Why your kids are NOT exercising
- Worth a read - especially in these times!

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As I sit here writing this, my daughter is sprawled on the bed – on the PHONE no less.

As it approaches nighttime, you’d think this 6 year old (she vigorously denies any and ALL claim to being almost 7, hehe) would get ready for bed – or start winding down.

Nothing of the sort.

The energy levels don’t tank – as they shouldn’t – especially during these times of lockdown, or ALMOST lockdown depending upon where you are at.

Yes, China didn’t shut the entire nation down – true, but the restrictions they placed in other parts of the country (before lockdown #2 which they have quietly implemented in some parts of the nation AGAIN without attempting to make a political statement of it this time – hehe) made it feel like it was pretty much a total lockdown anyway.

Not to mention the state of fear people were in, and still are, and in China the reason aren’t just the virus. It’s the ECONOMY, and more.

Anyway, I did a China piece earlier on so this isn’t about China.

IT’s about something that hits home – or should.

Why doesn’t my KID exercise more is a common refrain we hear globally, and we hear it MORE NOW.

And there are two main reasons, my friend.

One being the exercises you’re introducing them to (and most people don’t) – are BORING.

Kids don’t take kindly to the concept of “exercise done for exercise” – especially NOT young kids. You gotta make it fun!

To an extent this applies to adults too. I’d never have started my hill workouts if they weren’t fun, and that’s one prime reason I cannot do gyms – ever – one, because they’re worthless for the most part and two, because I can get in far better workouts by my lonesome – and more beneficial ones at that, but again, and this is key – it’s fun.

There’s always something new. Always something to change things up!

And as I sat in (should I say listened in, hehe, ugh) on my daughter’s PE class this morning, I couldn’t help but shake my head again.

Wasn’t Miss Sagarika conducting the class from what I could tell, but it was someone who was making the kids do leg raises and other activites for ADULTS – online – in a most mundane and boring fashion.

I don’t know if you’ve heard the old P.G. WodeHouse expression “calling coals”, but that is precisely what the instructor’s baritone (should I say MONTONE) sounded like!

Folks – again – Yes, we’re all operating under limitations, but young kids shouldn’t be made to bear the brunt of it!

And second, of course, is adults NOT doing the thing themselves, so guess what the kids pick up on!

My daughter despite her love for the phone and truth be told ,that’s one reason we ALLOW it is NO slouch when it comes to exercise.

In fact ,she could get down and crank out a set of table pushups right NOW, my friend – and do so at a speed that would leave the average adult goggling. Literally. No kidding!

And the reason she can do that, is well … ah, but we covered all that, didn’t we?

Anyway, my daughter features on the cover of Kiddie Fitness, and for GOOD reason.

And while yours truly wrote the course, I truly DID take a backseat during the writing of the book, and while taking the photographs.

IT was great fun, especially when we made up some of the exercises on the fly in conjunction with her basketball teacher. Hehe.

And if your kid isn’t working out as much as he/she should, or at all (more likely) – then THIS is the course you need to grab for them right NOW, my friend.

Do so now – and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with that, don’t forget to grab the ADULT version of fitness which curiously enough kids are often better at – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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