How to respond to trolls
- Indeed worth a read if nothing else!

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(Update – and before I jump into what I have to say)

I received an email from a “potential” subscriber along the lines of this yesterday –

tried to buy your 799.99 content offer. my credit card rejected. can I wire money to you by PayPal?

Clearly a troll – – and the troll I’ve been talking about in my past few emails, and how do I know this?

Well, first off, the email address isn’t valid (yes, my little trolly buddies, I’ve got an I.T. background unfortunately and know how to check these things).

Second, and first thing you know, hehe, the troll didn’t even open the payment page – if he would have, he . . . ah, but that’s how trolls are. Hehe. Nothing better to do than waste time and make a further mess of their already asinine and meaningless lives (honestly – if there was ONE category of people that have very little use on planet Earth, it is TROLLS).

Ah, but wait. As I said yesterday, you CAN profit from them, but before I get into that . . .

Though the guy is obviously a troll (if not, mea culpa, but the nature of the email suggested it), the PROBLEM he brought up is genuine.

I paid for a few domains on a few unrelated businesses yesterday, and it took me a hell of a long time to get the damned things paid for . . . via Paypal, as the “troll” suggests. Hehe.

For whatever reason, multiple cards got declined and it finally only worked after about 7 tries or so.

So for those of you that have genuinely had issues, please do EMAIL me about it – along with a screen shot of what is happening, and I’ll get it fixed. I’ve also updated the website so you can pay directly via the paypal link (which should be visible to all as of now).

And now, back to TROLLS . . .

Lots of people get upset the first time they’re trolled online, and it usually happens for two reasons.

One, they’re engaging with people that have nothing better to do with their own lives (and in many cases, these same people don’t either).

And two, and more commonly, when you’re actually trying to DO something, or HAVE Done it (or, as is most common when you’re on your WAY UP) –  you’ll get trolled.

The bucket of crabs will do their best to pull you back into the stinky ole bucket with their “little pee wee” selves, hehe.

And while this is normal (to me at least) – many people get mortified at the very idea of folks – gasp – trolling them and saying bad things about them.

Or doing silly things like taking pictures of one person, and super imposing their face on others . . .

Gasp again. Hehe.

I’ve seen it all, and believe me, there’s FAR FAR worse than could happen than tripe of this nature, and it’s funny, but if the people involved in trolling used some of that brain power to actually DO something with their little lives, perhaps they wouldn’t living in Mama’s basement and on government welfare as of now, hehe.

Anyway, all good there, but if you’re trolled, you basically have these options.

  1. IGNORE – and then later USE that information as I do to write emails, and tell your “followers” about it. Believe me, while most people think it’ll create a negative impact if you do this honestly, it will do anything but (the exact opposite actually), and NO, sales will NOT be impacted (the exact opposite actually, hehe).

I truly believe this is the BEST option out there.

As Ben Settle once said, engaging with these idiots is like wrestling a pig. You’ll get dirty regardless…

And as I like to say, can’t win a piss fight with a skunk. Not sure where I read that one, but it came to mind just know, and it’s TRUE, hehe.

  1. Engage with them publicly – IF they have a large (and worthwhile following). I don’t generally recommend doing this (if at all) as it’s usually a massive waste of time, but you might just pull over a few people “in that large following” to your site (and believe me, it happens). And even if not, if you rile ‘em enough to the point of trolling you more – well – see point #1, hehe.
  2. Call them out if you so choose – but ON your field of play. YOUR battleground. That could you be your own social media – or your newsletter – or any other platform you control. And believe me, it’s far less of a drag that way than if you were to wade into THEIR playing field and attempt to do the same to them. . .

More options are available, but these are the ones I use the most, and for MOST profit, hehe.

If you’re the lady that sent me that long email and are reading this, well this might be food for thought, hehe.

And so it goes. Since the latest picture of me was apparently of some chick’s face superimposed on my “Eat More -Weigh Less” cover (by a lard ass that hasn’t done a lick of exercise in years other than 12 ounce curls if you get my drift, hehe) . . .THAT is what I’ll promote now.

How dare I . . .. hehe. I hear the trolls sharpening their little bitty tools . . . LOL.

Anyway, nigh on enough about that nonsense.

HERE is where you can go to the get the best damned fitness system on the planet and I don’t mention it just to sell.

I mention it because the price is going UP very shortly for this particular product due to demand and other reasons. Grab it at the throwaway price its been offered at now, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, and as for “Eat More – Weigh Less”, I (thankfully!) changed the name back to Advanced Hill Training. Probably a reason I’m being trolled, as the name change (back to what it deserves to be) pissed off a LOT of people, hehe. All good. Grab this course right HERE, my friend. It truly contains EARTH shattering information on fitness you have NOT seen out there before.

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