What I do with people that say “Hello” … and then … crickets.
- ... Can we say USELESS - with a capital U?

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I often get strange messages on WeChat (and no, this doesn’t really have anything to do with Trump’s statement about “strange things going on In China”, or my Twitter blast about it this morning, hehe)…

A lot, if not MOST of them starting with the following  –

“Hello”, or “Hi bro”.

All of these people are people I don’t know from Adam, without exception, and when they add me, my comments (mental comments) are “Okay …”

And though the vibe – and I’m huge on vibes I get off them is usually and instantly those of the TIME WASTING sort – – those that want something for nothing – – or the “can I be friends with you so I can get X and Y free benefit” or some such rubbish, I almost always give them a chance.

A chance to actually say something, and once they do (which the vast majority don’t, expecting ME of all people to reply to them though I don’t know them and they don’t know me but still added me), it’s usually always some bullshit.

For instance, there was a time I’d post about building websites (when I did that as a side job back in the day) on WeChat, and every time I posted, I’d have a flood of people adding me, asking for quotes.

“Bro, how much?” was the general response I got.

And my response was – if price is all you’re concerned about – you might as well go ELSEWHERE, my friend. I delivery quality but it ain’t cheap for sure, and I don’t make any bones about that.

There were of course those that claimed otherwise, and made me type out lengthy quotes etc all of which went nowhere.

Time wasting galore basically. Once I quoted them, it was always “oh that’s too expensive”.

Anyway, long story short – anytime someone adds me online with the “Hello” opening line and never goes beyond that, guess what I do with the person.

Instant block, and I suggest you do the same too, my friend.

Once upon a time I had a dude approach me in person with this line in a Chinese Wal-Mart of all places.

I got to talking to him, and his second question or so was this –

“Can you teach me English for free?”

“No”, I replied politely.

He didn’t quite like that answer.

“Why not?” he demanded.

I grinned at him, and continued with my shopping. Think I was shopping for jeans or something at that point …

“You guys learn English for free! Why can’t you teach us for free?”

And though this statement wasn’t that high up on the list of moronic statements I’ve heard in the past, it stopped me in my tracks nonetheless.

And then I smiled in my Cheshire cat style.

“Well, you get your salary, don’t you? Why don’t you share it with me?”

I might as well dropped an Atom bomb on his head, so loudly did he explode at that point.

What?? Huh?? How dare you? I work for it!

Well, diddles, we work for what we have too – it ain’t like we got a Communist state handing us everything on a platter. Capishe?

Moreover, just because someone learned something themselves doesn’t compel themselves to “give you that skill or ability” for free!

In my case, I grew up in India – – a country NOT renowned for what is known as “native level English”, and that I did get my English, writing etc to where it is NOW – well – let me just say it didn’t come for free!

I had to practice – work my ass off – and DO THE THING myself – no-one “gave me what I have” for free.

And this sort of time wasting entitled mentality is precisely what I can’t stand when it come sto fitness either.

“Oh, you’re naturally fit, Rahul!”

“Oh, pull-ups are easy for you!”

“Oh, the planets never align for me!”

And so forth. The excuses pour FORTH when the TRUTH is the person is a leech – nothing less – that wants to “mooch” off other’s efforts for free – – and more importantly, even if they paid for it, it wouldn’t help them since they’re more interested in wasting time than anything else!

And so it goes. I’ll post proof of some of this on my social media accounts, or maybe I won’t. Let’s see!


Rahul Mookerjee

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