“Focus on what you want! Give it the time it deserves!”
- If you do it - do it WELL!

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As I was watching a cartoon with my daughter the other day (or I believe I was doing the laundry or something while I heard it play in the background, hehe) – I heard a line that stood out.

“Focus on what you want, kiddie! Give it the time it deserves!”

This line, for whatever reason – and good reason stuck in mind.

Kids shows often give us pearls of wisdom that kids, sure SHOULD learn and follow – but that we as adults often times have a lot to learn from.

And as I filed this bit away in memory, another line came to mind – that being, ENJOY THE PROCESS!

Back in the day, when I woke up at 530 A.M. on cold wintry mornings to go hiking it wasn’t so much that I “wanted” to do it.

It was NOT that I “wanted” to wake up at that ungodly hour and run in a park without any sort of lighting (well, they have it, but it isn’t turned on that early in the A.M.) with cold winds blowing galore.

Blustering, I should say!

There was a period when I woke up around 8 AM and did this hike … and this was in SUMMER.

Remember I live in a sub tropical area and along with the periodic rains it gets hot, hot, hot. Sort of like a LOT of rain one moment – and then the next minute your shirt starts to stick to your back – not because of the rain if you get my drift!

And while doing all this, I was often called “crazy”. I was often called “nuts” for doing what I wanted to – and yet, I stuck to it – and did it – day after day, month after month, and so forth.

And what I focused on during the SLOG was NOT images of the actual slog, but images of what I WANTED – images of why I DID it.

Images of a fit me. Images of a fit me walking up the hill. Images of a fit “person” at times walking up that hill with music I liked blaring out in the background.

Sometimes it was me slowly, but SURELY, getting up that slope (for the 4th or 5th time, hehe) with an “Undertaker” like slow and MEASURED walk ….

Believe me, visuals can be whatever you make them, and as I slogged up the hill – – either in the cool/cold AM’s, or hot and sultry DAY … I had those visuals at the forefront of my mind all the time.

Is it any wonder then, that the results are what I WANTED – and then some?

It is the same thing with business – or any other endeavor you engaged in. Take writing, for instance – when I write books, what really allows me to get into the flow is me focusing on the IMAGERY of what I want to put on paper, and I then just do it.

This is a hall mark of all successful writers, bar NONE – and the same thing applies for success – in any field!

Focus on what you want – and give it the time it deserves, my friend. Above all – enjoy the process – it truly is worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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