The fortune teller I met in 2012
- ... and a bit of a trip down memory lane!

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Dear Reader,

Way back in the day, yours truly drove (with the Mrs) to a little town in the Himalayan mountains in India — a town known as “Dalhousie” – a scenic indeed town and a big tourist attraction.

I’ve spoken before of my love for the Himalayas, and how if I had to choose a favorite place in the whole world – the Himalayan mountains in India would be IT.

Pristine – untouched by Man in large parts (at least when you get up to greater heights) – not to mention getting in fantastic workouts without even trying.

There’s a reason why people from the hills anywhere in the world stay lean – and mean – despite not watching their diet as you might think they do.

Well, although we enjoyed that town – there was ANOTHER “less traveled” and EVEN more scenic spot that we wanted to visit – known as the “Switzerland of India” and upon first arriving there after spending a couple of days at the above spot, we saw why.

Beautiful, rolling meadows – lush green fields – and believe it or not – cows and sheep galore too – much like you’d expect in a picture perfect postcard – with the mighty and “rolling” Himalayas in the background (close to the Chinese border in some ways, but not quite).

I’ve written up travelogues on this in the past and might have them for sale soon – be on the outlook for that!

And while we were exploring the place, we came across this lady selling trinkets – little “what have you’s” if you get my drift and other feng shui related stuff.

I’m not (or wasn’t, at least, at that point) much of a one for that kinda thing, but the wife was, so we got to talking to the lady while buying some things for her.

This lady was nothing special to look at (in terms of being “out of the ordinary”) – but the minute she spoke – oh BOY!

She took one look at me and rattled off the following with picture perfect accuracy –

My job (i.e. what I did)

How my life had been until then (in terms of finances)

My likes and dislikes – right down to a T – – and even more amazingly enough – – things in my child hood that I thought only I knew!

I kid you NOT – my friend – and all this with a simple look at me!

She truly was “attuned” into the Universe – and as I asked my wife just how the heck this happened, my wife grinned one of those Cheshire cat grins.

“She just knows! Some people just know!”

Well, we had a great trip – and we returned there in 2016 again – this time with a three year old in tow, who enjoyed the entire adventure of traveling there (this time by train – and a bit of a longer trip as it were).

And we met the same lady again – at the same spot – and she predicted more things about me (and the wife) with UNCANNY accuracy!

“Oh, Rahul (yes, she remembered my name after all those years!)” she smiled, looking at me. “He must be living abroad.”

“Rahul will live abroad his whole life, and will NOT work for someone else”, she proclaimed, while hanging my wife an elephant of sorts (Feng Shui stuff)

And being I was in China for the past few years, well – spot on again!

“Rahul will be in the electronics business, and he won’t really start to “take off” until the age of 40″

Hmm! I don’t know if she meant “online business” by “electronics” – and as for the stuff about age – well Napoleon Hill said it too – most successful men that have made it “on their own” do NOT start to hit their stride before 40 – – sometimes way after!

Well – we had another great trip – not to mention great workouts in the Himalayas – and I’ll probably be writing about it soon. Already have it written up actually, just haven’t put it all together, and so forth.

And good news is this – my friend – you do NOT need to be “clairvoyant” in order to percieve – or predict the benefits that the fitness routines I offer you will give you.

You do NOT need to be a fortune teller to KNOW you’ll get in the best shape of your life with these routines – whether you have a hill next door to you – or a 14 hour drive away – or whatever it might be.

Jump on the stick NOW – and start reaping the benefits TODAY.

Well, my friend – that is it for now. Tomorrow (or in the next email) I’ll bring you the tale of the army man I met in Ranikhet (again way back in the day ) – and again a different “lifetime” — and a man with one of those cast iron, ROCK SOLID grips I talk about so much.

Stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Grip training is one of my favorite topics – and that is why I put out there the Gorilla Grip Compilation – – a “two in one value” – – if there ever was one – –

P.S #2 – Also, if you enjoy my daily tips on GRIP – – well – – for those not on that particular wavelength – I’ve put out a product containing a ton of nifty little tips on building nothing other than your GRIP. Grab it right here – –

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