Do I have “low self esteem and ego problems” for saying it like it is?
- Or is the OTHER way around?

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So, on the topic of myopia that I brought up a while back … or in the last email, actually …

I’ve been chatting with a dude online (that I met on the China HK border a while ago) who seemed like a nice and helpful person (and indeed, he DID help me that first day when I met him – and thanks to him for that) to be friends with – – at least initially.

It quickly became evident that his main “purpose” in life … was literally … NOTHING other than “complain about mainland China” – – something that seems to be a passion with certain expats living there.

Literally, nothing other than that. Day in and day out. You’d think he was paid to do so, and not retired as he claims he is.

I received about 50-100 messages from him daily on various forms of social media, and that ain’t me exaggerating. It’s FACT.

And every time I try and steer the convo away to something more helpful or meaningful, it quickly became apparently that it wasn’t happening.

Him and his “Red China” … why he doesn’t start a blog or write a book on it is beyond me. Oh wait, that would require actually BACKING his shit up and actually DOING SOMETHING OF VALUE other than meaningless rants.

Anyway, Hong Kong and the ongoing protests there are a pet topic of his.

Now, before someone starts to jump in accusing me of this and that, let me go on record stating that Hong Kong at the end of the day is a very complicated issue, and at the end of the day, it’s also really a China based issue.

China and the UK, so to speak, and while I DO think the treaty signed by Xiaoping and Thatcher should be HONORED (and while I’m aware it isn’t and so forth)  – – well, at the end of the day, I got more important fish to fry, my friend.

And what particularly caught my attention today and irritated me was this –

“China kept the U.S busy with something related to the Coronavirus, and in the meantime, a few HK pro democracy leaders were arrested”.

And he’s been trying to get me to say that the US should get involved – do something about it – and so forth.

Um, dude – it ain’t an American issue – – or an Indian issue, or even really an issue for the UK anymore to be honest (though yes, they technically should have a say in it based upon the treaties and so forth, but then again, I could argue both sides of that).

Anyway, I didn’t mention that. I just replied that I “saw the news, haha”, and apparently the “haha” was enough to set him off.

He then went on to accuse me of being “jealous of Hong Kong’s success”. And questioned me if I was “happy” with what happened.


Jealous?? Success? What success? HK has plenty of good points, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to live there and never have – – and more to the point, why on earth would I be JEALOUS of their so called success, or not? More to the point, why would I actually CARE? What made him think I actually gave rats you know what?

More to the point, if you hate a certain place so much, why the heck are you still living there? Vote with your feet – and BACK YOUR TALK UP!

Have the balls to actually put a face to your facebook ID and your so called protests. If you really want to stand with HK, then go and DO IT ON THE GROUND – – as opposed to being a keyboard warrior.

Here was his response (or part of his rant anyway) –

“I find your conversations highly offensive. Sounds like you are suffering low self esteem and have an ego problem, and are constantly making accusations, framing others, and looking for wars. “

He went on to say that he was (verbatim) – – “exposing the darkness of Red China for obvious purposes and that he had taken a stand (right!?) and could see the results of his Internet activities”.

He ended his rant with the following – –

“I do not make friends with people who harbors hidden animosity against me, be it out of envy or having personal problems, so am I ending it here”.

Actually, I think it would make more sense for the purpose of this post to post what he said in its entirety, so here it is in all it’s gory “details” –

I find your ‘conversations highly offensive. Where did I ignore you ? Sounds like you are suffering low self-esteem and have an ego problem and are constantly making  accusations and framing others, looking for wars. 

I am exposing the darkness of Red China for obvious purposes. I already have taken a stand and I can the results of my internet activities. 

Of course I know about HK’s history especially the treaties and agreement. 

I do not make friends with people who harbors hidden animosity against me, be it out of envy or having personal problems so I an ending it here.

That was that, and he blocked me shortly thereafter.

So much for rational debate, or conversation.

Here, for what it’s worth, are my words that apparently ticked him off (this after he sent me a bazillion questions about the issue mentioned above) – –

Strange. Why the **** would I be envious of Hong Kong of all.places?? Or be jealous of anyone’s so called succeeds or not? More importantly, what made you think I was?

I voted with my feet. I ain’t the one living in china and bitching up a story about it daily. You are. And I never wanted to live in hk anyway. No clue where you got that from.

*up a storm.

*success, not succeeds

If you really want to make a change – take a stance. Hiding behind facebook won’t help. You are too scared it seems to even reveal your face on wechat etc. Haha. If you truly care, go to hk and join the protests. Blaming others for non existent reasons and being an internet warrior wont solve anything. My $0.02 .

Choosing to live somewhere tho ( emphasis on choosing) and constantly.putting the place down (don’t get me wrong – it is warranted) is hypocrisy. Ask whoever you trust and they will tell you the same thing most likely. And back to Hong Kong. Me ? Jealous of Hong Kong ? What success? Hong Kong is about as aggravating in many regards as NYC is, and just as congested etc. Thanks, but if not living in hk means I’m unsuccessful, then I’m happy with the tag.

I’d rather be in MS or LA. Once the world actually starts functioning and at this rate noone except trump and apparently myself want it to…

There is MORE … but if you managed to get through all that – I applaud ya!

And this sort of thing, to me perfectly encapsulates what I’ve been telling you in my last two emails – 1) not being able to BACK ONE’s talk up and 2) extreme myopia.

Dude continues to live in China, because “the costs are lower”, and yet continues to rant about it. Single dude. Unmarried. No woman. Is it any wonder why?

Dude deflects any and all attempts to start any sort of other conversation and when I point this out, he blocks me.

Wow. Now THAT is mature!

And guess what, he ain’t the only one either. Hehe.

And as for how this relates to fitness, well it DOES.

Backing one’s talk up is an area where most people SORELY fail. They want to get in shape – but don’t take the actions required to get in said shape.

They add products to their cart (yeah, I’m talking about YOU!) … and then abandon them and never come back. Hate or block me for it, but the cart software I’ve got does a pretty good job of tracking that sorta thing, hehe, so I can easily separate the DOERS from the “wanna be’s” out there.

And as for the myopia part – – well – – getting people to actually OPEN THEIR MINDS to what is possible is in itself such a chore that I gave up a long, long time ago. Hehe.

Hey, I can but present the facts. As they say in China, you can take a horse to water, but you CANNOT make it drink – and if you’re that horse – – well – – more power to ya, but you ain’t gonna finding me trying to “convince” you of nuttin, hehe.

And that’s that for now. I’ll be back soon.



P.S. – If you’re truly one of the DOERS – then here is where you can start DOING –

P.S #2 – And no, there are no free trials for Pushup Central either (so please don’t be the “nth” person to ask. Thank you!).

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