“I was hugging the floor” … or was I??
- ... well, it got me in great shape - and it will YOU as well!

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A while ago, a friend of mine saw a picture of me doing a pushup … that looks anything BUT a pushup, and yet gives you so many overall benefits from ONE movement that I could literally call it a super pushup instead of what I do call it, which is …

… an arms, but hey, while the 0 Excuses Fitness faithful know which type of pushup this is, before I spill the beans – –

This pushup is a type of pushup that I did this morning – and felt like a TRUCK ran over my core (specifically my core) after about 50 reps (not consecutive).

Although yes, 50 consecutive reps of this movement is doable for this style of pushup, it takes guts (literally speaking, hehe) – – and this is just the basic version of the movement.

In Pushup Central, I detail the basic AND the advanced variant of the movement – and note I haven’t even gone one to variants with ONE ARM!

As Charles, a regular reader of this email once noted, once I DO come out with the one arm exercise course it truly will “build indestructible human beings”.

That is still in the works though, and given I still do NOT have high speed internet for (yes, believe it or not) reasons more in my control than the company who is supposed to be providing us with said service would think, it will take a bit more time – but in the meantime, if you want to be an INDESTRUCTIBLE human – not to mention have core and lower back (and shoulder) strength in “matching” degrees, then guess what.

You get down and start floor hugging – – figuratively speaking of course.

‘Tis funny though – my friends reaction reminded me of a “tree hugger” post I once did (I don’t have the link right now, but I bet you’ll find it if you search on the blog) … but for now, floor hugging via this exercise will

  • Give you abs you never imagined possible – especially LOWER abs (and especially definition).
  • You’ll feel a new sense of solidity and stability around your entire core as you do these – and if you combine this with “reverse” movements such as the bridge, well, watch out – those spinal erectors will start to resemble twin boa constrictors crawling up your lower back and FEEL the same too!
  • You’ll have greatly improved digestion and that six pack you so crave …
  • Last, but not least, you’ll be getting in a fantastic trap and shoulder workout while you’re at it – – and a forearm workout which even ADVANCED – yes – ADVANCED trainees will be hard pressed to do once they first start. When I first started, it was all I could do to STAY in this position without collapsing in a heap – or onto my chin, hehe.

And all of this, my friend – – with ONE wonder exercise.

I call it the “arms extended” pushup, but the reality is, and hey, I’d probably market it better that way is the “floor hugger” pushup.

Or perhaps “floor hugger pushup mania”, given the amount of these I do regularly.

Or perhaps even “Jack La Lanne” pushups, given the great man did these regularly too – – oh, but wait – I DO call them that in the book! Hehe.

In these times of lockdown, weight gains and UNCERTAINITY throughout the globe I’ll tell you one darn thing.

You’ll be lot better off if you incorporate pushup workouts into your daily routine. In fact, as the “survivor” days draw near and NIGH (remember that email from a while back? Well, I’m pretty sure those of you with even a bit of foresight can see that “prediction” take shape BEFORE YOUR very eyes) … those type of workouts will be all you’ll really be able to do – and all you’ll need.

And mix the floor hugger pushup in there too, my friend. It truly is worth it!

For more on HOW exactly to do this, and get great RESULTS – well – check out Pushup Central right here https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with the floor huggers, make sure to grab the book on pull-ups – the more complete compilation on pull-ups ever – – right here  https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/

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