“Keep going, honey. Keep going, don’t stop!”
- - and no - it aint what you're thinking!

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At the outset … well, NO. No, no, and NO.

It ain’t what you’re thinking.

Get your mind OUT of the gutter (for those that thought what … ah, but you know what I mean!!)

This PG related email comes to you from 0 Excuses Fitness but while our communication is often “

PG” – it is never “A” if you get my drift!

Anyway, jokes aside, I almost got into an arugment with the wife this afternoon.

There she was in the kitchen, and a yelling contest started between my daughter and her – about finishing a writing task that my wife had previously set the little one.

Now, funnily enough, this is something I approve of – when it comes to English.

Being they’re in India at this point though, and for good (or bad, given certain occurences and the general trend of things in that country) … Hindi is what they are emphasizing a lot more in schools these days.

That being national language #2, or #1 depending upon how you look at it, of course!

“When school restarts after the break, you’ll be in second standard!” went my wife. “There’s be MORE pressure!”

And I piped up.

“Well, isn’t English the lingua Franca of the world?”, I replied, and with seemingly good reason. It is – and will remain that for the forseeable future (yes despite all the hoo haa about Chinese becoming the next global language – nah, I do NOT see that happening!).

My wife looked at me meaningfully.

“Did we not argue this last night”, she said.

“uh yes, but ….” (and then I paused).


Because I THOUGHT of something  – – and although I was right – – this was a time to admit I wasn’t right.

What do I m ean?

Well, for starters, my wife was right. Although yes, English is the language we BOTH want our daughter to be proficient in, there is a) nothing wrong with picking up a new language especially if it’s the national language of the country you’re in and b) it will help her get the “stars” and “scholar badges” she so covets – – both in terms of English and Hindi!

But getting my daughter to sit down and write anything … well, you might as well try and stop Niagara falls as it flows all over the place – – except if she’s on the dumbphone to which she stays glued to for hours without even drinking a drop of water, so it ain’t ADHD for sure! Hehe.

The same thing happens when eating if you recall.

And today after lunch we sat her down, and took turns to keep her going – – writing first Hindi – and then English. A page of each, and believe me it was no easy task to get her going continuously – but we managed it!

There’s an important lesson – two, actually to be learnt for all reading this, including one that yours truly needs to REEMPHASIZE. Hey, I’m human too, aren’t I??

One, that sometimes – – just sometimes – – we have to do what we don’t like (or think we don’t like) in order to get to where we WANT to be.

Exercise is one key case in question.

Wanna lose that flab hanging off the midsection? Well, get going on them squats daily – or the hikes – again daily – and keep going – – although you may not “like it” at the time!

Second, finish what you started. Key life lesson there. Do NOT give up before you start!

Exercise, again, is a key example here.

When you get on the System, for instance, you don’t just give up after seeing no results after the initial workout. You keep going – and then some!

And believe me if you do so, you will see results – yes, you WILL – far quicker than you ever imagine – if you just keep going!

Started a new project?

Started a new book? Or working on a new goal?

Well the key – – or one of them, at any rate, to achievement in any sphere is to finish what you decided to start – – without exception (or very few).

This is something personified by all achievers of yore – Edison with his 10000 tries until he finally got the “light bulb”, for instance.

Or Ford with his 8 cylinder motor (I have mentioned this tale before).

Or steve Jobs and his famous obdurateness!

And so forth.

Two important life – and fitness lessons there and again, lessons we can all learn, my friend – and if we already know ‘em – – well doesn’t hurt to reemphasize them, does it now??

And that, my friend is that for today. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Fitness wise, you do NOT approach a workout with a view to taking 10 minutes breaks between sets of an exercise. You – yes – keep going – and hard as that might sound, it’s doable – and I show you how to keep going and pump out 250 odd pushups in less than 25 minutes in the workout video in the System. Grab it right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


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