How being a “wolf” can be PROFITABLE – and make you howl with laughter on occasion, hehe.
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So as promised in the last email, ole Rahul is taking you down memory lane again.

Bear with me as we roll back the sands of TIME, hehe, which in “wolf” land takes but a few howls and keystrokes.

I told you about my Uncle (one of them, at any rate) calling me a wolf, and while I didn’t fully comprehend it at the time but enjoyed it regardless (Jesus, Habib, wolf, Spaniard, chameleon, hey, whats NEXT?!).

Indian maybe? Ah, but that’s never happened, or rarely ever happens, hehe. Well, it did once in Hong Kong in 2005 (indeed a strange occurrence) but that’s another tale for another time!

So it was the end of the first semester at school, and I showed up at my uncle’s place for the winter break, somewhat unwillingly, but willing to give it a good shot (parents badgered me no end, and I was but 17 at the time, and so forth).

Being I did not want to go home, I figured this might be a better option, and while the stay up in upstate New York – – or was it Connecticut, hehe , was indeed interesting – it wasn’t a sojourn I’d like to repeat again.

Now don’t get me wrong. It was the nigh perfect place for a wolf like me and with no need to wake up for classes etc, it was PERFECT in that I got to sleep in late, wake up late, eat when I wanted, sleep when I wanted, do pushups when I wanted, and in general enjoy nothing but the foxes outdoors frolicking in the snow.

Lovely idyliic place too, but there’s one important thing a young guy in school needs – that being the golden suds, and that was in short supply at my Uncle’s place, hehe.

Somewhat understandable I suppose given he had a young kid back then (probably a strapping young ‘un by now) … but I still remember dreaming of stacks of beer cans and chilled BEAST ICE during the entire holiday, and when I finally got back, well …You can well imagine what Rueben and me first did, hehe.

Rueben being my friend I spoke about in the last email, hehe.

And again, don’t get me wrong. Uncle’s a good dude, and he asked me how many pushups I could do at one shot too once as I was pounding them out in the bedroom, but those were NOT my fitness days.

Those were my drinking – and WORSE – days – days that returned with a vengeance in mainland China, ah, but that’s a different tale again.

So roll around to the next spring break, and being I was living on campus at the time, I was in a quandry.

The dorms done all closed, and the Mardi Gras was just too much trouble for me to go at the time. Too many drunks, even for yours truly at that time, for one!

And plus wolves don’t do great in Mardi Gras parades, and neither do chameleons and given the story my roomie told me when he got back (apparently some dude hit a girl and he then smashed a bottle over his face, and so forth) – – I’m GLAD I wasn’t there. Never been one for bars either, if you get my drift.

And so it turned out that I shacked up for a while at Motel 6 on the highway, about a 20 minute walk or so from campus.

And I called my Uncle up on occasion, detailing my lifestyle at the time, which involved waking up at 4 PM sometimes, hehe, if you can believe that, and going to bed when the rooster rose.

“You’re in full wolf mode, aren’t you”, he chuckled once.

I still remember that time. I ate nothing but McDonalds and Waffle House (right opposite the motel) – – usually the former, and didn’t gain a lick of weight due to all the walking I did (despite the beer drinking).

Despite me being prone to gain weight, and anyway, here is the point of me saying this.

I’m STILL a wolf, and have always been.

I STILL work out of my bedroom, or living room, usually in pajamas. It’s 4:04 PM at the time of writing this and I have NOT had lunch or breakfast. And I’m wearing a vest and shorts.

And … I’m LOVING IT!

People have told me I’m a “loser” for following this sort of a lifestyle. People have said I lack social skills, or any skills at all. (hmm!).

People have told me (my own Mother specifically) that this sort of lifestyle is fake and artificial, replete with no smartphone video calls. Of course. How could video calls NOT be artificial, hehe.

And so on and so forth, and yet, this loser HAS (fact) –

… made MORE MONEY and LOST it – and made it again … hehe, than the vast majority of those calling him a loser.

… met (and I say that with a pinch of salt if you get my drift!) more interesting people (females included) in more parts of the world than the “herbivores” (who they claim I am, hehe) have or ever will.

… does NOT live in Mama’s basement.

… does NOT let himself get out of shape, or even close to it, no matter what.

…. Has probably visited and LIVED in more countries than the average pisser and moaner has, and could probably – and does – talk to you about a range of topics that will have you saying (refer the previous coupla emails, hehe) “Oh, I don’t know”, and running for the hills (God forbid any sort of intellectual talk and PRODUCTIVITY actually occurs).

Am I saying this lifestyle is for everyone?

No, my friend. It’s not … (oh, and before I forget, this wolf DOES venture outdoors on a very regular basis too) … but it CAN be done, and can be done very well, if you know how!

Like anything, it takes dedication and commitment, but hey, that’s the case with everything and on that “howling” note, I’ll leave you be. More tales a coming – – stay TUNED!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Michael once told me, “the wolf seems to have disappeared, Rahul. The old Rahul still howls on occasion, but the new one is more pleasant to be around”.

P.S #2 – … a statement which was quickly retracted a couple of months after he said it, hehe. And as for the wolf disappearing – – that never ever happened, hehe.

P.P.S – For WOLF like workouts that will get you in great shape, go right HERE –

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