Living it up in China, and how good looking guys get laid more than some . . .
- Always something NEW, hehe.

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Oh boy. Seems today is one of those days, hehe. Received a couple of interesting emails, and I’ll share the FIRST of the with you . . .

(Before that, you on this list will recall an email I sent about “when your woman thinks you’re too little”. If you have missed that by any chance, go here and read it – –  )

Once you stop chuckling, here is what I received from a certain gentleman, apparently residing in mainland China “Edwin”.

Here is what this fine “lad” had to say (his email had the subject line “Living it up in China”)

I live in China and I be trying to get fitter than a fiddle. You a good looking guy so did you get even more womans on you trail because I need advice how to get a Orientalist wife here as I been struggling. Thanks ya, Edwin Barker

Well, well, well.

This one stopped me in my tracks as well (although yes, I’ve been called a porn star and movie star and God knows what else before, and perhaps with good reason in some regards ? eh, but we best NOT go there . . . )

Anyway, here is what I told him –

Yo Edwin

Enjoy your time in China! Can’t give you more details on the girls here as this is definitely a PG rated site. With regard to your “questions”, the only thing I can say is that you might want to buy a time machine and go back to “them early days” when I first showed up, hehe  . . . and I’m not sure where those can be found. ?

Other than that, you may want to read my last post HERE – – 

Let me know if you have any other questions that I CAN help with, and I’ll be glad to do so!


Rahul Mookerjee

And it’s true. As I said in my last post (or one of them) we don’t know how to increase the size of your breasts, wang doodle, or provide input into your sex lives, hehe. Funnily enough I DO run a business related to the last one (not quite, but it’s RELATED) . . . anyway, more on that later.

Anyway, why do I bring this up?

Well, because when I was being roundly trolled on the last comment I posted in the Facebook group (about the article on “Why I ain’t learning Chinese even if it’s FREE) – one of the gentlemen there had THIS to say.

He went on a long diatribe about foreigners in China (I believe) and “certain types of girls” if you get my drift, and then ended off with

“but the real girls might not be interested in you, Rahul”.

Which was weird, and hilarious because a) I’ve never had any problems landing gals anywhere (unlike certain nuts who show up in Asian countries to parade their “whiteness” and believe that the Chinese love them simply for their skin color and so called “wealth”).

News flash buddy – no – that ain’t how it works any more. Beneath them cute little smiles and beady little eyes lies a very through understanding of the average broke ass “jumping from one job to the other” ESL teacher in mainland china, and don’t think for a MOMENT they won’t jump ship once they find someone better (read – more STABLE – not necessarily better looking or whatever, although that DOES COUNT).

And another news flash – racism in China is sometimes not near as bad as its made out to be IF you approach it right, and not everyone does, hehe. ?

I’ll let it rest there, and no, I won’t get into the “why’s” here, but you can be my guest and GUESS, hehe.

Anyway, it’s funny regardless . . .

And on that note, it behooves me to say that the “other person that’s been badgering me up and down” for what seems like weeks (she even signed up for this newsletter and I deleted her) and that I did NOT want to talk to me “finally got through via the contact form on the site”).

I wrote a post about “If I don’t want to get back to you, I won’t” and it’s true, but from what the lady writes, seems like she just wanted to “share her story” (although why I don’t know, because I’d probably be the last person that could either help her or jump into the ESL muckola) . . . but either way, it was a personal story, so thanks to her for sharing it (I’ll keep her name private for obvious reasons).

And that’s that from here. I’m off to confront an angry daughter now, hehe. Apparently sleeping until 1232 wasn’t enough . . .


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – As I told Mr. Barker – we CAN help when it comes to fitness. And I said in my last two courses, if you’re unable to get laid or land the ladies – anywhere, not just China, hehe- then THESE are the two courses you need – right NOW – 0 Excuses Fitness and Advanced Hill Training.

P.S #2 – No, it won’t increase the size of your you know what – but you’ll attract good things to you, my friend, including members of the opposite sex. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that (as Mr. Barker knows, hehe?).

P.P.S – Don’t forget to pick up our other bestseller Corrugated Core right here – truly the ONLY course you’ll need to build that six pack you’ve been craving for.

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