Inane conversations and freebie seekers
- ...and more!

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I had an inane conversation last night with “Rebecca” a former student of mine (back in a lifetime during a different life when I used to teach English).

Bear in mind that this is a Chinese girl that has spent years abroad, and still can’t for whatever reason speak decent English. I’m sending you the conversations verbatim –

“Hi Marke! How are you? Do you remember me?”

For a minute there, I thought she had the right person. . .

Anyway, I could sense the direction the conversation was going to take, and being I was pounding out my latest article (more on that later) I didn’t reply for once. Crickets.


“I was sleeping because I am in Canada now. We are different time. I have been long time not talking to you”

“Are you in China?” (UGH!)

I finally replied.

“Very long time, yes. Yes, in China (I replied for once, hehe. After all it’s a past student, albeit a nutty one). You’re still studying in Canada?”

FWIW, this chick is RICH. Like money out the ass, and she hasn’t done much to earn it either. Apparently Daddy started a business or something up in Zhejiang province and gave “Rebecca” the proceeds from it, and she’s running around trying to best spend it on things that don’t matter.

Typical eh.

“Can we talk with voice?”

“Are you still teaching”

“Do you still teach in some school or a company?”

There is MORE. Oh boy. The questions came THICK AND FAST, before I had a chance to reply, and you know how it goes, don’t you?

When someone wants something for free, and are willing to offer you exactly SQUAT in return.

But I let her continue on. Hehe. Might as well let these folks “crucify” themselves.

“Sorry, no voice. No free English class” was my tart response.

And for those that don’t know this is yet another reason why ESL just plain sucks, as an old supervisor of once told me. Remember the story of dude I met in WalMart for one who claimed that “I learned English for free” (which I didn’t by the way, hehe) – – so I “should” (was obligated to) teach him for nothing less or more than freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ….

Then she badgered me about my business. As if she needed to ask me questions. It’s all out there in the open.

“Books! That I need it too. What kind of those”.

“Fitness book”, I responded, not wanting to go any further but the pestering continued.

Normally I’d just up and ignore the person, but past student, and all that …

“It is written by who?”

“Physical health books”

“Is it famous?”

(note – I’m copying and pasting verbatim here!)

“I wrote it. Very “famous””, I replied with my version of a sardonic giggle.

“Woah! Sounds very great! Please send one page to me reading! Just one page!”

“Sorry, no free books, no free English class”.

“China publishing or your country”, she continued.

“How much for you’re a book. How much your book”

Being I was doing something else, I didn’t respond for a while.

“Student learn online or face to face. Looking by online, you’re a fitness teacher!”

And I had it.

“Rebecca … you’re asking ridiculous questions”.

That seemed to calm her down for a while, but not a lot.

And then, the crowning point of the conversation – and if there was ever something said by someone that screams for the title of SHEER STUPIDITY and ABSURDITY .. I’m yet to see it.

“I want fitness, but I am lazy girl. I like saying home and no body movement. I like eating more diliciouse foods without any idea and do not worry me to be fat”

“Appearance is not very important, right? Health is!”

And after I finished guffawing …

“Nice excuse for being lazy Rebecca”, was my response. “Fat is not healthy”.

And this inane conversation continued on for ages thereafter, and I mostly IGNORED it.

Though she claimed she didn’t care about appearance, her very next comment was “I am fat girl now”, and she said that about 10 times as if to prove the point I’m making.

Which is …

As I’ve always said, and continue to say, my friend – there are NO FREEBIES offered here.

Not for my fitness products. Not for my green tea. Not for anything else I do.

Yes, I realize there are tons of people out there that offer free trials, money back guarantees, and bend over backwards to appease these lazy, idiotic liberal types, and if that is the way you choose to do business … OK, fine.

No complaints from me. Not a peep.

But that ain’t gonna happen here.

More to the point, and this is one prime reason why (well, one being the infamous “I got bills too, son”) – – these freebie seekers are rarely, if ever SERIOUS about anything.

Prime case being learning English, which this girl has learnt from me (partially), tons of other teachers – and is now studying in a Canadian University (at the ripe old age of 35 plus) … and she still can’t speak English despite all the years of so called effort invested into “learning”.

Remember when I called out ESL for being a crock and a dancing monkey job? Well, I do so almost daily, hehe, but this is a prime REAL LIFE example of why.

When I taught her, this chick would never do her HW. Hardly ever focus in class. Fiddle around with the phone and constantly make remarks of “Wow! You’re in shape, Rahul!”

All well and good and thanks, but my being in shape wasn’t exactly the point I was there in class. I was there to teach, NOT model …

And this attitude extends to other areas of life as well. Fitness being one prime example, and you can see for yourself via the conversation I just sent!

Alright, enough of that my friend.

Forget the nutters, do nothings’, wannabe’s, go nowhere’s, and freebie hoarders.

If you’re part of the ever thinning crowd that DOES want to do something meaningful with your fitness levels and indeed LIFE in general – then we got tons of products for you to choose from right HERE.

I’d recommend the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and then going from there as works for YOU.

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – As I type this, Luis, another freebie seeker that had pestered me up and down with “Are you in China” questions and questions on web development is pestering me again. This is his question

“I want to make a need a software or app to make a computer database. I have a question about the computer things. Just to make a click so that it can provide quotation of prices for customers with pictures. And also provide with dashboard of markup and orders status”.

Woah! That’s a lot dude … and while YES, I’ve done it before, and do it now on occasion (think my own business, hehe) – I sure ain’t gonna tell you how to do it and quote you so you can then seek out the guy who does it for cheapest and badger him for MORE and more while paying less than pennies on the dollar …

P.S #2 – More real life stories coming shortly – stay tuned! For now, if INSPIRATION is your thang, then the tips mentioned in Gumption Galore are for YOU, my friend –

P.P.S – Pushup Central and Kiddie Fitness are two courses that are literally flying off the shelves as soon as we stock ‘em. Good news is this – they’re E BOOKS which you get INSTANTLY upon receipt of payment – delivered straight to your email address, hehe. Go on and grab ‘em now, and let me know how you do!

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