Am I justified in becoming a “hermit”?
- ... the one legged kind,maybe, hehe.

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Several people have written in over the past few days inquiring (curiously) about the status of … my WIFI, hehe.

The email I sent out on no WIFI seems to have been a very popular one indeed judging from the responses, but they weren’t the only people asking.

Friends and contacts on my Wechat and others lists (that I’m looking to scale DOWN, by the way) have been asking too.

The overriding questions seems to be WHY.

Especially when (for the most part) – the “no WIFI” status is basically one of my OWN choosing and one I could probably end at this very moment if I really, really wanted to.

Well, my answer is simple my friends.

Because the world is slowly turning into a politically correct and overly sissified version of what it used to be – – ah, but wait. That’s been going on for a while now, you say.

Well yes. It HAS – but this recent pandemic has done nothing to improve matters.

If anything, the “moron” (sorry, but it’s true folks) level seems to have gone UP a notch or two – or SEVERAL, depending upon which country you’re referring to.

I recently got into a political debate with a dude on Twitter – something I do NOT do – and should NOT have done based upon the response.

What I was essentially telling him is that PRECAUTIONS and not PANIC is what is needed to combat this bally virus (the SCARE created by the virus is actually a bigger virus than anything else, but I digress!) – and NOT lockdowns for sure.

I mean, how bloody obvious is this, my friends.

Lock a country down, and you literally RUIN the economy … and then some. And no, I’m not being “overly capitalstic” either (the guy on Twitter said this).

And these lockdowns have been taken to giddy limits – with the expected RETARDED results. And people still keep getting scared.

In India, the country was given FOUR hours, no more (four hours for a country of over a billion??) for a nationwide lockdown – – which included no alcohol and tobacco sales for one, and if there ever was a more utterly USELESS and ASISINE decision taken by any government out there (other than South Africa which seems to be in the same boat, except with a 2 day notice apparently), I’m YET to hear it.

I mean, really.

You’re on lockdown. You have billions of people in the country – – NOT all of whom are alcoholics or even drink regularly – – but a small fraction does, and those suffering from withdrawal symptoms etc … well, guess where they end up. The already overburdened hospitals in the country.

Not to mention that prohibition of ANYTHING does NOT work. Speakeasies, bootlegging anyone? And judging by the chaos in India (people jumping off rooftops because they aren’t getting their daily tipple – – people smuggling it in milk cans near OFFICAL residences no less), I don’t think that’s working out too well, or will!

But why just India?

In the good ole U.S. of A, we have a clown that attempted to run a train into a naval vessel specifically intended to help those suffering from the virus (so much for the Trump haters again, hehe).

We have GUN SALES rising through the roof. I mean, really folks. Whats next? Shoot the darn virus with weapons?? Lets get REAL here.

And the U.S. isn’t even on lockdown like many other countries are – – at least NOT on a countrywide scale …

And so forth. The craziness is sweeping across the globe. The most recent footage I saw was some ass clown in mainland China sneezing on watermelons that he then SOLD to people.

Why? I’ll let you figure it out?

And in all this lunacy, all we hear is one thing.

The bally VIRUS.

Folks- GET REAL. Viruses have existed since the beginning of time, and will continue to until the world ends, which it likely won’t!

Anyway, all of this leads me to the central point.

I think I’m better off for now with no high speed Internet, hehe. In fact given the way the world is going I might just do what my wife once told me to do … that being stand on one leg in the Himalayas for years, hehe, during an argument.

“You prefer solitude and can’t relate to people”.

I didn’t respond, of course …!!

Anyway, madness aside  – – good news is this – – I’m not planning on becoming a hermit anytime soon, hehe.

Plenty of new products to release – – once I get down with my own version of the “lockdown”, hehe … and on that note, the LAST thing I want to say is this – pick your battles.

I’ve been guilty of breaking this rule – especially when discussing with the guy on Twitter (which I absolutely do NOT do in most cases).

Pick your battles. Work on yourself – as opposed to buying into the madness outside – and you’ll be doing yourself, and the world – a huge favor!

Take precautions – but do NOT panic.

Continue to workout. My 0 Excuses Fitness workouts ensure that you get the workout of your lives without leaving the house – lock down or no – and right now, I really think that is what the world needs more than anything else.

Oh, and I also read about the Indian police supposedly making folks do pushups and squats for violating the lockdown.

I have NO idea if this is true, but it looks to be – – but hey, I could probably give those portly policemen a lesson or two in terms of how to do pushups – – not to mention be a little less brutal with the public – – ah, but here I go again.

Off my soapbox now, but the rant is TRUE – – if you stop and think about it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Good news also is this, you do NOT need to become a hermit and stand on one leg to get in the best shape of your life. All you need is some “hermit time” alone in your living room – and you’re set. Find out how exactly I did it – and how YOU TOO can – right here – 


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