On sweeping MYOPIA, and more …
- Folks - lets start to get REAL!

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One of the issues that the blasted COVID-19 scare (yes, I’m going to continue to call it a SCARE because that is what the entire issue boils down to – – mass PANIC and more) has brought to the fore, and how, it’s MYOPIA.

In other words, a marked unwillingness to see the other person’s viewpoint, or even where he or she is coming from – – or worse, make assumptions based upon what you THINK the other person is thinking.

The lady lawyer I spoke to a few days ago is a prime example of this, of course.

Every conversation we have (and probably, as I told her, that is why we can’t really connect on any meaningful issue other than the superficial stuff) is about us talking – – or should I say I talk, and she … well, does nothing other than IGNORE what I say. Hehe.

And not because of lack of proof, or what I’m saying is not relevant, or anything. IT’s because the conversation must always center around “I’m right”, and “this is right because I said so”.

And while Stone Cold Steve Austin might have pulled that off spectacularly (and how!) in the good old Attitude Era days of the WWE that ain’t how it works in real life, pally.

Other than an increasingly polarized world, this seeming inability to discern fact from speculation and ACKNOWLEDGE said FACTS are what irritate me big time and are pretty much what caused me to write the post a week or so ago about becoming a HERMIT.

Hey, maybe I’ll even take a beer brewing kit there and brew me a cold or two on occasion – if nothing else, the water in the Himalayas is PRISTINE! Hehe.

Not sure “sadhus” (as they term hermits there, hehe) have reliable or any Internet, so scratch that plan, at least for now. LOL again.

Anyway, the COVID-19 – – something that everyone claims that “we’re all in it together” feels anything BUT.

In fact, it’s increasingly starting to feel like “every man for himself” and “dog eat dog” and this is in the EARLY stages of 2020. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring, hehe.

What do I mean? Well, more examples …

Often times, people message me to ask about how things are going in my here neck of the woods, but (and often even before I can answer), they then go off on a tangent about THEIR OWN situation.

Which is absolutely fine, of course. We all need a good rant once in a while, but where it gets ridiculous is the extreme myopia when discussing issues.

“Oh, you’re locked down there? Ho hum. At least I’m not”.

“Oh, South Africa doesn’t have alcohol sales? People are going nuts due to the (pretty much) Prohibition?” Well, who cares. I got my own tipple, which is all I care about.

Now this is fine to an extent.

I’m NOT saying we should stick our noses into or be responsible for other countries or their biz, but the point is THIS – a) it’s a global issue and b) if we’re all in it together, then we share the joys and the pains!

These people then come back with the “oh, I don’t know about XYZ country” remark.

Well, whoopity doo, my friend. The information you need is available at your fingertips, and if you have all the arcane details right now down to the way the Governor’s face “curled” (you should have seen his face was the exact remark someone made to me) when he replied to Donald Trump’s latest outburst, then the least you can do is keep up (at least superficially) with what is going on in the rest of the world.

If not, at least have the courtesy to listen to the other person other than just use said person as a tool to “vent”.

It really DOES seem folks have become even MORE isolated now – with literally “no-one” to spill their “woes out to”. Funny part is, some of these folks (and especially you expats in mainland China) would be doing good to realize that it could be, and likely WILL get a lot, lot worse down the line!

End of rant … or maybe, hehe. It’s impossible to discuss any sort of issues with people that essentially treat it as “we are important, nothing else matters” – – but THAT, unfortunately is what it’s come down to for a lot of people right now.

Sad, but true and if you can relate – hey – I feel ya!

And on a fitness note, that is precisely why I put the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP together.

Much like Marines on a mission together, YOU – and WE – are on a FITNESS MISSION – TOGETHER. To get in the best darn shape of our lives, and woe betide anyone who comes between us and that mission.

Along the way, you’ll likely have pitfalls. You’ll likely need help. Advice. Support. Either from yours truly or others on the forum. And so forth.

And that, my friends, is really what the world really needs to stand up and DO MORE OF – as opposed to the B.S. insular attitudes and “devil may care what happens to them” attitude.

Trust me – MOST of the issues we are facing right now as a planet would nigh disappear if we ALL adopted said stance!

And that is that for now, my friend.

Back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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