Smart phones VS FART phones … and more!
- What is the world coming to, hehe

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If you’re below the age of 30 or so, this email will probably have you doing exactly what Granny did in the memes I’ve been posting on my Instagram account … stop and say WTF.

If your dumbphone is so much a part of your life that you take it to the John with you (much like people took reading material to the loo in the olden days, hehe) … then you’ll likely NOT be able to relate to this.

(Side note – it’s far better in my opinion not to take either to the loo, but if you have to choose between a book and a dumbphone, I’d say the former without hesitation, hehe).

And so forth. But if you’re amongst the very small (but present) percentage of us that regards smart phones as dumb and a necessary evil to be gotten rid of ASAP, then this email is for you! Hehe.

Anyway, I was talking to an old friend from Rueben this morning via email, a bonafide “coon ass” if there ever was one, hehe, and a great guy all around.

And as always, I got more than a few CHUCKLES while talking to him.

Now, I’ve been on his ass to buy a dumb phone for ages, and he hasn’t done it. Though I don’t quite like the darn things myself (and do NOT endorse iPhones, for those wondering!) … I DO use one because it has SOME uses, such as easy payments during lockdowns for one.

Or, staying in touch with friends, loved ones and beloved coonasses, hehe.

I had sent him a few emails before, but for whatever reason those didn’t get a response, but as a mutual friend “re-introduced us” via email again, it was off to the races

And as for fart phones, the FOLLOWING excerpt from his email will explain it ALL, hehe.

Disclaimer – hold that coffee cup tightly in your hand, and make sure you face away from the ‘puter or mobile, hehe.

. I don’t have a smart phone I have a fart phone. It is an old flip type. I never did like I-phones they are a pain it the ass to use. I like a phone to be a phone a computer to be a computer a jackass to be a jackass a toilet to be a toilet and so on. I don’t like devices that do a hundred different things. soon they will have an app on I phones that will wipe your ass. you will just push a button and a tongue will come out of he damn thing. Oh that coon ass food is what keeps me from catching the virus. I constantly fart and that kills all viruses within 10 feet of me! If China gov would have just called me I could have flew in an airplane over Wuhan stuck my ass out the window of the plane and my fart would have killed all of the virus for them before it spread. Well better go back to work I will writ you more later.

Well, well, well. When a Louisiana native says this in a direct, BACK TO BASICS manner, and says it in the way he did, well – – you LISTEN – and that’s pretty much another reason I’d rather be back in Cajuns ville right now as I said yesterday, hehe.

And once you stop guffawing, notice the back to basic style of the email.

No fancy smiley, nothing fancy at all actually. No real formatting – – just getting one’s point across – – and this resonates with me, and how.

When I create my products, FANCY is the LAST thing I have on my mind (and if you’re a budding info-publisher, listen UP – this is a most valuable tip in itself).

I focus on CLARITY and getting my point across, and doing so in a manner that benefits the end user, but there ain’t no fancy Hollywood productions here, my friend.

In my initial books I included color photographs, but now it’s even more BAREBONES and back to basics with BLACK AND WHITE photographs – but guess what – that is what folks want.

We are TIRED of the B.S. and fancy shmancy stuff out there that don’t work – – and bare bones and basic is what the world is going to end up being anyway pretty soon – – and bare bones and basic is what people really, really WANT.

Shit that actually works.

Shit that actually is WORTH it’s price (more than a fancy cover).

Stuff that I’ve been doing for years – – and KNOW how valuable it is.

And Kiddie Fitness and Pushup Central are two PRIME examples of this, as is my initial 0 Excuses Fitness book, my friend.

Back to basics, and if all of this sounds appealing to you – and you’re twiddling your thumbs wondering “what to do and where to go” during times of LOCKDOWN – – well – – the above three courses would be a great start, my friend.

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.- They may have phones out there that will wipe your you know what, hehe, someday, but they will NEVER have a phone that writes emails and does business the way many of us do online – – a very profitable way of doing biz indeed. If you’re interested in learning just how to do this in 15 minute BLASTS just like my daily workouts – – well – – apply here, and I’ll get the ball rolling on it – –

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