Fear, fear, and more FEAR …
- ... fear is the real killer!

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It’s unfortunate but true.

Everywhere we see, we read – hear – and even subconsciously think of people being “afraid”.

Being afraid of this blasted virus, which at the end of the day is really a “super flu” and despite the naysayers and leftists claims to the contrary – NOT something that mankind can either control in a definitive manner (at least not as of now) – and something that will probably be added on to the long list of viruses that will be around forever.

Ebola, for one. I recently (two weeks ago or so) saw that there was another case in Congo …

Didn’t we all think that had passed?

And the same thing will likely hold true for this virus, and I’m not sure why people are jumping up and down about it to the extent they are – – other than of course, that this is that “silent third party’s way” of meting out JUSTICE.

As the great philosopher Emerson said, it is impossible for any man to be “cheated”. There is a silent third party that governs ALL human transactions and this third party metes out justice and punishment – both with COMPOUND interest – as surely as any court will, or actually with MORE sureity.

This third party cannot be cheated, bought, tricked, cajoled, or anything of that nature and that is what I believe I said when this entire virus crisis started way, way back in January … do we even remember how things were back then?

And this brings me to my main point for today.


Emerson once said that fear is a carrion of great sagacity (I cannot remember if I’ve quoted correctly, but what he meant was fear is really what destroys a person – hope – cultures – countries – and so forth).

FEAR is what is to be avoided at all costs, my friend!

FEAR is what really kills a human being and makes you a “walking corpse” as it were in terms of LIFE. And the mainstream media seems to be doing a great job of propogating not what they SHOULD BE – HOPE – but FEAR!

Fear of death. Fear of job losses. Fear and uncertainity over the future, and so forth.

I recently read that Trump is planning on scaling back immigration for now, and to me that is the sensible thing to do for any country – – and indeed, MOST countries have been doing this – or MORE.

At least Trump hasn’t outright banned it as many others have!

And of course, people are SCARED – of losing their jobs in the US – and not being able to find another one during the 60 day grace period that exists for H1B visa holders (overseas workers basically excluding Canadians and Mexicans I believe).

60 days.

Man oh man.

60 days is enough time to turn around your life – if you just HOPE – and then have FAITH – and one cannot come without the other!

60 days is enough to get FIT. From 120 to 60 kgs as it were, and it happened in about that time frame.

60 days – or one day – one MINUTE, actually .. is enough to remember the good times – and look forward to better times ahead once this is over – and believe me, this time WILL be over.

For the so called “practical minded” amongst you that will respond with “but we got bills to pay” – well, don’t we all, pally.

It’s GOOD to get out of your comfort zone and be challenged to grow – without a safety net – and that is how and where great accomplishments come from.

Most great accomplishments occurred as Napoleon Hill said, because “men were forced to change their circumstances through force of COMPULSION”.

I’m paraphrasing, of course, but they just had to do it – they had no other CHOICE!

And they did it.

And those of you that realize this now, and cast FEAR aside, well, kudos to YOU – you’re headed on the right track, my friend.

As for those of you that refuse to have faith or believe instead (as a leading Indian newspaper recently noted) “lose sleep over the bills and uncertainity” – well – I got this to say, my friend.

Do the thing, and you’ll have the power.

Last, but not least, if you were being grossly overpaid or otherwise compensated at your last job or position or whatever, then a lot of the above does not apply to you.

That silent third party knows no restrictions and treats everyone EQUALLY my friend.

You get what you deserve – and you reap what you sow – with compound interest at that, and there ain;t no two ways around this truism!

And that’s that for now. Back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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