Another troll BE back, hehe
- Must be something in the air, eh

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There must be something in the air. LOL.

(not really, hehe)

The more I write, and the more I bounce troll reviews off me, the MORE they come, thick and fast. Mamma Mia style at that.

And I love it. Not sure if they know I do, but hey, here’s another huge THANK YOU to “Keith James” who (unlike Mamma Mia dude) is starting to look more and more like a more refined version of Bozo Schofield. LOL.

Anyway, this dude posted his first sh-view, and I never got to see it, because Amazon (according to him) deemed it was unsuitable (well, according to this nutjob yours truly did, not Amazon).

Here is what he said, and here is the original post about him.

Anyway, here is the review – (LOLZ)

Ths book is a joke (that line by itself gives it away, hehe. Ah, Schofield my dear boy. At least be a bit more inventive … )

Okay my last review was not allowed as the truth hurts.
This book is a joke I would not purchase anything this author has written, why?
Well the truth is the author does not look like he has ever trained.
Now this review which almost identical as my last is not slander or use of bad language.
I will be making my own complaint about this author to Amazon because he is trying to only allow high ratings and not low rating reviews.

So basically, he was saying the book was worthless because the “author does not look like he ever trained”.

Now, like I said, Ive addressed that bit of garbage here, so I won’t get into it again in this email.

In short though – it ain’t me, bruh. I dont own Amazon much as I’d like to.

As for not looking as if I Train, well, I thought that was the most retarded comment ever along with the Mamma mia comment about “I dont like the photos” a hot tempered Italian posted …

until I saw THIS gem from the same dude today.

Apparently his third review, and before amazon kicks it off, let me post it here.

Really, the price on this book which has only a handful of pages.
You can buy better books for a third of the price.
This book is worth minus five stars.
Also look out for the reviews on all of the author’s other books by the same person who is giving all the books five stars.

I dont generally use emoticons, but … ?

I mean, really, dude.

First off, it’s the quality of info, not the quantity.

I could stick to the point and say it in a pithy manner, or I could ramble on about meaningless stuff and fill my books up with fluff (such as certain authors I’ve read do).

Which is right and wrong, well, you be the judge.

But I’d rather not FLUFF. LOL Again, or fill books up with garbage.

It’s about the value of the information, not the size of the letter in which it’s printed, or the quality of paper, or which side of the bed you arose on my friend.

Or whose wife is more beautiful, and so forth.

OK, I’m kidding about the last bit, but you get my drift.

Second, this dude seems to be ranting about how “one person” posted five star reviews.

One person?

Well, I dont think so myf riend.

Last I checked HEREPLENTY of people BE posting testimonials, not just one person as this guy claims.

I make my majority of sales off this site – Amazon too, but most reviews come in through email, but I’m perfectly happy for them to be posted on Amazon too (in fact, they’ve been posted on other sites too – Goodreads being another one, and there’s tons of 5 star reviews there too my friend).

check out the Good reads for page for Fast and Furious Fitness for one, my FIRST book, and things have only gone UP since then.

Edit – I realized yours truly forgot to post the URL – here it is – Fast and Furious Fitness by Rahul Mookerjee (

No prizes for guessing who the ONLY 1 STAR review is.

That was the one site and one book yours truly rated himself as well. I just had to – my first book! Closest to my heart.

But even if you take that away – well – point begets, hehe.

And so it goes.

Troll, shool, fool …

Anyway enough from me. Shoulders like Boulders! is the BEST course ever on building dem shoulders, and if youre in any way, shape or form serious about TRAINING – REAL MAN training, then GET this book now, my friend.

You’ll be glad you did!


Rahul Mookerjee (and do post or email an honest review over – much appreciated! Doesnt need to be “5 star”, “-star”, or any star – honest is what I want!).

PS – And if you think the gym and the Bozo like machines there will build strength anywhere near what the exercises in the book will for YOU – well, you’re sadly mistaken my friend. Ain’t happening. Grab the course now, and get started building some REAL MAN Brahma BULL levels of strength, power and MUSCLE!!

PS #2 – A common refrain in all the Mama’s boy reviews? Price. Munneeeeeee….! How dare I charge for something that works, hehe.

PPS – Here’s a great review on the book from a man that does the thing, and GETS it –

A Superb Book From An Amazing Writer/Trainer
Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase
If you’re at all interested in Bodyweight/Calisthenics training? Then you need to get your copy of this superb book. You’ll be glad you did.
(see the “verified” purchase? THAT is what tells you its a real review, and not some Bozo randomly jerking off to it) …

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