“Ordering a new Dad on Amazon” – and more!
- ... and the EASE with which kids take to exercise!

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Dear Reader,

A standing joke in our house is this – especially when members of our three-strong family “get in each other’s faces” is this –

“Should we order a new … from Amazon”?

Never fails to crack up and ease any tension that might be there – and we use this most often with our six year old when she “complain about” either Mommy – or Daddy!

“Should we order a new daughter from Amazon, Mom?” I’ll often ask, trying to hold back my chuckles.


OR the reverse – when Mommy talks to my daughter about ordering “Dad from Amazon” when there is an “argument” between a six year old “small version of me”, hehe, and myself at the ripe old age of 38 (OK, 39, but whose counting, hehe).

And funny part is, in all those cases, my daughter’s answer is a very (along with a stern look at me – either on the phone – or in person).

“No! No new Daddy from Amazon”

“Why not, sweetie”, I’ll laughingly ask.

“Because we have so much fun together …” comes the response.

And last night, this was the message.

“Dad, do you remember when we did sprints together”

“Of course I do! In fact, I taught you how to sprint when you were 3 …”

And I did, hehe. My daughter was running sprints at the tender age of 3 – doing mini-pushups on my back at the age of 1 – and NEVER, ever misses a chance to hang on to the pull-up bars when she goes to the park.

In fact, if I remember right, six or so years ago, I was getting her going on the monkey bars at the age of 6 months – supporting her little legs on my chest – and “guiding” her arms forward, hehe.

Great memories all – especially as the entire world is wracked by the dreaded COVID-19, but here is the point I’m trying to make – and it holds doubly true at THIS time more so than any other.

Global obesity levels are at all time high – especially amongst kids – and if there is pandemic #2 – or at an EQUAL- with #1 (COVID-19) – well, it’s gotta be OBESITY.

And shockingly enough, kids aren’t being spared these days – even in so called developing countries like India and China (and others – but those are the most prominent “outliers” on the obesity list).

Bad diet? Yes.

Lack of natural movement and exercise. HECK yeah. Kids these days spend way too much time on their smartphones and devices as opposed to doing what kids should do – which is to MOVE and MOVE A LOT!

But most of all, you know what the issue is, my friend?

It’s the fact that we as adults set a bad example for our kids.

My daughter is one of the few kids around in her class that is NOT obese – and the MAIN reason behind this is that both her mother and myself encouraged her to partake of physical activity from a very young age.

Not only that – she sees her father set an EXAMPLE (and Mommy too on occasion).

Be it a kiddie Gorilla Grip – or running sprints in the living room – or doing bear crawls with her at the age of 1 – or the rest – it’s about setting a good example, my friend – not to mention the fact that doing so will get YOU as an adult HALE, hearty – and healthy – and in the very best shape of your life, if you do things right!

We often forget the simplest of things are the best in life – and so it holds true for exercise, my friend.

All for now.  By the way, the “responsive” issue on the products page that some have rightly brought up has been resolved now – or so I think at least. Let me know if you’re still facing issues, and I’ll have it looked at asap!


Rahul Mookerjee

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