What all REAL strongmen have in common
- ... it probably isn't what you think!

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Dear Reader,

When we talk real strongmen (hint – most today in the gym posing as “strongmen” are anything but really strong) – what is the ONE thing they all have in common?

I don’t mean simply weightlifters – or wrestlers – or swimmers – or military men – or any particular genre. I mean strongmen all across the board – all over the GLOBE – in every aspect of life – across all vocations – and so forth!

I don’t care if we’re talking the Saxon brothers – or John Grimek – or the legendary and MASSIVE Doug Hepburn.

I don’t care if we’re talking Bruce Lee – or “closer to home”, perhaps, even Chuck Norris or other contemporary martial arts experts.

I don’t care who we’re talking about – but what is the ONE thing they have in common?

If you’ve been reading the last coupla emails I sent – some of you may answer “mental strength”.

Well, goody. YES, mental strength IS something all these people have in spades – and in common (and indeed all SUCCESSFUL people) – but what else?

What physical attribute, you ask?

Well, it’s not necessarily big muscles – or a massive chest – or even legs that look like tree trunks (a.k.a The Great Gama of India for one).

It isn’t a six pack for damn sure.

No – what it is – is REAL strength (of course!) – and a strong RUGGED GRIP – – and (perhaps even more of a give away ) – – strong HANDS.

Strong, rugged HANDS – – thick strong fingers – – tendons that can take a pounding and then some – fingers that can grip like a vice – and if you’re a Bruce Lee fan, probably “spear” through bricks as well – or tear phonebooks apart with gay abandon.

Now, you’ll need practice, and a lot of it to work up to the last two – granted – but the point stands, my friend.

Notice all these people – and they all have a bone crushing vice like grip.

Note too – that “size” isn’t really a concern here and isn’t even a factor.

Arthur Saxon was NOT a big man by any standards, especially in those days. Bruce Lee was probably a featherweight, if even that.

Other side of the spectrum, you have the awe inspiring and IMPOSING monolith of a man – whose lat spread alone would probably not fit through most barn doors – Doug Hepburn.

Or Paul Anderson …

Take a look at the hands on all these folks, my friend.

These hands (and the traps and neck – another “common denonimator amongst real strongmen” as opposed to the puff and buff boys at the gym) scream out RUGGED, BRUTAL strength when you see ’em.

Much like my buddy from the Marines (an ex Marine now). The first time I gripped his hand I not only felt what I’ve stated numerous times in the past, but I SAW it as well right in front of me.

Hands that have hoisted heavy weights out in the “trenches”. Handled heavy machinery and weapons. Wrestled, and thrown many an opponent.

And so forth.

Much the same comments are made when people look at my heavily calloused hands – and though I’d be loathe to put myself into any of the categories above – I will say this – my grip is up there with the BEST of them – and that isn’t an idle boast by any means,  my friend.

You’ll see this in Pushup Central, of course – when I do my patented three finger pushups – and if you thought THAT was the limit – wait until I come out with Pushup Central – Advanced – when its me doing pushups with TWO fingers – and one hand – and other extreme variations most people can only DREAM of.

And while those variations are too hard even for most of you pull-up maniacs to do, the good news is this – anyone – even the average Joe – and even YOU, my dear reader can develop a grip of VICE – CAST IRON – if only you do it right.

In “Gorilla Grip” I detail a series of exercises that will build your grip from rank beginner status to downright “ugly” (in a good way!) levels – and the only way to go up from there – is UP – my friend!

YOU will be the “awe inspiring” sight at gyms as you pump out pushups in a way that would make most people goggle with sheer amazement.

YOU will have the cast iron grip necessary to take your pull-up numbers to limits you never dreamed of.

And YOU – will get that “nod of approval” – albeit tacit – when people grip your hand – and feel strength – real strength – of the kind that lasts and just cannot be FAKED.

Sound good my friend?

I thought so!

Hurry on over here, and find out how to start building the grip of your dreams – today!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the best course out there in terms of building that much desired “six pack” – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

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