My opinion of lardass commie dictators “on the death bed”
- ... isn't too complimentary to say the LEAST

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So a friend just sent me some news on Wechat that states the North Korean leader – or should I say bonafide DICTATOR – is in “grave danger after surgery” – at least if the CNN and certain other news sites are to believed.

Other hand, and quite obviously (no surprises eh hehe) the official North Korean newspapers, websites etc all deny that there is an issue. According to the South Korean government, apparently the news is not true – and that Kim the first, or second, or God knows how many recovered just fine after the operation, and is top health, or as close to it as he can get.

And as for me, I tend to take ALL news with a pinch of salt until proven and backed up by common sense.

And in this case, it wouldn’t take me long at all to conclude that CNN and the other news sources reporting what they are are probably spot on, my friend.

I mean, commie tendencies aside, take a look at the dude if you would.

Dude’s fat – and that would be an understatement.

Dude’s OBESE – and that would be an even or equally big understatement (pun intended!).

Dude’s grossly obese is getting close, but not really.

Dude’s about as close to a beached whale as you can get in real life – almost there, but not quite.

A herd of beached blue whales is what he looked like (don’t know if what I read about the “Blue House” in the news article recently has anything to do with me saying that or not, but hey … whatever!).

Officially and non officially though, there is ONE congruence between the news – that he is in trouble due to being overweight (grossly) – being a chain smoker or worse – and “overwork”.

While I’m loathe to believe the last, the first two are self evident, and my first thoughts upon hearing this, HEARTLESS as it might sound is this – one less “tubbo” (and an evil one at that) on this planet.

Now, before you jump up and unsubscribe from this list in DROVES, listen up (or unsubscribe, and then listen up).

My point isn’t so much his physical health … well, it is – but there are plenty of folks in Barnhill’s Buffet, for one, if it still exists … that would rival Kim Jong whatever in terms of sheer obesity and I would never wish what happened to Kim on them.

Yet, as far as the commie dictator is concerned?

A guy that routinely puts people into gulags – and GORGES on caviar and salmon while letting his population starve?

A guy that CONTROLS with an iron fist, and brooks no dissent?

And so forth … Sorry, but I have NO sympathy for commie dictators, no matter what country they’re from.

And on that note it behooves me to say that political affiliation doesn’t necessarily determine “lard ass status” – or not, hehe.

Obama for one is in or was in – great shape, and do I agree with his politics? I think we all know the answer to that, hehe.

Putin, another bonafide dictator is also in awesome shape if reports are to believed, and indeed, seeing him with his shirt off in the Tundra … those reports seem to be TRUE. Hehe.

As for good ole Trump, my all time favorite EVER – he could probably do with a little less baggage around the midsection, hehe. Not that he seems to care though, and more power to him for that!

Imran Khan, Narendra Modi, ah, I could go on and on, but hey – political affiliations aside, here is a fact.

If you’re that overweight and obese, then you’re a walking disaster on the face of the planet – no matter what your position is in society, and no matter if you’re President or janitor – either in a country – or organization.

Lard ass is lard ass is lard ass, and do I hate ‘em?

Not at all, my friend. If you choose to be a lard ass, go on ahead and be one – no complaints from my end.

But do I like commies – and those that rule with an iron fist?

Hell NO!

And that about as blunt as I can get it … and before you start screaming “China”, well, let me go on record saying that while China has tons of it’s own problems in terms of being “commie”, at least they’re nowhere near as restrictive as North Korea is.

Contrary to what folks believe, you CAN have an opinion in mainland China these days. There are limits, of course, but writing what I am is hardly gonna get me put in jail, and as for the limits, no, I do NOT agree … but, hey, ‘tis their country. Who am I to complain, hehe.

More on that, and folks that try and CHANGE my opinion on anything or all of the above with ridiculous assertions – – in the next email!

Back again soon, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re looking to shed the “lardass” tag ASAP – then HERE is where you START, my friend.

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