Why social media “likes” are virtually (pun intended!) useless.
- ...apart from mindless chest thumping ..

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You heard me.

Social media likes, my friend ain’t all they’re cracked up to me, and for the most part these days they’re virtually USELESS.

If I had a penny for every time a marketer told me (or said otherwise) that more “likes” equates to more eyeballs, and potentially more sales down the road – I’d be a millionaire many times over, but I’d be the only one, or close to it.

Those that spout the “social media” likes methods and “live by social media” literally – – and indeed, there are indeed entire companies devoted to making products that auto post your blog contents to a bazillion different social media networks, schedule when each post will run – or re-run – or re-run again .. .and that search out hashtags in your chosen industry – – are usually themselves NOT millionaires, or anywhere near.

And even if they are, you can bet your bottom dollar they didn’t use social media as the primary vehicle to gain or spread awareness about their brand.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say this – more likes do NOT necessary equate to more eyeballs for your business. On some social media networks, it only equates to more eyeballs for that PICTURE.

To test this (as if I needed to, hehe) I recently put up my “crick in the shoulder” post on Wechat and a few other social media accounts, and put up a nifty little picture of me to check the responses.

IF any.

And of course, I got a ton of responses. Most likely though these same people that responded to me would not even have bothered to look at the post without the picture, and here is what Linda (not THAT Linda, hehe) a friend of mine – and Candice (yes, that one!) said.

“Why don’t you try applying some oil to the area?”

“Oh, is your shoulder OK? Maybe you need massage!”

And while sure, they were trying to be helpful, the fact is, that while they saw the post – and read it – they did NOT “read” it, as it were, because I had clearly mentioned in the post that I had SOLVED my problem.

Not only that – – did they CLICK through via the link I provided?

You bet – NOT.

There wasn’t a single click, but yet, amazingly enough, lots of engagement on that social media platform, and this didn’t come as a surprise to me, of course.

Instagram is another social media platform I hate using, and will probably stop using at some point. Both Instagram and Wechat pander to those with ridiculously short attention spans – – and Facebook comes in a close second, though not quite on part with the above two.

Now, does this mean you can NEVER make sales etc using social media?

Not at all. If you’re selling essentials for one, then social media might just be to the go to tool for YOU, but bear in mind that in that case you wouldn’t need to do very much marketing at all anyway, since if it’s something essential people would buy it anyway, right??

But if it’s a biz you’re starting from scratch – a biz you’re trying to GROW from scratch, or nearabouts – well then – social media likes or not are little more than a vanity metric my friend.

Ditto for info publishing businesses – – you budding writers out there – – fitness “gurus” – – and so forth. There are FAR, far more profitable avenues to meander down than social media – trust me on this one!

You may as well be more concerned about email opens and click throughs on emails – even though even those are a vanity metric of sorts, they hold far, far more value to the business owner than social media.

That’s assuming you’re WRITING emails, of course. Most people erroneously assume that videos and social media posting is pretty much all they need to do, and it’s product sold, and off to the races.

You couldn’t be more wrong, my friend.

Most of my biggest sales have come from customers who did NOT find me on social media.

In some cases, they weren’t even on my email list to begin with.

In some cases, they never signed up for the email list even after getting my product.

And in all three aforementioned cases they came back – without exception – to place more – and FAR HIGHER value orders than the first order – so it clearly wasn’t a case of impulse buy either.

Social media to be honest is full of the very people I do NOT want near my business. The “freebie seekers”, and time wasters for one. I’ve got another business (completely unrelated to fitness) and believe me, the pictures I post on my IG account there (takes less than 5 minutes for me daily to do all my social media stuff for that one) has tons of likes, and comments – and even people video calling me (fancy! How well they know me, eh?!) out of the blue to waste my time.

And as for customers acquired through there? Click throughs?

A big fat ZERO. Except for a few folks signing up for the free newsletter there (and they haven’t bought anything) – -crickets basically.

There are far, far more important things to worry about as business owner than social media likes or not, and that’s a fact my friend.

I haven’t yet come out with a product on marketing as yet, but I’ll do so shortly. In the meantime, here is where you can check out the Bible of sales as it were – or the “10 Commandments of Sales” as I like to call it.

If you’re serious about expanding your business to heights you’ve NOT scaled before, well, you’ll need to get this – – and yes, only if you’re serious. If you’re not – well – the info won’t work for you, so you might as well not bother, hehe.

Last, but not least, from a personal standpoint, likes and dislikes on social media aren’t just an utter waste of time – they can be counter productive too.

People get depressed when their posts don’t get liked – or shared – but the next person’s does.

Folks – remember – that’s ONE tiny bit of their life – and it doesn’t mean their life doent suck any more – or less – than yours!

It’s FAKE for the most part too these days, and if that’s one word with which I could sum up MOST social media outlets these days – it’s that – FAKE as heck.

And in terms of working out, I’ve often noticed that back to the basics training that WORKS – rarely gets any “likes” at all – – and usually never any forwards. The fancy shmnacy stuff does though, which tells ya a lot about those liking it – or not, hehe.

Long story short – it’s a vanity metric, no more, and one best AVOIDED as far as possible.

And that’s that for today’s rant, hehe.

Back to the basics now for yours truly – – and I’ll see you around!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the crowd that GETS IT (and most reading this likely won’t) in terms of REAL workouts and are tired of all the sales pitches, weight rooms leading to nowhere, treadmill of doom, gloom, and BOREDOM, and so forth – well – then take heart. I’ve got the REAL stuff for you (real fitness – NO frills and fancies whatsoever!) right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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