The army man I met in the Indian hills in 2011
- - and that cast iron, rock solid - grip of STEEL!

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Dear Reader,

Way back in the day – I traveled to the Indian Himalayas and I met a man serving in the Indian army there … but wait!

You Gorilla Grip fans — and indeed fans of 0 Excuses Fitness will remember another similar tale that I’ve often mentioned – that of meeting a man from the Marines (currently an ex-Marine) in 2016.

And while I’ve spoken about that a lot – this particular tale is set in 2011.

(NB – I goofed on the date in the last email – should have been 2012 instead of 2011 – THIS particular story is set in 2011).

Anyway, back in those days we would do regular trips to the mountains – at least once a year – and this trip was to a very scenic place (replete with tigers, leopards and all the wildlife you’d expect in that part of the country) – known as “Ranikhet”.

Well, getting there itself was an adventure. The economy car I used did NOT have lights (headlamps) suited to the narrow and winding (and dangerous!) roads of the Indian Himalayas – and combined with the fact that we got lost while getting there – and the fact that the entire area was spectacularly BEAUTIFUL – and scary as well -it was quite the trip getting there!

When I say scary, picture the following – for those of you that have seen “First Blood – Part One” – you’ll remember the stunning visages and HEIGHTS shown in that movie.

Multiply by about 10 – or 50 – and add in PITCH DARKNESS – and a jungle (while not quite teeming with, but present nonetheless) with big cats – and a couple lost on the road – well – you get the picture!

I still remember maneuvering that little bitty car through the roads — backing it up ever so carefully in areas where the road was barely wide enough for one car, let alone a massive truck trying to pass – – and a DROP to the other end – – right into a flowing, wide gorge …

Quite the trip it was, and we ended up spending the night elsewhere – -and getting to our destination the NEXT day.

Picturesque indeed, and given the jungle etc, it was probably even more lush in many regards than the other parts of the mountains we’ve been to (believe me, stepping into that jungle makes you feel you’ve stepped into another WORLD) – and of course, the first thing I did upon checking into the hotel was to go outside for a jaunt up the hills!

Some steep hills there, and as we were clambering up one of them one fine morning – we met a man – a man from the Indian Army which is stationed nearby.

He looked at us, and smiled – and then asked us where we were from.

And once we introduced each other – he gripped my hand – and my word – I STILL remember that grip – done so casually – and yet a grip that felt literally like a gorilla had got a hold to me.

Much like with my friend from the Marines – – that grip spoke VOLUMES.

Here was another man that had been training hard and heavy his whole life as part of his JOB – and built his grip up to nigh spectacular levels without even realizing it!

Another one of those guys that had been in the trenches, and being I wasn’t really a grip fanatic (well, not as much as I am NOW) back then – I turned to my wife and asked her “how” in wonder and amazement.

She laughed, and didn’t comment any further.

Anyway, as we walked up and down the hill – it was like deja vu all over again.

That section of the hill had STEEP stairs up and down – not unlike the hill I mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness.

And the army was training nearby – or a platoon was, anyway. I still remember longingly looking on at the rope climbing and other things going on (btw – there is a great, great grip workout right there – not to mention entire upper body) — and as i looked at them training, a guy offered us some water, which we thankfully drank before proceeding on “our own merry way”.

Great memories always, and I’ll mention this in the upcoming travelogue too – stay tuned!

Last, but not least – remember that MOST, if not ALL of the tricks I give you in the Gorilla Grip series will not only build a cast iron, rock solid – CRUSHING grip from Kane – but these are ALL exercises used in the real world.

And the proof is there in the pudding, as it were, hehe.

All for now! I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Some of my patented “three finger” pushups – done at awkward angles will also give you the grip workout of your LIVES. This course is going GANGBUSTERS – pick it up right HERE – –

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