“Forced by circumstance to become PERSISTENT – and OVERCOME!”
- Improvise - adapt - overcome!

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As I just finished a quick BLAST of a workout (100 Hindu squats + a few stretches to loosen things up) – and as I was around the 94th or so rep I paused a wee bit, because an idea made it’s way into my mind.

Something I gotta write to you NOW about – without delay!

That being a trip down memory lane, or several, all coalesced into ONE message.

And that being this … that what I said about Napoleon Hill and what he said in Think and Grow Rich by a lot of great achievers being FORCED to change their circumstances due to extreme adversity (they literally had nowhere to go – no choice – no handouts – no social security – no safety net whatsoever) … is NOT just mere words in a book.

It’s TRUE. Oh boy, I can relate … and how!

But rather than talk business, I’ll talk fitness, and how it applies to YOU.

You on this list know how much I love my hill, and how I was addicted to it since Miss Lee kicked my rumpus all those years ago and got me (or rather, her words inspired me – therein lies a lesson – be careful what you tell another person – words can indeed inspire or break down) climbing it daily. And the rest of course is history!

But there were periods in my life, lengthy ones when I did NOT have the hill next to me, or any sort of slope.

One case in point being my sojourn in India – when I worked for THAT company. When I met my wife. And so forth … I did NOT have a hill within easy access next to me as I did in mainland China (note – the Himalayas that I write about so often are a good 7 to 8 hours drive and more, so…).

Another being when I was posted in Oman, with nothing but a BEACH next to me (around 15 minutes or so from my house – – same distance as that hill was, actually, now that I stop to think about it).

The first instance occurred when I was in SHAPE. And how!

And the second, when I was a lardass – bonafide – and HOW!

IN the first case initially I did what most people do.

I pissed and moaned and groaned and then some.

“How can I stay fit, or remotely so without my HILL”, I’d often say and think so often that the people around me probably done went crazy hearing it, hehe.

But then I adapted. I HAD to – or get out of shape again, and I wasn’t gonna let that happen.

As the Marines say. Improvise, adapt and OVERCOME!

And I discovered the joy and sheer efficacy of BODYWEIGHT training FULLY at the time, because I was forced to.

Those pushup workouts I still do originated in a bedroom on the second floor of a house years ago, my friend!

And the squat workouts too like I did NOW – though admittedly I didn’t do a lot of squats back then- mea culpa, but I MORE than made up with subway stair sprints and the such.

Overall, despite a crappy diet and plenty of BEER, I got in even better shape than I was in China.

And ditto for Oman.

The tools were different. I bought a heavy bag and GLOVES – and boy did I pound the shit out of it. NOT in proper form, but it did burn calories, so much so that my wife when looking on would say “calm down! That’s not your boss there!”

Hehe, that was back in the day when I worked for “someone” … long gone now, of course!

And the beach, of course. I’ve written about my runs on the beach on the old (And still very much existent) site – check it out if you so choose!

So that’s today’s lesson, and its one of the most valuable ones I could give you EVER – and especially during these times.

What you make of it – of course – is up to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here are more unconventional workouts that will get you in shape and so quickly you’ll wonder when and just HOW the “lardass days” flew past …

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

P.S #2 – I’m still wiping off sweat as I type this. Any more proof needed as for the sheer efficacy of them workouts, “faggot calling naysayers”, hehe?

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