A thousand yes men cannot equal one honest advisor” … and my opinion of those that start a conversation with “Where are you? Are you in China?”
- ... long subject line that, eh? Hehe

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Yīqiān gè chéngshí de rén bùnéng děngyú yīgè chéngshí de gùwèn

And if the above bit seems like garbage … well, it’s not – it’s the Chinese translation of what I posted in the subject line, and it’s true.

And I felt compelled to bring this up in my communication with YOU, my friend -if just for the amount of flak I’ve gotten for saying it like it IS over the past few days on a wide variety of issues.

This is nothing new, of course. Folks that know me know that I will go to any limits to cut past the BS and get to the FACTS and the meat of the MATTER – either fitness related or otherwise – – and as Alix, a friend of mine once said after I didn’t do this for a while in a group I was a part of (actually, that “famous” employment group I’ve referred to, hehe) he had this to say …

“Rahul, I’ve been missing your soliloquys!”

And he was, hehe.

Marc, the African silverback Gorilla got more than a few chuckles out of my “rants” on his way to work as well, but he was the first to say they were TRUE.

“If someone wants the facts, they’ll come to you – or me – or Mydnight (another poster in the group”, he once noted (after mentioning that morning that I was in “fine form” that day – and I was, hehe).

(That above conversation was in response to what I told him about the haters. Hehe. I didn’t know what I did NOW back then of course…)

And that being, if someone raises a stink about you saying it like it is – or complains about a book you wrote that is doing pretty damn well considering … or says a sales letter you wrote is “over the top” (while that sales letter is successful and pulling in MOOLAH) … then you do what the great Dan Kennedy has advised many a person to do (those that listen, anyway).

Put your hands up in the air – and go HURRAH!

Literally say it out loudly. FEEL the excitement – at having the opportunity to remove another moron from your life that adds absolutely nothing to it.

Additionally, you’re never successful until the vast majority of people you come in contact with hate you, hehe – – – or should I say publicly diss you, and PRIVATELY follow you (a lot of expats in China right now FIT THIS BILL, hehe).

And so forth. I’ve advised doing exactly this before in many of my emails, but anyway, lets “Cut past” all this … and let’s get to the MEAT of today’s FACTS, hehe.

I wrote a few emails ago about my opinion of lunatics, BUFFOONS and time wasters in general that start a conversation with “Hello”, and then never bother to reply.

I also provided proof of one such moron, if I recall correctly.

Said moron messages me back again this morning.

“Want Massage?”

“Hello! You’re really very busy!”

And so forth, and then he deleted me again, only to (I’m sure) re-add me later. He’s been at it, adding folks willy nilly from groups he’s in, and before I even start on how ridiculous it is that a guy is offering other dudes massages on Wechat in a manner NOT remotely resembling anything professional (if you get my drift) – it is an indicator of the state of the Chinese economy in general.

Headed SOUTH, and while I love China, I fear they’re all headed down the wrong path collectively.

Anyway, enough on that.

A lady I know (a lady that’s actually helped me in the past) read my recent opinions on China etc on Wechat, along with the other things I’ve been posting, and I got a message from her today.

“Where are you? Are you still in China?”

And I knew why she was asking, of course. Either to sell me something – – such as the numerous “mask sellers” (hey, is it just me, or is everyone and their Mama in mainland China selling masks, both FAKE and genuine, the fake far outnumbering the genuine??) that add me out of the blue, for instance … or those that try and “threaten” or otherwise co-erce me to change my views on something.

Now, the former, I don’t really care. I occasionally rant about ‘em, but for the most part, I just block ‘em. End of tale.

But for those that think they’re too smart (an Asian saying, hehe) … and try and figure out my whereabouts to then “threaten” me either indirectly or directly – well – I got a FINGER for ya, my friend, and it aint the thumb if you get my drift.

This lady asked me the same question thrice, without bothering to answer my why.

I mean, fair enough right?

You add someone out of the blue, and just ask them “Where are you” because you don’t agree with their opinions, and then when said person asks why, you reply with “Why the why”?

Well, I gotta give her credit, hehe. Credit where credit is due, she did NOT do what most in mainland China do, which would be to reply with “no why” (that’s what I actually typed out in advance “no no why”, hehe).

And of course, she started on about the virus, mostly making no sense.

I told her the facts as I tell everyone very openly – Chinese or not.

The damn thing started in China, for one, and the Chinese covered it up for ages, and hence the problem we have NOW. And while the rest of the world knows that (other than a few whiny ass liberal morons) the “sheeple” in the mainland are being fed a different narrative, and they’re bleating it out daily.

“No proof”, was the only thing this lady had to offer me to the PROOF I offered her.

Actually, no point offering proof to either libs or the sheeple, as they look at said proof and say “no proof”. Hehe …

And as I told her that her tactics wouldn’t work on me, she changed tack.

“Oh, I’m just concerned about you! You know … “

Yada, nada schnada.

Yeah. Right. What she was doing was a typically Chinese behavioral trait I HATE – that being to pump or attempt to pump the foreign devil for info that may or may not be used later to incriminate him (and they do this to their own people to an extent too) … and something I aint gonna stand for.

Sorry, honey. That ain’t how shit flies, not for this WOLF, hehe, and especially not a wolf that is as cranky as I am today (long story again, hehe).

And true to form, when I attempted to discuss other topics, the lady up and disappeared.

So much for being smart, Miss Qun – I don’t think so. HA!

And that in general sums up my opinion of those that attempt to FORCE me to see their things their way regardless of fact. Sorry – – but it ain’t happening, Jose, and if you don’t like that – you can roll over and die, hehe.

Sorry for the harsh words, but ‘tis true. And that’s why, Miss Qun, its not “so many complaints” as you keep blabbering about. It is FACT, and I ain’t gonna shy away from stating FACT.

Last, but not least, always remember that HONEST criticism is ALWAYS warranted, especially if it comes from someone whose heart is in the right place – – but NOT in any other case.

Fitness wise, if you have clowns telling you that Hindu squats are bad for your knees, for instance, and that you’d be better off pounding the treadmill despite the EVIDENCE proffered to the contrary, well, … do what I said above, hehe.

Other hand, if you have some one that genuinely cares about your progress (and believe me, this is rare indeed) – – then by all means, get feedback from that person – – both positive and negative – -the real scoop as it were, and IMPLEMENT said feedback – – all for the better.

And so forth. A thousand yes men CANNOT hold a candle to the truth – or ONE honest person – or someone that says it like it IS – and that’s a fact no-one can deny.

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Miss Qun asked me to delete her. I asked why. “Because I’m rude”, was her reply. Uh, no… what she really meant was if you don’t agree with me, delete me! Hehe. So typical . Ain’t happening either. I’m all for the next person having their opinion so long as they don’t try and shove it down forcefully my own damn throat, hehe.

P.S#2 – Oh, and the FACT is, my friend, you can get in the BEST shape of your life with nothing other than your own bodyweight. Find out how HERE.

P.P.S – For those wanting “proof”, well, my wechat for one has it. I’ll probably post on social media too about it, hehe. Stay tuned.

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