Why China tom tommers annoy me no end.
- Blindly worshipping something you yourself don't believe in is just ... pathetic to say the least!

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Just read a LinkedIn piece by a China tom tommer (originally from Australia) tom tomming the country and claiming “it’s a great place to do business” and that the “Chinese have a choice in terms of who they do business with” and that “the sheer purchasing power of the Chinese middle class cannot be underestimated” …

.. and other such asinine claims which may have made some sense when the world didn’t know how China “really was” (to parrot a line from the incomparable Margaret Thatcher, hehe) but in this day and age its just ridiculous, foolish to a T and pandering.

And pathetic as well. I don’t know if these folks realize it, but the sheer desperation they have to get into the pockets of whichever middle class they’re trying to get into SHOWS through their ass kissing, too-politically correct posts.

All the more amazing considering some of these people come from countries like Australia and the U.S. – – hardly countries that are “poor”, for instance, and so it’s hardly a case of them “doing what they got to do to eat”.

And in case you’re wondering just exactly who a “China Tom Tommer is”, the following snippet should be enough to explain.

(the below is taken from a few conversations I have had with said tom tommers)

Me – China’s really over-stepped the boundaries this time. The incessant currency manipulation, blatant and shameless plagiarism, shameless and in-your-face piracy, the atrocities they unleash upon their own people – a lot of those land isn’t even really “theirs” to begin with – and so forth. But this time they’ve crossed the line.

China Tom Tommer – Line? What Line?

Me – This bloody virus, and the way they WILFULLY and knowingly CONCEALED it – despite their OWN citizens speaking up against very vehemently (guess what happened – the po po showed up at their doorstep, and ..)

China Tom Tommer – There’s no proof of that!

Me – Huh?? Dude, get real. Even the CCP admitted that …

China Tom Tommer – Uh, yeah, right whatever …

Me – Well what I said is FACT buddy … or are you doubting that?


Me – Well?


Me – Ah well, OK – no problem. But China’s got it coming for ages now. The other issues I mentioned …

China tom tommer – Other countries have issues too! And those are  China’s lands!

Me – Huh? Tibet was never Chinese, and neither was the Xinjiang region. Not sure about Inner Mongolia, but I AM sure about Arunachal Pradesh …


Me – Oh, well, lets forget that. You continue to support a thuggish regime that puts millions of it’s own people into “re-education camps” and engages in organ harvesting and other such atrocities, and …

China tom tommer – What are you talking about? China is a morden country! We don’t do any of this!

Me – No chengguan in China?


Me – OK, so since you say “we”, I assume you’re Chinese? Fair enough, I can understand the jingoism from a certain standpoint, misplaced though it is ..

Tom Tommer – I’m not Chinese! My own country is run by idiots!

Me – Huh? The U.S., Italy, Sweden and countless other nations? All run by idiots?

Tom Tommer – Yes, the Chinese are the one that got the virus problem under control! No other country did! Chinese helping other nation too!

Me – Helping? How? By sending faulty equipment, attempting to get political mileage out of the situation and sending face masks made of underwear to poor countries that can’t afford to retaliate?


Me – Well, turns out I was right was it? The virus, and how I said it was all a massive cover up, way back in January … the stuff I keep saying about China stealing and pirating from the rest of the world, about constantly and very vigorously expanding it’s territorial claims way, way beyond it’s own limits ..

Tom Tommer – Well ,there’s no prizes for being right!

Me –  OK, if you say so. Any prizes for being wrong though?


Me – well…?



And that, my friend, in case you didn’t know is the true definition of a China tom tommer, UNWILLING, unable and militarily AGAINST accepting FACTS for what they are, hehe. Come to think of the word “liberals” fits the bill perfectly here…

And hey, I get it.

If someone’s from a poor country and China is a step up and the situation back home is as bad as you say it is, well, by all means keep your mouth shut and do what you gotta do – and therein lies my point.

I wouldn’t mind so long as folks kept things sane and rational – but this irrational China tom tomming pisses me no end, and why?

First, I cannot for the life of me see how these people support a country that willingly sends millions each year to concentration camps (their own citizens) – does ALL it can to suppress religious or political views contrary to what the ruling CCP wants it to be – routinely engages in intellectual theft and piracy …has shady accounting practices (to say the last – have you read about the FOUR corporate scandals that have erupted in the mainland in April alone?) … and … well .. need I continue?

A country that willingly hid the virus spreading around the globe and WILLINGLY let it spread – and infect others … all because “if our economy has to go down, we’ll take the rest of the world down with us too!”

Tom Cotton worded it differently, sure, but he’s RIGHT.

A country that is appallingly racist towards foreigners in general (the recent videos I’ve posted of “blacks not being allowed in stores in mainland China” – – and this in WRITING) …

And the tom tommers willingly and knowingly ignore all this and that is perhaps what annoys me the most about them.

Come to think of it, perhaps not.

I think what really ticks me off is these people, much like the country they are tom tomming has nothing to really show beneath the gloss and glitter other than a dirty, murky underbelly.

I personally know the person who wrote the LinkedIn article and he lives on his Chinese girlfriend (to say the least) and says things in person privately that are in exact OPPOSITION to what he says publicly.

And then he wonders why he has no business success – or very little.

It’s because people can smell FAKE a mile away, and most of the time, folks would rather someone be REAL than fake.

It’s far better in my opinion to be REAL – HONEST – and NOT liked – or roundly pilloried – than to be FAKE, my friend – and this doesn’t just apply to the person in question, by the way.

There are folks that have written books tom tomming “the war for China’s wallet” for one, and are still struggling for recognition beyond a few T.V. Interviews in the mainland and a plethora of “likes” on Linkedin and other social media.

I’ll write more about why likes are a crock later (actually, I think I’ve got it written already) – – but fact is this – – tom tomming of any kind is just fake, hype and unreal, and those are the precisely the sort of people I dislike with a vengeance, and for good reason.

And I try and keep these people away – – both from me – – and my business. They say you’re the sum total of the people you spend the most time with, and that includes friends, business associates, customers, significant others and the lot.

Anyway, now you know, hehe.

And point of me saying all this is … tom tomming can and SHOULD be done .. but only with FACTs and REALITY to back it up.

I say, for instance, that my books on pull-ups will literally get you from “dud “ status at this exercise to bonafide STUD – and why?

Because a) I’ve been there and done it myself, and have the PROOF to show for it, and b) my CUSTOMERS have been there and done it – followed the instructions – and they too have solid RESULTS to show for it, unlike the China tom tommers.

I say that pushups are the best darn exercise there is, and there is solid reason behind this. It ain’t just mindless tom tomming …

Sure, I realize this sort of thing will probably tick off the vast majority of folks reading this who would rather I hand hold and molly coddle them through their childish excuses and numerous reasons NOT to do the thing when they’d be best served by just DOING THE thing and “having the power” (Thanks Emerson!) .. but that ain’t me, and I refuse to do it.

I can show you the way, my friend. I can sell you the products – but YOU more than anyone else have to IMPLEMENT what is being taught.

Only then will you succeed.

Not by blindly tom tomming my programs – the gym – or any others.

You have to do the thing, and that’s just as simple as it gets, my friend.

And for those of you that are still with me, well, good news – – the quickest way for YOU to super fitness levels – done all at HOME – is laid out right here, my friend.

Grab the program – and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And be real, people. Really. Seriously. It showsn when you’re fake, and how!

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