Yours truly “unscrupulous” seducer of women …
- Indeed, LOL


Lothario is a male given name that came to suggest an unscrupulous seducer of women, based upon a character in The Impertinent Curious Man, a story within a story in Miguel de Cervantes’ 1605 novel, Don Quixote

(So says Google. I knew it meant something like Don Juan, but I wasn’t quite sure about the specifics. Right down bang to the Spanish, there it is tho!)

(It also omits though to mention that a lot of the ladies “inferred” aren’t exactly the best and brightest when it comes to scruples. A certain Venus comes to mind. “My husband is my servant”, she once told me. HA!)

(Bozo Glyn Schofield would probably be lining up in a jiffy, of course. Poor dude. LOL). 

The term is funny – and evokes emotion, of course. Hehe

Anyway, it’s funny how things work …

I’ve been mentioning working with a lady on translating some of my books (NOT the fitness related ones – although those are being done too – Pushup Central is the latest to be translated into … SPANISH! Hehe) into other languages.

Spanish, again, to be specific, though they’re out there in Portugese as well.

Abla Espanol?


Rahul, or “Raul” as a LOT of my close friends call me.

Or “Habib” as they called me back in the day.

Or, as a particularly BIG dude who could do with a LOT of 0 Excuses Fitness once called me .. “Jesus”.

And that ain’t even scratching the surface.

Anyway, I was responding to a LinkedIn or some post about “vibes”.

Let me see if I can find it now. Ah. Found it.

She’s that lady “Melanie” I’ve been chatting with on LinkedIn, and not necessarily for business or anything else.

Yours truly has got off ALL social media, and other than the usual LinkedIn check before bed once every couple of days, nothing doing.

Anyway, she was promoting her stuff and started off with something about vibes. She was right. Actually, SHE has a good vibe coming off her!

And I replied to her comment with this –

It’s all about vibes, Melanie … and yes, those permeate through thru the written word too, just as they would in person! Vibes truly DO travel! (I was just having that discussion w/another lady too, haha).

And her response?

You and ladies Rahul Mookerjee , you Lothario!

Now, funnily enough, here is what my translator told me (we met online, and no, she doesn’t have an inkling about this site – not that I know, at least, hehe).

Hola hola! I do believe in people’s energy, and I like your vibe hahaha.

And I like hers too!

Which is pretty much why I’m working with her on my book translations. (and she’s done a DAMN fine job so far, I’ll give her that!)

But, a couple of things.

First off, it’s all about vibes in any regard.

You connect NATURALLY on auto pilot with people and circumstance that bring you what you WANT.

Not what you “think” you want – what you really, really want deep, deep down inside …

And ONE of those things in my case has always been women.

It inflames the feminists no end, and it befuddles and pisses off a lot of Bozos and men, but hey, there it is.

I have never worked upon attracting women to me, but I do.

Being a “bad boy” is part of it, of course. There is much more to it than just that though.

But like I said in the post on Ann Lee, this ain’t a treatise on attracting women.

Yours truly “unscrupulous” (Lothario was, at least) … or so they say?

I wouldn’t agree.

If anything, I’ve been FLAT OUT honest in my dealings with women, and they have too for the most part.

Unless you count a certain Sherry who stole money from me last year, and still hasn’t returned it. So much for trust, hehe.

But I’m making money off her on the OTHER site. Nothing if not unscrupulous and business man like I am in my dealings with everythign in life! Hehe.

Anyhow, point of all this rant?

I don’t see one, to be honest. Other than to add on “Lothario” (though curiously enough Melanie was right – she didn’t know about the Spanish translation but .. well .. .vibes! Hehe) to that looooong list of names.

Last computer crash it was 1119 …

Thought truly DOES travel!

And vibes wise, yours truly get you fit in a brutally HONEST Manner my friend.

NOT an unscrupulous manner.

I’m flat out honest in that my products are expensive, and I don’t molly coddle, hand hold or the lot.

In fact, as a former Samurai (stil, actually!) John once said.

“Like his other books, the simplicity stands out – but simple doesn’t mean easy!”

And there it is, bro.

If you’re looking for fancy BS, look elsewhere.

But if you’re looking for stuff that delivers RESULTS … in a “Lothario” like manner (lets face it, guys. We ALL want to be the guy that picks up the gals without trying to, hehe) … or, in a brutally honest “soldier” like manner … well, look no further. I’m right HERE For you!

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Live life – KINGSIZE – Lothario size if I may. Ah, I know. Those poor girls who WILLINGLY came, and the “Lothario” is at fault. HA!

PS #2 – The giggly Carol once told me “You know how to talk to the girl!

On a holiday once she asked me “what I would do if I wasn’t with her”.

“I don’t know”, I replied. Drink beer I guess?

“Talking to another girl”, she giggled back.

Ah, us BAD, BAD Lotharios and Bozo inflamers that get back with tirades about cheating on wives and girlfriends when the Bozos want to do just that themselves, but can’t get their heads out of … ah. I’ll stop. LOL.

PPS – Glyn, ain’t I an asshole for rubbing it in, hehe. But sometimes in life bro you  gotta realize that actions have CONSEQUENCES. Yours did, though you didnt think they would. And they will continue to have them. I ain’t even started as yet, hehe.