The “black mamba” mentality

It lies in wait, doesn’t it?

The black MAMBA, the SNAKE (nah, get your mind out of the gutter if it’s there!) – that stealthily lies in wait for ages before finally STRIKING.

And when it does strike?

Boy oh boy. That prey is dead, often within minutes if you get my drift.

Now, I don’t know how good my biology is. I remember a very “sexy” teacher in ninth grade teaching us “anatomy” and me taking a particular instance in some of that if you get my drift (cough, cough! ?) but other than that?

Certainly no biology “expert” (and certainly no instructors noticing me as they did with my Math).

But I think I’m right. Speaking from memory here.

Compare that to the much larger anaconda, or perhaps even the Burmese python that can reportedly gobble up alligators in the Florida everglades (some idiot introduced them into the environment – WRONG MOVE!).

These are like a tank.

One constricts, slowly but surely, and the other does much the same.

Wheras the machine gun equivalent is the black mamba.

And in life, as well as fitness, I’ll take the latter – anyday!

Don’t get me wrong. The former is great. Brute strength for one is great, but without the mind to back it up, the “efficacy” of said strength is halved if not more.

It’s not enough to have power and strength – you gotta figure out and know how to use it best!

And this applies to life too.

Hide your strength, bide your time as I’m so fond of repeating!

If you’re in a war situation (especially these days), rarely, if EVER is the “real work” (not the “grunt work” but the REAL WORK) done by massive armies staring each other down and backing it up with weaponry.

The India China conflict means two of the worlds largest armies are doing just that as of now, and things will escalate soon, but the REAL work?

The REAL moving in the Indians did to prevent any more of their territory being taken was done by STEALTH.

It was done at NIGHT.

It was done quietly with not much fanfare or media attention.

And it was the Special Forces namely the Indo Tibetan guriellas that did it!

Don’t get me wrong. Regular army is and always will be needed to finish the job, but the real tactical blows, those that COUNT are struck by stealth.

You gotta be STUPID, for one to threaten someone openly even if you can back that talk up my friend.

Not saying you, the reader would, but a certain wacko did just that (I wrote about this before too) last night, and funnily enough, he’s about as far removed from beign able to back anything up other than his rear end into a wall when driving and then some . . .

. . . I mean, really dude.

DO it first, and then say it.

Or, PLAN first.

Lay in wait.

And THEN STRIKE when the time is opportune.

And if you tell the other person your intentions up front, well, you don’t have to be a reader of the common sense mentioned in the Art Of War – you’re disadvantaging yourself grossly.

Of course, to talk about Glyn and war in the same breath is just stupid.

He’s as far removed from a fighter or any sort of physical specimen. I remember him talking about the bail he jumped back in the UK and I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t “turned himself in” (the drunk driving I’m referring to above).

And I remember telling him a babyface like him wouldn’t last a second in jail, and I remember him sending long audio notes to – NOT the contrary, but repeating exactly what I said.

Ah, English teachers in China. Such an “interesting” breed a lot of them . . .

But back to the point.

Be a black mamba my friend in terms of FITNESS as well.

If you’re currently unable to do even a single pushup, then don’t brag about how you “will” get in shape.

DO it first – and then talk about it!

As Napoleon Hill famously said, Tell the world what you’re going to do, but show it first!

When I got started on my own fitness journey, I didn’t telegraph my intentions to the world (much like I don’t know in terms of LIFE, or when I start a new project etc).

I just DO it.

And THEN I’ll talk about it if need be.

Black mamba my friend.

Stealth, speed, cunning and most of all – that greatest virtue of them all – PATIENCE!

Rise up – – be a TRUE WARRIOR, not a keyboard junkie!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is the ONE definitive course on pushups that will have you bursting out of your SHIRTS in NO TIME FLAT – Pushup Central.

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