Video calls just plain SUCK
- ... and why? Find out!

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If there is one thing I’ve always hated – or perhaps I should say “intensely disliked” – it is the PHONE – in all it’s ways, shapes, forms and guises.

I do NOT know why – – well, actually I DO and I’ll talk about that later, but after the T.V., the phone is productivity killer #1. And in some cases its such a potent “downer” and productivity killer that it probably jockeys for attention right UP THERE with the television – – or folks disturbing when you’re concentrating on something intensely, or just sitting out there and meditating.

This afternoon, and as I write this, my wife is one of her numerous video calls, which for whatever reason have to be done in close promixity to me, though she KNOWS there are FEW things I hate more than this sorta thing, hehe.

Perhaps she’s doing it out of necessity, but as I sit here writing this, I’m less irritated by the constant chatter of a VIDEO call which is NOT required – – audio does just fine, and preferably with headphones.

Try telling that to the vast majority of MORONS out there though, that believe that “video calling” and videos are the way to go.

One of my pet peeves is folks sending me long videos to watch, and so forth, which is happening more and more as of late, and which I NEVER EVER watch.

I don’t care if it’s politics, relationships, health, or so forth – the only way I’ll watch a video is if there is some new exercise being shown, and if I really, really like the person I’m listening to (and NO, though I love Trump, political speeches do NOT count here) … and even then, PERHAPS.

I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve watched a video in the last five or so years, and in video crazed mainland China, that is SOMETHING. Hehe.

If you thought the rest of the world was crazy about smartphones and video content, wait until you get to the Chinese mainland, hehe. Folks literally LIVE on videos and wechat there!

Anyway, the PRIME reason I hate this sort of thing is what my old boss – – and Michael, he of the “eating lieutatnts” for lunch once told me, hehe.

We were sitting in the factory once (old boss) and it was time to convert the Linux systems they had running there to Windows (I should say “transfer”, or change the O/S, but those of you reading this may or may not be techies, hehe).

And he told me this “it’s fine to talk about how you want to do it. Past guys have come and gone and done just that – but who will reduce it to WRITING?”

Music to my ears of course, as he mimicked someone typing. Ole Freddie was, and still is a great guy …

And of course, Michael.

“I don’t always like using the phone either, Rahul! It takes my attention away from the keyboard!”

More music to my ears, and this was said when I was telling my friend to NOT get on the phone for a biz reason.

My own business runs, believe it or not – entirely on the internet.

ALL I need is a smartphone and laptop (or computer) to make things work – and believe me, the ONLY Reason the smartphone is required is either for internet or taking PHOTOS (in the olden days I could just have easily used a camcorder).

And I believe – – truly believe – – that most discussions, except perhaps family and personal are done best in WRITING.

Anytime you get on the phone, unless it’s a very brief call – – ENERGY starts flying out the window, energy that could be better devoted to other purposes such as writing this, for instance.

Energy that is often wasted, because often times when you talk SENSE, the other person starts yelling, pissing and moaning … and the conversation never proceeds logicallyu.

Energy that is WASTED – especially during lengthy video calls – – business calls, at a time where the recruitment biz (which is what my wife is doing) HAS LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO because of the global shutdowns etc.

Annoying as heck, of course, but perhaps that is why they are doing it. Gotta do something to pass the time, hehe.

Do any of those video calls actually result in any decision being taken?


Are they required?

Hell no. What they are talking about could just as easily be accomplished over email or audio call at most, and yet, when I tell most people that, they get so angry that you’d think I’d personally insulted them or something.

And this includes my wife on occasion.

“Noone’s interested in reading all of that stuff you wrote!” Hehe …

And while I obviously don’t argue it with her, the SAME thing happens with me when I talk to many people – one of my Uncles included, hehe.

This man has made MONEY – MOOLAH – a ton of it, and he kept urging me to “abandon my wolf like cave dwelling days” back in 2009 when I did web development on a regular basis.

You gotta expand this beyond your bedroom, he kept saying.

And he ain’t the only one either (note – the “wolf” story dates back to my days in Southern Mississipi, and I’ll do up an email on that later).

But it’s nigh impossible for me to explain to these folks that people do WORK OUT of their bedrooms in their SKIVVIES – – and DO make money doing that.

People CAN and DO make money writing nothing but emails to a responsive list. Doesn’t happen overnight, but it DOES happen – – and I’ve got solid proof, my friend, hehe, but of course, when you show this proof to folks, they scoff.

Despite the results …

Much like fitness, of course!

When you talk about home based workouts, and how TWO exercises are ALL that is required to get in the best shape of your life and back it up with PROOF, the same darn thing happens.

The doubters doubt. The naysayers neigh. And then look on enviously (hey, Star Sky’s “envy” comment was made for a REASON – LOL) as yours truly marches right on and continues to get in the best shape of his life – and better – and BETTER!

And that’s how it should be and will be for your fitness levels too my friend, if you get on the TRAIN now, a train that moves so fast that I might as well just call it the fitness GRAVY TRAIN. Hey, there’s another marketing idea!

And on that note, I’ll leave you be. HERE is where you can get on the train – and I’ll see you aboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re interested in truly mind boggling and SPECTACULAR levels of fat loss while stuck indoors, check out THIS course.

P.S #2 – And if your kids are going plumb darn INSANE during the lockdown with nothing to do, get them started on Kiddie Fitness – right HERE.

P.P.S – Not to mention having to hold the damned dumbphone in front of your face while chatting. Why not just meet IN PERSON? Ah, but wait, that requires getting REAL, and …!!

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