“But Mommy, he NEVER seems to gain any weight!”
- Sage indeed - and true!

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“But Mommy, he NEVER seems to gain any weight!”

… no matter what you do, ah, but WAIT!

For those not in the know, my six year (soon to be 7, heh – – my how time FLIES!) daughter made the above comment.

She has plenty of friends in school, and of them is a young tub of lard that lives right next door to us – – well, a few houses away and a fine young man if I might say so in many regards.

Unfortunately his parents have ensured either wittingly or unwittingly that he’s turned into a bonafide lard ass, and for those that think I’m being cruel when I say that – well – mea cupla – – maybe NOT.

I’ve been ranting about child obesity and how ADULTS are the real culprit here, but while a lot of people listen, there is still WORK to be done, and going by some of the tubbos I’ve seen as of LATE – my daughter’s friend looks positively skinny (and he ain’t either, hehe).

Now, whats the point of all this, you ask?

Well, one, so I can UNABASHEDLY and UNSHAMEDLY promote my newest product Kiddie Fitness – a program that’ll have even the most stubborn kid exercising within minutes if just because it’s FUN – so much FUN – and doesn’t even feel like exercise – but it IS!

In fact I could give the book to the average lard ass ADULT out there, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and horse’s ass if some of the workouts included in the book don’t have them huffing and puffing and then COLLAPSING in a heap on the floor – all within a few minutes.

Think what you like my friend but its true.

Yes, you heard me – it’s TRUE!

And now, on with the story.

(You can grab Kiddie Fitness right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/kiddie-fitness/ )

As we sat around the lunch table this afternoon (a few minutes ago), I was (we were, actually) finishing off a nigh SUMPTIOUS meal of Indian flatbread (replete with BUTTER – the CLARIFIED sort) – – kidney beans (plenty of spice!) – – and a few other dib dobs.

And my daughter piped up.

“Mommy, is he going to eat all that?” she asked, looking at the Eiffel Tower (again, my daughter!) of flatbread in front of me.

“Yes, he will! You want me to make him fat, don’t you?”

Hey, what can I say. Every little girl wants a TUBBO for her beloved Dad so she can “play with his tummy” as they do in the cartoons, and truth be told, I’ve been asking my daughter if I’ve gotten fat ever since this COVID madness started – and the answer is always a resounding NO.

‘Tis true, of course, but … again … on with it!

“But Mommy! No matter what you feed him, he NEVER GETS fat!”

And as my little girl said this , she might as well have been referring to the neighborhood HOG who despite hogging food galore never seems to put on a lick of weight. Or perhaps the stray dogs, or perhaps …


You may think and rightfully so that the next product I’m going to PIMP here – again unabashedly and UNASHAMEDLY is my book on Eating more – and Weighing Less (which you can grab right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/ ) and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

Except I’m not.

I’m simply telling you this because I haven’t done a lick of hill climbing since January
I have NOT been watching my diet. I have NOT been working out for more than 15 minutes, if at all that per day.

And the secret to my staying lean and trim is NOT what you might think.

And no, butter isn’t the secret either. Hehe. It’ actually one of the WORST things you can eat – cheese is far better – but clarified butter – now that, my friend is another story altogether!

Whoops! I’m letting the cat out of the bag so I’ll stop here, but for now, what was my workout today?

250 Hindu squats, and I didn’t even “make time” for my workout. After writing the last post about no WiFi, I simply dropped down and did ‘em – and that was that.

And that, my friend is what today’s post is all about.

He never gets fat – and if that sounds like manna from heaven to YOU – well – rest assured it can be true for you too!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can pick up the Exercise System that truly IS THE BEST out there – and will allow you to gorge away like a “stuck” (sorry, I’ve spent time in the South and loved it, hehe) pig and NOT gain weight (lose, mostly likely!) – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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