The No WiFi experiment!
- Indeed a novel twist, hehe

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One of my favorite and TRUE Napoleon Hill sayings is this – “Every adversity, every heartache, every failure carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit”.

This saying rings SO true and is SO NECESSARY for any sort of real success in any endeavor – fitness included – that you might as well print it out and put it in a place where you can LOOK at it daily.

What we look at daily – repetitively – is what impresses upon our subconscious minds the most, and there are very few better things to impress upon your mind right NOW, my friend – especially given the current mess the entire world seems to be in (of it’s own creating, I still maintain, but that is a different story!).

And on that note – – here is our recent “no wifi” experiment!

Something that was seemingly “forced” upon us in this here neck of the woods – and something that we could probably have avoided – – to an extent – – and something that …ah, but I’ll let that be.

Let me just say that things started out with an increasingly unreliable Wifi connection this Monday – – and come this Friday – – or Monday late morning, actually, we were left with NO Wifi.

It gets better though!

We live in an area where the mobile signals rarely, if ever get through due to the tall buildings surrounding it and therefore the phone doesn’t work either – unless you step out of the house – and I mean REALLY step out of the house to a wooded area (such as the park, for instance! Well, maybe not quite that far … but you get my drift).

And with a wonky 4G signal as well – – well – – over the past week it truly feels as if we have WELL AND TRULY isolated ourselves in the midst of a concrete jungle – and while it was annoying as heck first, we quickly realized the UPSIDE to it.

More REAL time spent with family as opposed to one hand being on the dumbphone checking notifications.

More time spent READING – and WRITING – and avoiding the utter bullshit being spread about on social media etc (I referred to a lot of that in the last post!).

More time spent doing what matters. More time spent working out – be on the outlook for a new product soon as well, hehe.

More time spent … but hey, the MAIN thing here is this – -I’ve written before about this year truly being the year of the SURVIVOR – and given how things are proceeding according to prediction, it wouldn’t be a bad time to switch off and get back to basics for a while, albeit voluntarily.

Trust me, the world still revolves without social media notifications.

Trust me now, and believe me later (was it the other way around?? Hehe) – – you’ll live just fine without knowing where your friend’s dog crapped this afternoon .. or without checking the latest selfies on
Wechat (a software that lends itself to a super fast connection more so than other social media – at least this has been my own observation).

You’ll survive. You’ll get back to BASICS.

And while I’d be lying to say I don’t miss it at times – and indeed need a reliable high speed connection to put out products etc, I think Im doing just fine for the nonce “isolated from the world” to a degree, hehe.
It’s not gonna last, of course, but in terms of fitness – how this relates is simple.

Get rid of the fancy crap that doesn’t and hasn’t been working, my friend.

Get rid of the razzmatazz, the silly machines that sit there gathering dust – – and that gym membership you rarely use.

Get rid of your “spandex” too for those of you that have it. Jane Fonda videos. The ab rollers. The “tummy crunchers”. The latest Martian crunch machine … you get my drift!
Replace with a rope and chinning bar if you MUST – absolutely MUST – and if not, NO PROBLEMO!

Get down on the floor – and start cranking out the basics, my friend – an area where most people miserably FAIL.

Not only will you get in the best shape of your life OVERALL – – but you’ll also be WELL prepared for any and ALL eventualities in 2020 – – something that will NOT happen by sitting on your butt on a padded seat in the gym- – or making idiotic observations on doomsday scenarios on Facebook, hehe.

Not to mention you’ll send the COVID19 crap for a toss – and if ONE thing was SORELY required in the here and NOW – it is that!

Try it out – let me know how it works for you!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Getting back to basics is what it’s about – with astounding results. And Eat More Weigh Less is SOLID PROOF of the ASTOUNDING WEIGHT LOSS results YOU TOO can achieve when on a program such as what I advocate. Grab this little gem right here – –

P.S #2 – It goes without saying though, that before switching off the Wifi and high speed internet (if you so choose) – you best ARM yourself (and no, I’m NOT referring to “live ammo” here – more on that later, but the recent spike in gun sales in the good ole US of A has left me scratching my head, for one. Virus? Kill it … with a weapon?? Jeez, they come up with new ideas daily don’t they??!) .. ah, but getting back to it – you better ARM yourself with the best darn fitness program out there. Who knows – maybe a week without WIFI is ALL you need to start getting into the best shape of your life. Grab my program right here –

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