A missionary got pissed at me because I wouldn’t “exercise my mind”
- ... and then disappeared!

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I was reading a bit about “haters” on the Internet (another email list I’ve subscribed to) – and I must say the OP who I won’t mention here made some very valid points indeed.

What really struck home for me was that this person – – an uber successful marketer that writes copy and sales letter for many top companies and well known people pretty much said that in order to be successful … you HAVE to be hated … to a degree, at least.

And this jives with what I say on a very regular basis – -something which I was wary of saying in the beginning, but something that I thought about, and decided upon shortly after I went into biz for myself, and started creating products etc for myself.

That being … if people aren’t sending you hate email, negative comments and “negative remarks” on a regular basis, then you are probably a) not selling hard enough – and b) not doing something right at all!

To put it yet another way if people aren’t opting out of your list on a regular basis, you are probably going to have skinny kids.

And this revelation came to me after I read Dan Kennedy’s bit on haters, the do nothings, and the criticizers who are ever ready to participate in meaningless debates, waste time online  over frivolities, attack those of any certain political affiliation with NO logic behind their “attack”, make personal remarks, and there forth.

There forth. That even a word, hehe?

Anyway, every time I get a hateful comment I chuckle a bit.

I don’t let this one, but I do it and today as I got a comment on my WeChat about “Dude, you should change your name to ranter” (in response to a post I did about the current environment of FEAR that is being created worldwide, which was anything BUT a rant)”, I couldn’t help but do what Kennedy advises … that being to raise your arms up in the air and scream “Hooray!”

Or a version of it, at any rate!

Anyway more on that in my next lengthy LinkedIn piece – – be watching for that one shortly.

For now, back to the tale.

Yours truly was doing pull-ups (in sets of 8 I still remember) after his hill workout on a sunny weekday afternoon.

The park was nice and deserted in pre-Corona days, and the weather was wonderful. Most people were at work, which suited me just fine, and as I was rattling through the sets, I felt a “presence” behind me.

Turn around, and I see a dude standing there, observing me.

An elderly sort of dude but NOT so elderly that he wouldn’t have got a knock to the geezer if he had said something way inappropriate. In fact, now that I think about it, he sort of reminds me of the creepy “old dude” (or young dude that looked old) in Silence of the Lambs that kidnapped the Senator’s daughter …

Anyway I nodded at him in a friendly manner as I am wont to do, and went about my own way.

Except .. .

He piped up.

“Why are you doing pull-ups?”

The question struck me as odd of course, and even my most ardent haters would probably agree, no? LOL.

I ignored it. Banged out another set of pull-ups.

“Don’t you want to exercise your mind?” he asked me, looking at me accusingly.

And there was something about the tone of his voice that made me stop.

I glared back at him, simply because of the tone of his voice. It was the typical “Jehovah’s witness showing up UNWANTED at your doorstep on a Sunday afternoon” kind of voice – the sort of voice that makes you shove a double barreled you know what right in the intruder’s face …

“Cuz I can”, I replied.

“You know, you should be working your mind more” , dude went on, unfazed, or seemingly so.

“Where are you from”, he said, looking at me up and down.

And I ignored it, but I was getting ticked off big time, and just as I finished my next set of pull-ups, something weird happened.

As I turned around to look the dude in the eye, he just got up – up and disappeared quicker than a flash of lightning.

I blinked my eyes.

A minute or less had passed, and he just disappeared.

OK, so I could see him haring off in the distance.

Maybe it was my demanor, or the clench to the muscles of my back which let on that although I’m the most thick skinned and JOVIAL of people most of the time – -including with the haters online, hehe, there are lines you do NOT cross, and he crossed one big time.

Two, actually, the second being that you do NOT interrupt Rahul Mookerjee during a workout!

Anyway, point of me saying this?

You’ll always have haters, my friends, and the better you are at something and the more you try to be the crab that climbs out of the bucket of crabs, the more you’ll have a bunch of morons trying to pull you back in in some way or the other.

Marc, the African silverback gorilla had a quick and CORRECT response to this when I told him about it.

“You should have punched him on the jaw”, he growled, and then adding on “these people that don’t DO anything themselves, and cant stand it when someone DOES something” …

And he was “remorselessly and relentlessly logical indeed” as always, and I concur.

Moral of the story?

Don’t be fazed by the haters. Welcome them, because as another friend of mine told me, your haven’t made it until the losers truly start hating and losing sleep over you! Hehe …

All for now. By the way, as far as cranking out one pull-up after the other, smooth as pie, or butter if you so choose, HERE is the course that’ll get you doing ‘em in a jiffy – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t forget to check out the testimonials received for the said course as well, as well as our testimonials page which yes, I need to update – doing so shortly!

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P.P.S – Home brewed pineapple beer is my latest thang, hehe. Thank you South Africa! Hehe.

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