip as he almost took me off balance – something that most people are UNABLE to do (I’ve spoken about the why’s before, of course).

Now, this guy is far bigger than me – probably way stronger in many regards but that isn’t the main reason he can do this.

His GRIP is the main reason – that “kung fu” like grip – – and that only comes from years and years of HARD training – in the TRENCHES, as it were.

You either got it, or you don’t, my friend!

We became good friends down the line – and this is the man I refer to in the preface for Gorilla Grip, and with good reason. If anyone ever truly had a gorilla like grip, it’s him!

And funnily enough, those were the exact same comments he made about me – and for good reason again.

Now in terms of “if you got it” – well, there is always room for improvement, my friend. Success is a matter of never ending application as they say – pause to rest on your laurels, and first thing you know, it takes WINGS and flies away.

And if you “don’t got it” – and the majority of folks out there, don’t, by the way.

Well, do what it takes to get it.

First, build up your overall health, strength and fitness levels by using the 0 Excuses Fitness System. I state repeatedly in Gorilla Grip that a base is KEY – and that the exercises therein should be done in conjunction WITH the exercises in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – not in place of.

And second, once you’re getting good at those exercises – pick up a copy of Gorilla Grip – or the compilation if you so choose.

And that, my friend, is the royal road to “getting it” – both in terms of GRIP strength and overall fitness/strength levels as well.



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another course that has been really flying off the shelves is Corrugated Core. If your’re looking to get rid of the winter “bulge” QUICK – then the exercises mentioned in Corrugated Core are the perfect way to do it – –

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