Start day – burn FAT
- ... and keep on doing so the entire day!

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Dear Reader,

How would you like a workout that you can start your day with – that will get you energized and PUMPED for the entire day – and that will have you burning FAT the entire day without even thinking about it?

A workout that you can “carry with you” basically – a workout that you could do in your hotel room – or even your living room – or just about anywhere??

A workout that (contrary to what you might think I’m about to mention) does NOT include a single pushup – or squat – or hike.

Or pull-up, for that matter. Now once you get good at this workout you’ll naturally want to do more – and gravitate to more, but truth be told, this one simple workout can keep even the fittest of us busy their entire life.

Boxers do it. Wrestlers do it. The ancient (Spartan) warriors did it before heading off to battle – no, I’m NOT kidding – and even the average couch potato that hasn’t done a lick of exercise in years can do it.

And this simple exercise is this – rope jumping, my friend.

The trampoline is all the rage these days, and while I do get that jumping on a trampoline burns fat – the benefits are NOTHING when you compare them to good ole fashioned ole school ROPE jumping.

I don’t know why, but the world seems to be increasingly turning into a sissified, molly coddled, “coddified” (is that even a word, hehe) of what it SHOULD be.

This morning’s workout was an indoor workout, and it took me precisely 21 minutes, and I was soaked in sweat (bear in mind it’s winter and there isn’t any heating where I am at).

Shave off the time it took me for pushups at the end of this, and you get 16.4 minutes. I timed it, hehe, much as I do in the 0 Excuses Fitness System workout video.

Shave off rest times, and you get between 13-15 minutes.

And all I did during that time was jump rope.

Thats right, my friend. Jump rope, and YES, this one simple activity can get you burning fat – big time!

It is also great for folks that haven’t worked out in years to start off with.

If you are currently at the stage where climbing a long, unending flight of stairs is pretty much impossible without collapsing – or at the stage where doing more than a pushup sounds like anathema – well – then rope jumping is where you need to start, my friend.

There is a reason boxers and wrestlers use this simple activity as an INTEGRAL part of their routines, my friend.

Rope jumping can be as simple or as complicated as you make it – – but no matter what the workout style is – you will feel it – especially if you do it right. And doing it right means  timing yourself and NOT “dwadling” between sets, my friend.

I have mentioned rope jumping in Fast and Furious Fitness, and will probably mention it in 0 Excuses Fitness as well (if I ever get around to a rewrite, hehe).

Along with that, remember to avoid the naysayers – “so called” experts  – and other morons that try and throw a spanner in your works and make a dent in your wallet with the “go to the gym!” cries.

Respond back with an animalastic cry of your OWN – and get to it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with exercise, DIET is key – but NOT in the way you were brought up to believe. No calories counting or skinfold tests – or number of meals a day – or what to eat, even. Believe me, the secret is NOT what they’ve been telling you – and I’ll have more on this tomorrow!

P.S #2 – And for more fat blasting, muscle building – GUMPTION building, I should say, home based workouts – make sure to pick up your copy of the System today – –

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